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  1. Don't you guys wonder why the family is so silent ? The world is talking **** about them, and still they say nothing !! it's very suspecious
  2. This thread is so naive. Like you really think these other pop girls are free, they're prisonners in their own way. the more big you get, the more control you're under. But I suppose a legend like Madonna should be above any control (just like Cher) so I can't think of any excuse for her. Maybe she's doing something off spotlight ?
  3. NOBODY is ready for a Britney post Cship !!!!! Our bodies won't deal.
  4. I was listening to Overprotected moments ago, and it's crazy how the song has the SAME content as her testimony !!!!! Overprotected, Monalisa, Rebellion are the biggest proof that this conservatorship was under works way before 2008, and poor Britney was fighting it alone. I think they pushed her to a breakdown in 2007 to use it as an excuse and put the conservatorship in place. It's scary tbh Words can't express how Britney Spears is Strong. She is the symbol of Strength and resilience. The woman deserves a huge statue.
  5. I'm starting to think she's destoying her legacy on purpose.
  6. I never thought of Raven as cringy, I still watch it in my thirties and laugh my a§§ off ! Lizzie Mcguire was great too, just not on Raven's level (at least for me) I was too old when the rest came out.
  7. I'm not out yet ^^ I would lose my whole family if I do so. For the sake of my old (very conservative) Mom, I can't.
  8. When I say we know nothing, I mean about what's happening behind the curtains. Her mental state is on full exhibition. What I'm trying to say, stop being blindly Pro Britney, and be Pro Logic.
  9. Why do I feel that we must change our mindset regarding the Britney situation ? Why do we always keep on thinking, she is being set up ? Not defending team CON, they are obviously money hungry and greedy people ( the whole industry is that way) but can we look at the matter OBJECTIVELY ? What if she is indeed very mentally sick (no need to be Sherlock to notice it) ???? I always thought she had a s** addiction, also the bipolar side is so obvious. She NEEDS the medication to some extent. They ****ed up went they pushed her to work so quickly after her breakdown, but she accepted too. I think that she relived another big mental breakdown during 2010-2012 trying to rebel against the team CON which resulted in a big mental crisis, hense the heavy medications. Keep in mind that we know NOTHING. and britney says NOTHING. All I ask of you is change the way you look at the situation in hand.
  10. I'm surprised that nobody mentionned Hold it against me !! For me it's the fight scene. It's deep and very meaningful and relatable for everyone of us. https://i.gifer.com/PW12.gif
  11. Wow, I think she is the first celebrity ever to be done THIS good !! I didn't realize it was a wax figure till I read the title.
  12. Oh I have so many memories ... I was a fan since day one. I used to play (secretly) with a doll and act like it was britney, and I would create scenarios where she finds love, and believe it or not, in my scenario Justin was her love. And I remember the shock I had when, sometime later, I saw her picture with him at the 2000 VMAs. And I was like " OMG my scenario came true, see ? I'm magic". I think she's my soulmate. God bless her.
  13. If something happens to her. Like ... Death. I would personally have a whole different view on humans and life in general. We all know the money her estate will generate. her popularity will become phenomenal, you know how we suddenly LOVE dead people. I'll be always grateful for Sam for being with her during this time.
  14. someone's trying to finish up the contract as soon as possible !! Lana Can you hear us ?? Can we have an upbeat for the summer ?
  15. That pause he makes when asked if she wants to be free speaks volumes, to me it gives him credibility. he could have "lied" as good as he did with the other questions (according to you guys) but he didn't. And it makes sense that she doesn't want to be free, she just wants her father to be OUT ! And I don't think he's lying about talking to her. Do you have an idea how going on international tv and lie about talking to a global superstar will hurt his personal and professional life if exposed?? Don't you think that he may fear being exposed by Britney herself, but risked everything and went for it anyway?
  16. I thought she had troubles coping with fame and the public eye, and that it was the reason why she quite LM. seeing her now gearing up for a solo career this soon is just ...... not right.
  17. Ugh that walk at the 1min mark !!!! Gives me Onyx Hotel vibes
  18. None for me. Always prefer the original. Edit : Remembered one !
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