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  1. In "Slave 4 u" She said "Leave behind my name, and age" My friend always would say "Drink a glass of lemonade"
  2. If it's just her voice, then it's Britney's Dance Beat/Myah Merry all over again! lol
  3. Yea she's always offbeat during the Arm sway part, that part isn't even hard! damn Brinny!
  4. I listened to Work ***** this morning, I'm convinced that's 100% Meyer, I detected 0 Britney Spears, Autotune or not. The lies, The deceit, The most Personal Album yet!
  5. When I think of "Britney" & "Makeup" I think of these looks, these were my absolute favorite make up styles for her, Tear duct, and water lines in silver, or white. She needs this again TBH
  6. I love this shoot, I remember the album name change, and how they cropped the album cover (I personally liked the Straps showing). I also remember ripping this album open at Walmart. I thought the Shoot was different, especially because of the new random hair color. I love all the pics tho. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a mature **** vibe.
  7. Ya'll are Cray! I absolutely loved OHT, From the theme, to the David LaChapelle shoots, and visuals. The costumes were ****, and sassy. Remixes were fun, and flattering, and the whole show actually stuck to the theme. DWAD will always be amazing, but that was a "Big Deal" then, and they pulled out the "Big Guns" for Vegas. OHT, is just a great tour to coincide with a Great album. Newest technology, movable parts on the stage. The only thing was they added pre-recorded vocals over a live band, which made the Lip syncing less noticeable, but still sounded too low, and a bit off.
  8. Dang, POM sucks, but you've prolly tired yourself of it, by over watching, and over thinking these vids. Sure the Choreo sucks, and the remixes, and costumes are not flattering, but she's active. I know she only truly brings it for Televised situations, but after the first run, I stopped checking for POM. I only care about Work *****, cause that Choreo is the only "Britney" thing in this whole show (to me personally). Someone pointed out, people want the Britney experience, some have never seen her live. I know the tea, and I've never seen her live, since 1999. I won't waste my coins, I saw Diana Ross, and that was a perfect $200 spent. Britney is privileged, and is being lazy, I won't support it. I WILL support, a new album tho, with a proper photo shoot, and given she sings her own **** again.
  9. "Inside of me", and "Waiting" and "Survival", and Oh one of the best Album Arts/Spreads ever! (Taken on her Bday btw) amazing!
  10. Checking for updates on the Slow *** dial up internet tryna load a pic of Brit! I also convinced the convenience store clerk to give that Huge Britney Pepsi poster, I hung it in my room on the wall behind my Britney Folders, most of them had "Oops" and "Stronger" photoshoot outtakes with graphics.
  11. See, this Tacky woman almost ruined stronger, one of my fav outfits, and crimped/curled hair. "More me" yea we get it now.
  12. I mean...I'm sure he messing around on Britney anyways, Dude is younger than me, and I've been a fan since she started, and I was 10. But of course, she can never help her self, parading this fool all over the place with stupid faces and snapchat pics. Fun or not, at least keep it to yourself, she always ends up looking like a fool in the end. Will she ever learn? I don't follow this relationship not one bit, and she's overbearing and annoying with it. I'm surprised her Master...I mean dad hasn't pulled out the shotgun yet.
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