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  1. Perfection <3 she felt little bit tired here btw.. and show is little bit awkward lol but I love the idea! I would totally go and seat there with her <3
  2. I don’t think Britney was drug addict.. but I agree that many celebs are/were and even woman (Whitney, anjelina etc) but they are praised by gp and industry
  3. Hm why are u saying that Britney was addicted to smth?!
  4. What a dumb thing to say! If Britney is “star addicted” 99.99% of famous people should be under c-ship we are living in 21 century for god sake! It’s like blaming woman for reading or getting education! How this person can be someone’s conservator?! It just shows how corrupt court is!
  5. I don’t know.. maybe cause people twisted her action too much to craziness.. but she should NOT! Never! if Britney you will ever read this -You did it for the right reasons! Can’t imagine the better reasons thou and on all over it you made it iconic! “People shave heads all the time” you said it once so there is nothing to be shamed of but you made it cultural moment (even some didn’t want to understand ur reasons).. you should be proud of it! I feel proud tbh <3
  6. Wow That is so beautiful to read when u high! It hits!
  7. Still can’t understand why album sales drop so much for “Britney” after only one month (she released many singles.. considering her team was cancelling era if sales were bad) cant wait toxic to change from “gold” to diamond on riaa 😅🔥
  8. Album “britney” was updated only once and was 4x platinum in first month already.. wanted so hard it to be eligible for diamond by now : /
  9. Just free her! “I'm tired of everybody touching” her! could ever imagine how crazy world could be.. and we don’t know 10% of it.. why everything’s seems more shady day after day?!
  10. 1. She was saying that she wasn’t perfect and makes mistakes from the start.. and I believe her in that we all are the humans 2. She was under the fire for no reason and then she become prisoner.. meanwhile I don’t see any reason why she should deserve all that bad things that happened to her - if u know any give us proof or delete ur account!
  11. That would be great.. pressure will be 🔥 britneys money will be back some people will be in jail more quickly But Britney shouldn’t run in court to much.. her 1 or 2 testimony should be enough I guess and system is corrupt at a federal level as well it’s clear or they won’t be able to do it so impudent without any fear of something.. but I hope lawyer knows how to handle that corrupt system ✌️
  12. I will ask her when I meet her (and when she finds me as her friend otherwise it will be cringe af)
  13. When I become fan her bio was started(everywhere: billboard, Wikipedia, yahoo etc) as “bona fine pop phenomenal” if I remember it correctly and didn’t exactly understand the meaning but I loved it lol I love new one as well 🔥
  14. She hated Britney so much... I think she still does 🤷‍♂️ Well the most of the artists hated B back then but I think some changed their minds.. p!nk for example truly loves Britney after 2008 I guess <3
  15. No at that moment she was attacked by paparazzis and people outside as well so she wanted it to stop so she yelled at that woman.. She felt uncomfortable
  16. I was thinking about her reaction few days ago - I think she was basically protecting herself cause she couldn’t handle that hysteria that Britney was facing every moment of her day (when she was out)
  17. I don’t believe that she isn’t famous in Europe.. they might wanted to tell that she isn’t popular anymore? Cause I remember xtinas perfumes were in more countries around the world even britneys ones were more popular they were rare and many fans were complaining that they could only order it by net people in some countries don’t even know that Britney has a perfumes 🤷‍♂️
  18. So if Beyoncé or Rihanna shaved their heads they will end up in c-ship? Or if Mariah is bipolar she would be under c-ship as well?! hm I think it’s not about gender.. First of all it’s about misleading, gaslighting and spreading narrative for shaping gp opinion and Britney was the easiest target for it (and one of the part of it is gender I agree with that cause some bad behaviour from males are more accepted) So if system wants you - they will get you even if u are male or alien.. you just have to be the most shinny diamond.. I believe that happened to Britney
  19. I don’t want only 13 years cover story - I want it to begin from her childhood.. and I know that gp might not be interested but on the other hand it can be a bestseller as well.. documentary like chaotic sounds good for me as well cause I want her to be comfortable And only fans can ask interesting questions like about “original doll”, rebellion etc anyway I don’t feel like she has to do any of it if she doesn’t want to.. At this moment just for audience Oprah might be a more clever move - for more pressure on system etc But if we are talking when she’s free moment - I will go for book/documentary/q&a
  20. I prefer documentary and book.. I want her to tell the whole story from the beginning and after some time she may have chat with fans or answer some questions.. I said before and will say it again - media doesn’t deserve any attention from Britney.. They can suck her toe
  21. She even looked like BOMTney last years insta pics 🤯
  22. Nose can look 100% different with a make up.. it’s ages that make up artists are really drawing faces if they want to 🤷‍♂️
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