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  1. Britney, you are the strongest human I know in our generation! You blessed world an people with ur kindness and I’m sure you will find ur happiness! we will always support you and many others as well! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your strength is truly inspiring! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
  3. “My prerogative”! Now she can perform it I hope or at least share it on soc media ?! Maybe she will dance to it or smth?! 🤔 anyway it’s a perfect song (her version)
  4. She always did.. it’s even possible she did it in 2007/08 Hey Lou how many d*** you suck to spread narratives u wanted to? 🤔
  5. When James will be in prison TMZ be broke af.. the only reason why they are alive is britneys money I guess ofc.. hate them
  6. I will check later when I'll be at home (can't wait tbh) but I saw that there were 2 links.. try second one..
  7. it's on this flawless page: https://britneyspearsmedia.ru/
  8. what are u talking about?! she survived c-ship so she def would be ok.. she was manipulated in 2007/2008 as well.. 1. her Team and several persons convince her to go in rehab that wasn't needed (she said it herself) and then they spread rumors like she as an addict 2. she was manipulated when they hospitalized her in first time 3. She didn't harm herself or others - but others were hurting her and her image 4. C-ship is needed for people who can't eat, drink, find shelter - and how can this be even discussed?! I'm even mad about myself now lol 5. somebody block this user!!!!
  9. Nyt has a roses and britneys captions is saying that tats the original one so she liked controlling Britney Spears and did not like cnn-s one.. maybe she hates that journalist just like me?! 🤔😅
  10. Disgusting! These people has no boundaries! Every time I think there can’t be more gross, some detective comes with this kind of tea.. how can they live with dirty souls like they had.. I’m sure they just hate Britney and I hope Britney will never be close to these snakes when she will be free! no phone calls or visits in prison!
  11. “Kindest, loveliest” words are sarcasm imo it has to be cause otherwise it makes no sense 💁‍♂️
  12. Can’t wait for a reliable info about her and brits social media.. hope cnn or Netflix has one
  13. Why I don’t like her?! wasnt she who praised Jamie and was shady towards Britney or I’m mistaken?
  14. What are u talking about?! qhy would they do something when they did EVERYTHING! They are standing behind all of this with Lou and some shady people who are in shadows but her family isn’t! They were planning conservatorship more then year and did it by breaking law by the way! Plus that corrupt judge! No one can convince me that she wasn’t paid to put Britney under c-ship cause circumstances was so wrong and so many laws were ignored when she was doing that to Britney! anyway spears family wasn’t just standing and watching - they were abusing her, robing her and maybe hating on her cause while Britney is talented/beautiful/one of the greatest person on earth - spears other family members are just piece of *** and they will remain that way always..
  15. Some evil plan (brainstorming through zoom probably) and it includes using some connections(and pressure on people) in law, media and medicine spheres.. besides that they are covering for themselves and collecting compromats on (each) other(s). p.s. they are thinking about running from the country as well but they don’t know when will be the right time p.p.s. But FBI will arrest them in that case (even they think that their connections in fbi will help).. people from their connections are afraid as well cause they will be revealed so..
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