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  1. Exactly, I been on this site for years. Chile the White Queens just always get their way huh? But I’m done. Britney ain’t doing ****, so it’s best to leave this Toxic Pro-Whatever environment, and YES that was a Britney Reference! I even mentioned her name!
  2. I’m really hoping you see through your Toxic (NOT a Britney Reference) Users. That was not a reference to Her at all, hell I just learned about that.Not everything is regarding Or Referencing POP culture. This is real life stuff that some users just can’t grasp. this user desperately pulled a “Karen” and is reporting me to the manager. It’s very sad. I hope you all can see right through them as I have. They aren’t even worth the reply. We also need a block button for users who are willingly “extra”.
  3. Not even the same context, you’re so pressed to prove me wrong. Lol it affects the world over, as far as social norms, culture, and prejudices, etc. Go take a break...or a jump in the lake.
  4. Thanks for the tips, now tell that to your fellow exhalers. I know enough and am actually open to learn more. That snark is as ignorant as you assume I am.
  5. Ummm I didn’t quote anyone, that was a general statement. And Idk what the heck you are, literally just a Meme/Icon to me at this point. But a Hit Dog Will Holler!
  6. Y’all are a trip, the victimization is real. Some People have to face the things you push aside and avoid, on a daily basis. Whilst your little posts give you some temporary sense of understanding, entitlement or denial. It took years of mindfulness, meditation and self searching to actually be “over” race relations and the ones who benefit and push said agenda. I walk right past ignorance and supremacy with my Black head held high. Sorry to bust that little white bubble. I have no time to explain how the other side of the world works. It’s proven everyday.
  7. Latino? And you’re butthurt too? Hell you may deny your heritage, but you’re just as black as I am, different boat stop by our wonderful colonizers. This is what I be talking about in real life. The shame, misdirected anger, a denial from all POC’s who don’t consider themselves such.
  8. I’m here for it, I know for white ppl, it’s sucks to not Have any real culture, besides ****, Killing, and stealing. I’m from Cotton Town USA New Orleans. It’s so prevalent. Instead of living in fear of us (as we’ve been brain washed to fear and literally worship you and your kind) Try to be a mindful, conscious “sub human” Ally. White ppl love to victimize themselves. Even in these ignorant comments on this topic. white tears and fears are hilarious. You have all this false power, yet only use it for the greater of bad.
  9. The Work ***** Video was damn near a Deepfake! She was a Sim for goodness sakes! That CGI is the devil. Although I love the S&M Scene.
  10. I remember that, I got my first dose of Photoshop. Like Whhhhy did she have two different colored tops on the same photo? I believe the single had a Black shirt, but the actual shoot had White...or maybe the other way around!
  11. Nice, I've never seen these. Loving those "Britney" era, hair layers.
  12. Like what was the Art Direction? FF didn't really give me that vibe. It was just CGI Pretty Pics (In A Pretty World), all over the place....typical RANDEE!
  13. I always fantasized that she would perform this epic "All For You' Rip Off in the DWAD Elvis Suit, When I played the VHS, and the set was a Cheap Crayola Barbie, I flipped, but at least she took the outfit off! lol
  14. I love Bedtime Stories, it will always be my Favorite Album, but my All time fave track is Erotica, and Into The Groove....or Dress You Up...Or Cherish...damn nvm
  15. Last thing a Black woman wants to hear is her being called aggressive. Us speaking up, or even pointing out the obvious is always considered aggressive (because the thin alabaster skins love to do wrong, but let us point it out...it's over,) or the pull some bogus facts to divert attention (black on black, etc). With THAT being said, I just didn't see it for her. Her niche was unfortunately not very genuine or convincing. It's funny how we created all the music people know and love today, but we still gotta fight for our own ****, to live, to breathe!
  16. Wow, she's engaging and (screenshotting), and he's no better leading her on, the blind leading the Blind. Such a classic tale....
  17. I swear ********* will say something about her Natural Body, I'm so here for her! She looks like she's doing her best to be in a good place, I'm sure we all are!
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