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  1. The song and video are both amazing! I've had the song on repeat all day. I love the moody R&B vibe. I actually prefer this song and Waves over Motivation. I feel like the R&B style fits Normani's angelic voice so well. I really want to see Normani succeed! She is so freaking talented.
  2. I love how he compares Britney to being a lioness! This is such a powerful example of how fierce and strong she is. He seems like he really respects Britney and knows how incredible she is.
  3. lol. Idk why it cracks me up that he posted a pic of himself modeling when posting about getting COVID.
  4. Your remix reminds me of Gasoline from the Femme Fatale! The song is a similar theme to Matches too! haha. Great work!
  5. I feel like matches belongs on femme fatale... the sound of matches doesn’t fit the glory album IMO.
  6. didn't everyone think the same thing when radar was added to the Circus album? lol
  7. haha! the gifs you added at the end of each sentence are so perfect made me LOLZ.
  8. I feel bad for him... I think if he really was gay he would've come out by now. I think it says a lot about society and how we feel about ***uality and gender norms. The fact that we feel the need to label him or anyone for that matter based on certain stereotypes is very close-minded.
  9. I love slow down and checklist! I'm not a huge fan of Motivation... but the music video is flawless!!!
  10. I agree! Im worried that her career is not going to take off either. Is RCA Normani's label? RCA seems really shady.
  11. Yeah that was really disappointing that Camila didn't defend Normani during that time. I was wondering if Camila was encouraged by her team or label not to speak up or whatever... but yeah that definitely was really ****ty that she didn't defend Normani... I know Camila and Normani were pretty good friends during 5th Harmony... I'm not sure what happened though, but regardless Camila should've defended her.
  12. Yeah I hope she doesn't fall into the tinashe trap... I freaking love tinashe too... ugh both of them are so talented.
  13. omg she looked so damn good in the Dancing With a Stranger music vid!!!!
  14. I AGREE! Even just a buzz single would be nice! Give us something Normani... just another track she's featured on with someone else though.
  15. Right? I'm curious how her and her team will promote her once she is ready to release music... There was all this momentum building up fo her and now nothing.
  16. omg! I didn't realize there was another appreciation post about Camila already! One of may fav performances is the Living Proof performance at the AMA's or BBMAs... I can't remember which show it was.
  17. This isn't new music news so feel free to delete this post if it doesn't make sense for this forum... I recently posted about being a fan of Camila, but I'm also a HUGE fan of Normani and was curious to know who else here is a fan. Ever since she performed Love Lies on the BBMA's and released the song Waves, I realized how much potential she has! I was mesmerized the first time I saw her perform on the BBMA's. The girl has a beautiful voice and is an insanely talented dancer. People compare her to Beyonce, but I don't really see it... I feel like Normani is a way better technical dancer and the choreographed routines she performs in music videos and during concerts are a lot more complex. Anyways, I'm curious to know who else here is a Normani fan and if so what's your favorite song/ video/ performance/ etc. What direction do you hope she goes with her music sound-wise? Personally, I hope she goes more in the R&B direction and less in the Pop direction. Here some of my fav moments from her if y'all care to check them out!
  18. I appreciate y'all having a respectful disagreement on here! I thought that performance for her father was really touching haha. I agree with you about Camila acting weird and goofy because she isn't comfortable. I get like that a lot, especially if there is a lot of attention on me. It can be uncomfortable to have all the focus on yourself and I feel like her way of dealing with that discomfort is by acting silly and self-deprecating... which I actually find cute. lol
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