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  1. There's just some amazing shades of lipstick this ***** refuses to wear...this is cute!
  2. Her whole persona seems like a mood board full of other people's ideas, and her weave is too damn big!
  3. Damn she hid for 9 months? I don't check for her, so I wouldn't have known...who dat who dat?
  4. Because of her nasty *** forefathers preying on black slaves, she's mixed with both/many, she can do whatever she wants. A little over exposure doesn't mean she's trying to "pass". ALSO if she was, that's on her to deal with and facing herself in the mirror. ALL Black folk have to deal with the current ingrained perception of color/race because of white men and women. Black folk have influenced the world over, and culture as a whole. Victorian women with those BIG *** dresses trying to look plump, and busty, tall, extravagant hair (having laws to make us cover it up), swag, it's all in us. We took the scraps and made it work. While the oppressors have just done exactly what they've always done, Rob, Kill, Steal, and point the finger elsewhere, or victim shaming/blaming. P.S. Caucasian women are the most unoriginal (except Audrey Hepburn), and have always had to be on a long...or short..leash from their oppressive white male husbands.
  5. I can recite that by Heart! I got the VHS from "Blockbuster" and wore it out! Even my family members remember that skit.
  6. I can certainly understand your view, I remember her first coming out, I wasn't into her especially that "So Gay" song, I felt attacked, but my Indie/Rock friend was. I was a fan of Teenage Dream because I love Good Pop in general.
  7. The Era's of Effort! I love the interludes, and backdrops just as much (or better) than the official videos. Baldhead Britney slowly growing wild hair, turns into a robot, bends the bars of her cage/prison with her booty, Yes!
  8. Corny *** K-Pop stars, over dancing/dancing too hard, Arm movements, over pronunciation, just EXTRA all around. Like a Britney VMA Parody. Prolly wouldn't look twice at a black person.
  9. Look at that REACHING. Trying to instill faith in the public, all while backtracking old work, just to get attention. Who says this? I can't take it seriously.
  10. Nice, I love that remix, I remember my 12 years old *** waiting by the TV for the NFL Kickoff, then I ran to the library to check out "Me Against The Music", and reading up on what Album was to Follow, "Get In The Zone" (Album Cover With the straps) P.S. I'm crazy about the Circus Version Of S4U, Even the robotic dance, and Beat....even the dysfunctional ring o fire.
  11. I knew this Gonzo Looking Heffer was trouble after the vid of her relishing in the spotlight at a red carpet event. Was unsightly at that....in her mind she was a Queen Of Pop.
  12. Is she MV ready? (without slathering CGI on it) I've always pictured she went through rigorous Beauty treatments like a mad woman before era's. Has she re-upped on the botox? new weave?
  13. Unproblematic Queen, Like Al Sharpton said to lil Paris at MJ's Funeral, "These people are the problem" or something like that. The illusion of celebrity (to me) is shattered (glass) Things like Film, Music era's, and art concepts are all a joke. If it's genuine, or even just damn good, you just know. So far I haven't seen an Artist like Britney (and even she be trippin) . **** these other people, half are terrible deep down inside anyways.
  14. WTH is happening here....so we're cool w her? lol I stanned "Til it's gone" (during the darkest time in life) took a few good listens, and quickly realized this wasn't the same person who's vocals I recognized in my sleep since 9 years old.... P.S. I know you sang all of work *****, but specifically my favorite part "Ahhhhh Ahhhhh" I'll never forgive Britney for that shiii...
  15. Why...That's the Britney Look! A cross eyed deer in headlights with it's mouth slightly and suggestively opened! lol (Except New Britney loves to purse her lips *Awkward BJ Album Cover style*)
  16. This concept doesn't have a lasting quality...It looks goofy. Is she like a Asian Princess Bubblegum Warrior?
  17. Her Career is pushing up daisies! She needs to face the facts, Dr. Fluke, and Bonnie Mckee Made her. Now she's nothing (what she used to be)...that's the industry for you. Her Hype was a concept (someone else's). It wasn't very natural (for her) and it had an expiration date (being a concept and not the actual vibe or personality of the artist). I was living a Teenage Dream when all that fun **** came out. Now I'm old, and bitter. lol
  18. lol, nah They used that melody from Busta Rhymes hit song. My Brothers (literally) were* fake teasing me "Ohhh she stole that man song" lol
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