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  1. Well I don’t trust Sam either.. and I have a reasons but I trust Britney! I see Britney as a wise person who dealt so much from her childhood she can write a book how to be that karate kid in life.. So even Sam is a wrong person or he lies about his emotions I’m sure Britney will notice that and if she did and is with him so she has some reasons at this point of her life (sometimes person can change - especially when he is young )
  2. I’m sure tbh There were even active accounts mostly trying to “question” c-ship abuse like “maybe it’s not that bad” kind of narrative or “I’m 100% pro freebritney, but she seemed speaking quickly is it normal to you?!” And yes we all can have our thoughts and question some cases but not in every comment I think it’s like a month that that kind of topics/post isn’t showing often.. hope Jordan noticed and blocked them p.s. You can read and educate urselfs ****-rs.. just another remind for you how horrible persons you are.. be sure that hell is waiting for u on earth and beyond 😘
  3. I’m on 25 minutes and I’m angry and sad.. I’ve smoked two cigarettes already : / I need a pause.. hope it’s all over the net already cause I didn’t want to see spoilers and don’t know what’s happening in net
  4. How cruel they treated her.. I don't understand how can yo be that evil.. not only they had -1559687 empathy towards her, they were making her life more and more miserable plus laughing at her! I want them all to be in jail! not only James! those judges and lawyers deserve lifetime prison! ***** psychopaths!
  5. Oh my God! there is so many documentaries that I don’t know if timing is good.. first I thought people might get bored of britneys story and don’t watch Netflix one but it might be really good cause a more people will watch her story even cause she will conquer the whole television right?! 😄 I wasn’t expecting this! ok that’s good. No it’s great! I have emotional rollercoaster right now 🤣
  6. She was the most famous person from 99 I guess cause she was #1 searched person from that year (or 98) everybody knew who she was long before 2006-2007
  7. Voted for no: 1. It’s not spectacular for me; 2. It looks negative and confusing at this point especially for gp 3. I might change my mind after.. Poll should be done after watching documentary cause at this point it’s really hard to say.. P.s. I love references and would take something from her discography (lucky, overprotected etc) or even cooler form her own words like “handle Britney Spears truth” or smth.. she has dozen of icon phrases and a smart ones as well.. but again - first I should watch
  8. Logically it should be pro Britney but I’m still afraid of Lous connection to Netflix.. but it can be huge cause of the audience Netflix has and they should praise Britney and her impact!!
  9. THIS! plus it seems she could hire her own lawyer so Britney was in worse situation cause she wasn’t able for 13+ years!
  10. I love what she did.. she is attacking court from other side - it won’t harm Britney! mayebe she didn’t do it in past cause team c and judges were too strong and media wasn’t interested enough so they would ignore it or call her conspiracy theoretical freak or smth like that and it even might be dangerous on her personal(career) level.. but now - no one will call her freak and she is attacking court on other front so she is doing a great job like always (what I’ve seen)
  11. I create topics about that years ago but everyone was like “she doesn’t write songs so she don’t money”, “perfume income comes to other people” etc.. it makes zero sense.. Years ago I read that artists get about 10$ for album sales so she should be billionaire but somehow she’s not..
  12. I want to see original doll era so bad! somewhere in parallel universe she did it! She was the strongest! Confident! Raw and natural! She knew what she wanted and how she wanted! p.s. she founded her own label in that era as well and changed her management..
  13. First of all they are teenagers and most likely they don’t like when mom mentions them too often or wish them b-days.. imagine when you are britneys son when a whole world can see you or read about you.. I’m not a teen and I won’t like my mom wish me bday on her fb with 100-150 friends/followers.. 🥴 besides the obvious reason there can be many and questioning her as a mom thing isn’t a good thing..
  14. They can watch pics of her wedding in prison (including her loving daddy, mommy, sister and brother).. the other members who knew about everything should be in jail as well.. So it should be the best day for Britney surrounded only persons who loves her not her money <3 I don’t think she should forgive them but it’s up for Britney of course..
  15. Who is she btw? 😅 congratulations Britney ❤️ You deserve happiness! ❤️
  16. 1. Law changed about paps regarding Britney so it won’t be same 2. Britney is a smart person and she will handle the situation (she has the greatest experience in that) 3. She probably will go somewhere with SA to experience family life on her terms 4. if sam Lufti is a good person she can continue friendship with him.. if he is a bad person (what I think like for 80% but we don’t know him-Britney does) she will keep that order so that isn’t a problem 5. Narrative that Britney needs c-ship is growing I See
  17. performance was better as whole.. You can see that they didn't finished it but this rehearsal has parts which I want to replace performance lol But she looks stunning here - even I loved her look at the performance, in this rehearsal she is gorgeous <3
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