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  1. More than half of the documentary was about her past, and why she got in the first place in the conservatorship. I mean it goes to explain the situation for the general public but in a sad victim position for her, And it’s ok but it doesn’t do anything to help her out, I understand them now more why they didn’t like it if I’d be Britney I would be sad too, why everybody needs to know and remember me the mistakes that I made that put me in this place it’s truly a bad after taste this first documentary, it’s just exposition and that’s it, Britney would managed this in a very different way surely. NOW Controlling Britney Spears is the truly documentary that help her case and hope Britney and Sam understood it and take the legal action necessary.
  2. They allowed him, they always tried to set up men in her life. I remember the man of make me original Music video was invited for sushi in Britney house and it was obviously set up, I imagine they knew she wanted to date and they present to her a list of models and let her pick and finally she choose Sam and may be it stared as something casual and later got more serious that even team con expected, so it’s something common tha people change their mind when they see the truth.
  3. Since her meltdown in 2007 it is something close, very personal yet very public and as 2007 I don’t thing she likes it This time around people (and media) are more careful to say something inappropriate or wrong so maybe a lot of people prefer to not talk about yet the conversation is open, it’s gonna be part of hey legacy and become something big every time someone talks about her. she definitely has pass to history as a legend for her career and her personal life.
  4. Since night one. That’s when I knew team con was a mess and very cheap
  5. I truly believe Jayden wants to be famous, but I hope he works and make a name by himself and not because of his mom doing cheap tv, he could be and actor or singer and obvious his mother’s name will help him
  6. I remember watching Britney talking about how Joseph Kahn introduce her the idea, and how she wanted to do some superheroine thing with toxic and they match it up. Britney has never said toxic mv was her idea but maybe even she thinks it was Joseph concept because she talk about it in for the record. Joseph directed Toxic and womanizer Womanizer mv concept is 100% Britney she came with the idea and Joseph developed so maybe it’s why some fans thinks toxic mv was Britney idea
  7. Sam is using her to get more insta followers Brit is using him for good d *ck at night Is a win-win for me.
  8. Well she’s at number 4 rn In the general chart, it’s a 4 years old album, so I think she was noticed that went number 1 in the pop chart
  9. How do you think was real? haha The body double was very more fit than Britney that year and era... so it was obvious. I think it was a fun sketch, I mean no singer would do something like that, so it was something different I really think things like this exposed how easy is to make this kind of reality shows looks true when it's clearly unreal and dangerous
  10. It’s kinda normal of rp to do things like this, last time even britney participated in “what do you mean?” counting release
  11. It was next year April fool from this one.
  12. She's against her c-ship but she recognize every good thing about it, not everything is black or white, we all know how toxic her "fans" can be, and now she doesn't give a **** about anyone, specially about people who doesn't know her and just speculate about her private life.
  13. I truly believe, Britney knows her situation and she never was force to do nothing against her will, I mean, what has she done after release a album? lack of promo, perfumes and that's it, its not like she was force to work 24/7 365 days a year... She really loves our money too, and even when she loves to sing and dance, she doesn't really like to perform the same show for more than 2 months, Britney see her job as what It is, a job. maybe she would prefer to hang out with her BF and her sons all the time but she can't spend all her money, after all, not only her father, relatives and team lives with her money, she lives a high life after all and her sons too... She and her boys could look humble with their southern look, but we don't know what is their life style and I know Britney keeps working for her, SP and JJ keep the way they lives as well without damage her patrimony
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