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  1. I love her more and more ❤️ the strongest human I’ve ever known tbh ❤️ p.s. It don’t seems like a “goodbye post” for me P.p.s. Is there her moms comment on post? (Where people are calling her witch?! 😅✌️) and I saw Donatello’s comment as well
  2. Britney in oh la la looks like a Caroline from vampire diaries that hunts me for years
  3. Nothing new as I see.. is she trying to save her face btw? where was she when Brit needed it? World is so cruel tbh.. all this insiders new everything but they didn’t say **** until britney managed to be heard loudly! yes I understand that some thought it’s brits turn to speak about it but if she wasn’t that strong she would have been swallowed in that c-ship and stop fighting.. if she wasn’t that much FyshUshsCking strong she would be under abuse her entire life.. and people watched her trapped/caged/silenced/abused etc.. Plus they KNEW 100% while fans didn’t have a guarantee they still fought for her unless all those people.. ————- Give at least something for criminal charges to arrest team con sooner (like that guy from controlling Britney Spears)
  4. She is coming for her enemies and won’t stop (plus she loves “Britney”) You try to read me, you try to figure out You try to breath me, but you can't blow me out You try to feel me, but I'm so out of touch I wont be falling, you won't have to pick me up Sorry if I sound confused, I don't feel the way you do But I won't turn around, but I won't turn around Think that I might back down, but I won't Think that I might have doubts, but I don't No insecurities Won't you just let me, let me be? Think that you know me now, but you don't Think that I can't stand on my own Ain't my philosophy Won't you just let me, let me be?
  5. I get what you are saying and yeah I agree that at this point we can’t be sure on 100% but as long as c-ship seems to end people are happy.. most of us will have suspensions even after c-ship ending I guess and it’s normal but I don’t think it’s correct to be negative at this point
  6. Beyoncé is involved and she knows that.. she is giving clues to freebritney investigators
  7. Here’s what I’ve submitted: Topic music: 1. female artist of 2021 - Britney Spears; 2. Song of 2021 - Britney Spears “my prerogative”; 3. Album of 2021 - Britney Spears - “britney”; 4. music video of 2021 - Britney Spears “my prerogative”; 5. collaboration song - Britney Spears & Madonna - me against the music; 6. social star - Britney Spears; 7. Pop special - Britney Spears (shes special) 8. Game changer - Britney Spears; 9. Movie of 2021 - crossroads; 10. Female movie star - Britney Spears; 11. The show of 2021 - dream within a dream tour; 12. Drama show - controlling Britney Spears 13. Reality show - controlling Britney Spears 14. female tv star - Britney Spears 15. reality that star of 2021 - Britney Spears 16. bingeworthy show of 2021 - controlling Britney Spears
  8. As long as she’s dragged it’s ok for me. Sometimes I feel sorry that Bryan don’t gets so much hate (cause he is worse) my suggestion: threads about making fun of her should in britneys section. Other threads about her should be deleted
  9. C-ship is to protect Britney. Jamie was a ring between Britney and them now he is replaced and by then maybe c-ship will be over so I don’t think money will go to them. Especially if Britney will sue them..
  10. That would be awesome! Her family making money cause of brits name is so disgusting.. like enough is enough and that caption is so disrespectful!
  11. Positive video.. he truly feels britneys slave4u energy lol
  12. Why is this even asked?! There should be no doubts! she doesn’t fit c-ship and never was! It’s a fact and other things that she might have some mental or psychological problems are speculation!
  13. I’m so ready for 12.11 burn them down Brit - not just Jamie! They all should be in jail and then sue that California court!
  14. Well it depends how she sees it. If she is doing it for fun than it’s not good but if she is trying to show the strong and rebellious side of hers as well then it’s a cool thing.. Personally I don’t think that Britney should be ashamed for shaving her head - I really think that she did it for right reasons and it was a cool thing to do! Media twisted it so much and people only wanted to see craziness about that action cause Britney was against all of them(media,gp, her team etc)! They just pretend to be dumb and blind and continue ignoring britneys feelings that’s it..
  15. So nice of him/them.. he is really good person and father! Even James and Vivian told it to court about that but hey he’s the best to say it to people magazine after 13+ years! Being last never bothered him anyway
  16. Bonus tracks tbh: Gimme more junkie xl dub - I don’t listen to it so it doesn’t count everybody, get back, outta this world p.s. when I heard it first I didn’t like why should I be sad and heaven on earth but then I found out heaven on earth is a masterpiece where I can listen to britneys 3 voices in same time <3 “why should I be sad” still has cool bit and it’s really personal song and brits vocal on it tells u that as well, it’s special track somehow and I started to like it.
  17. I use iPhone 6s and it’s crushes sometimes/hard to load/battery runs low fast.. but always thought cause my iPhone is older then britneys one 🤣
  18. With comments I saw, they probably - Don’t trust Britney so they don’t respect her as they should. Parent not having reputation is awful Also They were raised in family oriented on money.
  19. I don’t like an idea! She is Britney Spears and she made her last name iconic! she can name herself whatever she wants but spears is a great last name relatable to her not her family members! They all can change there last names to Taylor’s or Lousears.. Why should Britney?! It’s unfair.. it’s like another thing they will take from her and I don’t like how many people supports it.. hope britney won’t sees it!
  20. Wait what?! happy b-day Jamie and she sings song that I thought wasn’t really about spears but she said happy birthday Britney as well?! I’m totally confused.. must search the whole video :d if its tribute to #freebritney I like it. It’s funny and enjoyable to watch (not to listen) .. hope she’s sincere anyway I don’t like xtina.. especially when she sings like that (can’t understand success of candy man).. So no collab with her! They can be just friends (I know Britney forgive her everything)! edit: gross.. she is just primitive app kind of thing who wishes b-day “original” way?! 😀 lol just delete my whole comment please ^_^ :d
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