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  1. As long as there will be people with good taste in Music, Lana will never be over.
  2. I had to go back and check the Lisboa show. because I have no memories of it being lazy. And It wasn't wrong. Are we talking about Lisbon Rock in Rio ?? if yes, I guess you should go back and rewatch it
  3. I remember being sooo mad about what this so called "comedian" says about Britney's kids. Do you even imagine how hard it is to hear this just before going on stage ?? I would call off the performance, and go out fight this ***** in front of all these clowns and call it "An Opening Show".
  4. This !!!!! DWAD is Good, but I find it too bubbly. Onyx is Edgy and keeps you guessing what's going to happen next, because she was HER 100% (the dancing, the humour, and ****** energy). PLUS, Onyx happened on the first months of her relationship with Kevin, and we all know how a person is when madly in love, and it SHOWS ! I never saw britney as fierce as she was in Onyx, she was glowing (the good *** I guess) So yeah, Definetly Onyx. DAWD is for the general public and bubbly fans. Get to the next level and you'll LOVE Onyx. Sometimes, when I miss Primeney, I go watch "Overprotected" from Onyx, and I see Britney ****** Spears.
  5. the Camp of Britney's Army is shaking lately, and we LOVE IT !! keep it coming, we educated ourselves to be happy about everything and anything.
  6. How lucky is she to have us !!!! The fanbase that had to put a lawyer uniform since 2007, defending fiercly their queen even when we knew she (her team) was wrong. and still fighting for her against the GP till this very day. And God knows how many times we've been let down. But we're here Honey B, and one day you'll get the success you Oh so deserve AGAIN. the basic ******* will be seated ready to take note.
  7. Britney shaved her head this very day in front of the paparazzi lenses ! ICONIC
  8. Absolutly right, she was so energetic back then. But you know what, she's so lazy now that it's funny and entretaining to watch her mess all the moves and confused all the time !! Mel B said it live in one of the shows, she's no more ginger spice, she's Granny Spice !
  9. I think the truth rests between Summer2summer and MonAmour point of view Homosexuality is a sin in all the monotheist religions, that's not even a question to debate! As for women, sure the majority of muslim women have the right to choose now between wearing or not wearing the hijab, and nobody blinks an eye. I live in Morocco, an arab muslim country, but women here dress the same as westners, skirts, crop tops, and it's getting normal year after year. BUT when it comes to the laws of the Islam, the women has less power and importance as men do. Ex : if a parent dies, the daughter gets the half of what the son gets. Religions are Masculin, there's no way to deny that. Jordan, you picked a hard and long topic to discuss.
  10. I know it's deep, but I would simply ask her if she knows and is conscious of WHO she is.
  11. Nicole must be MAAAD ! If you're ok with being a public mess, advertizing a drug (Let's face it, it is a drug) Don't drag another person with you.
  12. If all that is true, he must be grateful that she even pronounce his name ! Glad she chose the forgiving path !
  13. You're riiight, I've never seen it from this angle. Set her freeeeeeee, I'm tired of watching old primney performances, and i'm tired of defending Halfassney, I'm running out of excuses
  14. Halfassney was born after the conservatorship. She was still herself in the Circus era because I think she thought that it was going to be for a short period of time, so she was OK with it. But after coming to the conclusion that the C-ship is here to stay she started half assing her career ( plus the drugs have their effect on her). That being said, I truly truly hope that once the C-ship is over she'll be back to her old self, and the Goddess she used to be will be born again. Soooo many female artists and performers nowdays, but I have NEVER NEVER seen someone with that kind of passion and .... I don't know how to call it.
  15. You americans seriously need to chill with this Cultural appropriation mess. If a white girl has dreadlocks, she's being disrespectful. If a person dresses with a traditionnal outfit that belongs to a certain group of people, that person is being inconsiderate .... and so on And what baffles me the most is that these people end up apologizing. I would never apologize and neither stop doing it. It's FLATTERING, it's ENDEARING. It's like paying a tribute, people should encourage it. We ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
  16. Okey. 1. you should calm down. 2. Lots of energy doesn't necessary means Good Dancing 3. Relax your nerves and go somewhere else, Girl. My comment was 100% sincere and thoughtful towards Britney, I don't even see why you replied to it like that. Don't come at me.
  17. Just by seeing her "Dancing" you can tell she's not doing good at all, No rhythm no flow no sensuality no Nothing. Like, who is this Chick ? Don't get me wrong, I love this human being like I knew her personaly, it's like everytime I see a post "of hers", I feel sorry for her, and I'm a total stranger. I don't want to jugde her inner circle, but what did u do to her ? Where is the girl that had a legendary laugh ? that laugh that relaxes people. The girl I instantly fell in love with from the moment I saw her in that school girl uniform ? I don't want ANY new music, ANY tours, I just want to see a future post from her and smile, that's all. Britney I love you sweety, and I pray for you. I just need you guys to all pray for her so that we create enough energy to reach her and make a change, no campaign or critisism or investigations will save her. You once said it Brit, go to the light honey. You know what i'm waiting for ? i'm waiting for the year Jayden will turn 18, because then she will be able to FIGHT for her freedom without fearing to lose her kids. People love you Brit, and that's a sign that God loves you. And in this case, she'll do just fine, I have no doubt. Sending you baby girl A MASSIVE positive energy from Morocco. I love your soul. God bless you.
  18. to sum it up; "We get to criticize our Britney, but we will drag you if you do" !
  19. I actually hope that the sales will be catastrophic. And then hope for her to ****** wake up. Do it right, or don't do it AT ALL (fine by me)
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