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  1. Thank you for sharing! I agree... I really hate how the internet tears people down and rips them to shreds. There are many celebrities and artists that I do not like and feel are not great people, but I don't have the energy or the desire to rip them apart on the internet. Like I feel really disappointed in Lea Michele and I definitely don't support her anymore, but I'm not going to get on the internet and start making fun of her looks and call her horrible things. Especially being a huge fan of Britney Spears and seeing what fame did to her and how the world turned against her sometimes... I feel like us britney fans would have a little more empathy or understanding for others after seeing what she has gone through.
  2. Yes I definitely agree with this! Im curious how you feel about her racist past? I feel like she has grown and matured a lot and has tried to be vulnerable with her fans about her struggles. She also advocates a lot for mental health.
  3. Does anyone know if the album photo shoot and the original make me video were shot around the same time?
  4. ugh! I always wished Just Luv Me was a single! I always imagine that britney fantasy fragrance commercial where she is in the mystical forest as kind of the concept for the music video. What do you imagine for the music video?
  5. I always wished that Love Me Down was a single!!! OOOOO I'm digging your Liar performance concept! Also some acoustic sessions of her songs or other artist would be so amazing... a girl can dream... I wish Britney would do an acoustic set from her home or something and put it up on YouTube... that seems like it would be so ideal for her.
  6. love the single cover choices! I forgot about Hey Ma!!! That would've been cool if it was included in the album.
  7. Thank you everyone for engaging in a respectful conversation with me about Camila. I completely understand if you choose not to support her for whatever reason. It's nice to discuss different opinions. I don't think we should just ignore her past racist behavior and I hope that one day she will speak more candidly about it and share why she acted that way in the first place and how she has changed.
  8. I really want to believe it's not just for PR. I follow her on IG and she has been consistently spreading messages of love and equality for a long time. She also went to BLM protest in Florida with her mom and boyfriend, which she didn't post about and try to draw attention to herself. I could be completely wrong... but I want to believe that she has changed. Obviously if news surfaced that a person working with her or someone else came out with a story about how she was racist and disrespectful towards them (like Lea Michele) during her career, I definitely would not support her. Every time I watch an interview or see her interact with fans, she always seems very sweet and goofy.
  9. haha I completely agree with this post... I feel like SWTS is 100000000x better.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of matches or private show, so I agree with you haha. Also I LOVE the idea of a man on the moon/ swimming with the stars double single release! Do you imagine like a name for this double single release... or a music video concept for both together?
  11. OMG! I LOVE a lot of your ideas! Slumber Party with Rihanna would've been so awesome especially since we had the S&M remix from Riri before! Also Rihanna would sound great on that track since it has like an island vibe. I also love the idea of continuing the toxic/ womanizer story line with Liar!!! I could see it being like a country/ cowboy feel... but not in a cheesy way... or maybe yes in a cheesy way. haha
  12. I'm sure this has already been posted before and is not a very original idea, but now that we have gotten Mood Ring, SWTS and Matches, as well as all the pictures from the desert photoshoot... What would the PERFECT Glory album and era look like to you? What songs would you choose as singles? What songs would you include or take off the album? What would the order of the track list look like? Which picture would you use as the album cover? Would you re-name the Glory album as something different or keep the album title? What would be your ideal promo performance/ promo campaign look like?
  13. hahaha I can see that. ugh I hope she isn't that way lol.
  14. I definitely don't think we should just ignore her racist past, but I do believe people change and grow. I think Camila has a good heart and treats people with a lot of kindness and respect from what I've seen and heard about her. I would definitely never excuse the behavior of someone like Lea Michele. Many people have come out against her saying how awful and disrespectful she is.
  15. Yeah that might be true about her discography. I'm really looking forward to whenever Normani releases an album. That girl is an insanely talented performer and has a lovely voice. Her song "Waves" is so sick!
  16. haha! I gotta be in the right mood for that song! it's a lot!
  17. Yeah I hear you... I had a moment where I felt like I couldn't support her anymore, but I truly believe that she has educated herself and become more open-minded. I wonder if she had a racist upbringing and ever since she entered the entertainment business she has become more accepting and understanding. This is just me hoping that she has really changed and wanting to believe that she's a better person now.
  18. Yeah that’s totally understandable! Everyone has their own taste in music. I’m loving the Barbie gif!
  19. Yes! Camila knew how to perform and deliver even during her x-factor days.
  20. haha! I was waiting for that response! I definitely do not support Camila's past racist behavior and it really bothered me when all of that news started coming out about her, but I feel like she is doing a lot to show how she has educated herself and show support for the black community. I definitely don't think I'm racist. Part of my family is black and hispanic. I totally support the BLM and want equal rights and better protection for black people.
  21. This is probably POINTLESS for me to post, but I had an urge to do it anyway. Haha. I posted this comment on another post about Camila, but I thought I'd share it as a new post... wanted to hear y'alls thoughts. I'm actually am a huge fan of Camila Cabello! I've always thought there was something special about her ever since she started on X-factor. I think she has a very beautiful and unique voice. She's also an INCREDIBLE performer... She definitely doesn't have the same dance skills as Britney, but she always delivers during award shows, concerts and in music videos. She has an amazing stage presence and I always feel her passion and energy when she performs. I know she has a racist past, but I think she has grown a lot since then and has become an activist for many social and political issues including BLM, LGBT rights and climate change. She has also done some work encouraging the latino community to vote for Biden. She seems really cute, funny and humble IMO. I've seen behind the scene clips of her while she was in Fifth Harmony interacting with her group members and fans and always seemed really nice and silly. I feel like she tries not to take herself too seriously and has a self-deprecating sense of humor, which I am drawn to. Her personality reminds me of Britney's in a way. These are a few of my fav performances from her if any of y'all care to watch! Alright... I'm ready to be dragged. Related:
  22. Also one of my fav Camila songs is "Should've Said It." I feel like that should have been a single off of the Romance album! The production is sick and she sounds awesome on it. It's a very sassy, **** song.
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