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  1. Morocco, now living in Canada !
  2. Comments in 2025 be like : **********, yes I **** or ********* ******* but It's ********** !!! God, where's the world going !?
  3. Kudos for thinking objectively !! And shame on those who think Britney can do no wrong ! She doesn't take care of her own hair and nails, so it's believable that she's neglecting her dogs. Bring on the hate, I got used to it
  4. The problem is that she is the one posting. It's her on those videos. It's not like Jamie hired a look-a-like to make her look weird. Team Con is just profiting from what she is putting out there ... what I still don't understand is that, why her lawyer doesn't advise her to stop posting ? Or Sam ? Anyone, please tell her ..... Hey Britney, stop being weird on IG, it's not helping you. You're sabotaging the movement.
  5. You're contradicting yourself ! She is doing it on a PUBLIC platform. If I was her, I would do Aaaaaanything remoootly out of the ordinary. I would even go overboard with the politically correct just to win the GP and not give them a single reason to think I'm not mentally well. And let me correct you, it's a public matter now, so everything she does online affects her case undirectly. Do you see another celeb doing that ? Each time she posts something, I'm like nervous. I have friends (GP) that think she's not well just by looking at her posts. and IT'S A FACT. One picture, it's cool. but posting and reposting and reposting ??!! C'mon man. Win your battle and gain back your freedom and do whatever the **** you want. but for now, just don't, and behave.
  6. It has nothing to do with being a fan or not. It's just common sense. IT Is NOT HELPING HER CASE ! I'm all down for freedom of speech and look, BUT there's a time and place for that ! She should just brace herself a little during this period, and NOT give them something to hold against her! We love Britney and wish her all the best in this world. But let's be OBJECTIVE and put down the Stan badge sometimes.
  7. For me it wasn't a brainer at all. Lana has such a unique voice and style that I can't think of an artist who plays in the same field as her. It's like she created a style and ruled it. NFR is a MASTERPIECE.
  8. I find it very Melancholic. It's an album that you listen to when trying to reach your deepest emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it one day.
  9. It's my favorite album of all time.
  10. WHAAAAAAT ???!!!! FINALLY, Congrats Britney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This is plain and clear organized crime !!!!!!!!! That's a whole mafia right there. America ? Justice, Hello ?
  12. are they like arguing behind the scenes ? Britney puts it and someone takes it down ? that's the only explanation I can find.
  13. I've said it once, another member made a whole thread about it : We need to STOP bullying people. Someone on the comments said " I hope someone run over her with a tank or a truck". Seriously ??? I don't know what to say anymore, sick of criticizing and bullying people. Can we just take a seat and watch how it will unfold, instead of putting out all our negative energies in this forum ?
  14. So that's why she would wear the same shoes for years ? I loved that post. totally HER !
  15. Wow , this really proves that tastes can't be discussed !
  16. Bizarre to feel THIS happy to see someone you don't know personaly driving alone (again). My day is complete. I just Love you Britney.
  17. I deleted it as a respect to people who don't realize that each person has a personnal reality. In my world, it's a fact. Again, sorry if it pushed anyone's buttons.
  18. I think we should stop with the Jamie Lynn hate. Britney now took over, so it's better if we just step aside and watch. Even if Jamie Lynn's not the best, but it's still very damaging to see that you're hated everywhere ... Not playing Mother Teresa, but any form of bullying is bad. On another note, it's like 2006ney resumed ! Sassy and unfiltered. LOVE IT !
  19. Any news about the release date ? It's such a PERFECT timing for it to be out !
  20. They part where he said that random surfers found Britney Spears lost is just Surreal. I can't even imagine the state she was in. Words can't express how STRONG this woman is. The love of a mother can really do wonders.
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