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  1. 27 minutes ago, pieceofphil said:

    Wow, let her release her anger the way she wants. What makes you different from team con that says there are other ways of living a healthy life? -> not let her eat what she wants, wear what she wants, say what she wants etc

    If I wasn't concerned about what people may hold against her because of these constant A§§ kissing, I wouldn't give a flying fok !

    And as I always said, I'm a fan not a Stan. I don't see her as "perfect" like you do. She makes a lot of mistakes and this repetitive tasteless agressivity is one of em ! Deal with it.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Ryan Robles said:

    Don't blame her. I bet she's got a lot of pent up anger and hurt that needs to somehow be released. And it doesn't help that her family are desperate to cash in on the every last penny they can get their grubby fingers on (looking at Jerkass Lipless and her book)

    I don't blame her, I blame her current inner circle.

    There are so many healthy ways to get anger out, but she should really stop with the Kiss my a§§ thing. 

  3. 27 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

    I still haven't listened to Lust for Life, NFR, and Ultraviolence in full, so I'm a bit of a clown for being so confident in my love for Honeymoon, but based on the songs I've heard, I still don't see anything topping it. I could be wrong, though, because everyone and their mother is calling NFR her best work yet. :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

    if you're into high standard production, NFR is for you. I have no words to describe hoz brilliant it is, between her lyrics+voice and Jack Antonoff's production. I mean ...

    Have a glass of wine (or whatever you fancy) and give it a listen 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Salsa555 said:

    Honestly my thoughts exactly. He doesn't spend a lot of the money by the looks of it, so either he's putting in something shady, or my best guess is that it was never about the money, it was always about the control. I think, being the weak narcissist that he is, he got a disgusting kick out of controlling the life, body and finances of someone like Britney. Its like she said, she was so powerful that sucking her power made him feel invincible.

    I hate him so much :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

    Or maybe for his two other children. Hint why they are on his side. 

  5. 14 hours ago, Alio said:

    She was absolutly gorgeous and with an amazing and a very energetic attitude that night ! :mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming:

    She mentions Justin because it's her ex from 2 million years ago, she's a nice person and she moved on unlike some fans.


    Also.... what happened to her amnesia or mental problem or whatever they say ? She remembers her past very clearly I see.     


    She doesn't remember that it was a tiger not a lion though.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Easy There said:

    Ohhhhh i assumed it had smth to do with religion but didnt rwmember him sporting that during make me.

    Also didn't that hairstyle associated with extremely religious jews ?

    How can he still do these **** provocative shoots etc. ?


    I thought the exact same thing. Usually only very religious or conservative jews rock it.

    Maybe he became religious afterwards.

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