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  1. I was 8-9, Randomly watching the Grammy's, and Britney sang surrounded by all this beautiful stuff, then she ran off, and tore the stage up with creepy robots. I was shook!
  2. Too late, shoulda started at 25....she's a lost cause. Just be Evil & Wrinkle....Kay Lou?
  3. I literally hate this lady, she needs to FAST & PRAY that Demon out of her Dried up Money Stealing soul. Allegedly...
  4. As they should have! side note....I was so mad about the cartoon theme from the tour (its iconic now) I just thought she would perform it in the Elvis jumpsuit. I would look at the Live From Las Vegas cover and daydream....before I finally got my VHS copy! I'm old!
  5. I just got a red kitchenaid blender from amazon today, maybe that's what they're talking about.
  6. I remember the Dial up says during The first Era, The "Praying hands" Britney photo, loading little by little! lol
  7. I knew JL was a snake, look how ugly she has gotten...nothing but evil manifesting on her olden/redneck face.
  8. This makes me so mad, the music industry is really demonic, and terrible. Full of ***, lies, drugs, and greed! It's all an illusion from the Beauty standards, to the IMPORTED Palm trees that line L.A Designed to lure you in with promises. Britney just wanted to perform and be cute, to her surprise the world ate it up! All this money she's made, and all the hands reaching...and snatching from her. When will this be over?
  9. Ya'll not gonna come for Tay, and this Beautiful song, yea I figured it was a Lana Impersonation, but it worked. Rih has Sia's Voice in Diamonds. The song is so refreshing, and cathartic, very glamorous indeed. Though the video was kinda wack, white girl dressed in rich colors....in Africa, with bad wanna be "vintage" styled hair. The furthest I'll go is Britney's jungle theme, which had better intention.
  10. I sing "Britney, What it is right now" almost every other day....if not everyday. It's my favorite tour.
  11. Real talk, as an American..from Louisiana, You only hear about the colonization here, but hell the UK is no better. It took until recently with my studies in school to see what this Rubbish British empire is built off, and their PERSISTENT involvement in the slave trade. So Yes, her speaking up is Bringing more attention to the foundation of this system. I can't be blinded by Rococo & Gilded Hallways forever. I'm sure black people built all that!
  12. This why I don't mess with exhale, all the "non-mindful" people still talking mess about her even after she disclosed her mistreatment. I guess she asked for it right? Ya'll pitiful, and clearly never experienced racism....it's literally an inescapable system! It obviously has shaped half of these misguided judgemental minds on here.
  13. Messy Queens, how appalling! Nothing you, or anyone has said has been beneficial nor of any real substance. Just typical Bickering. Have fuuuuuuun! (Onyx Hotel Reference)
  14. I really don’t give a **** boo boo, you are the company you keep! Bye now
  15. Get over yourself, you sound like a child. The lot of you! Lol clearly you have problems...with me. You’ve been determined to come for me. Look inside yourself, may I suggest some mindfulness training, reading, meditation?
  16. Also, I ain’t gotta do ****, but be black and die. Black folks have literally built this country! From the Monuments, to the Buildings, and clearly the paved roads that leads to your false sense of privilege Im done entertaining. This ain’t even my party!
  17. I’m not bothered. It’s so engrained in his animalistic, clouded brain. He was waiting to use that card.
  18. Such a classic, I can say someone finally told me to go back to Africa lol.
  19. In that case, go back to the Caves before you learned how stop walking on all fours, or Europe before the BLACK moors introduced “Soap and Water”, and how to actually utilize it. They say Europe still has the Stank...
  20. Does That make you feel good? Lol I hope so. Take what you can and run with it, just like your ppl always have done boo! xoxo
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