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  1. He does, but he's a snake too, I'm sure he wanted Britney to get caught up. Only to benefit him...
  2. I knew this was shady then...I just had a gut feeling. I figured...she should be counting her own!
  3. 6 album deal huh? I never knew that, Seems about right. Help your daughter keep/fulfill her Demonic deal, and he's already a messed up POS, so he wants to rob & steal from his own daughter....but WAIT...HE'S BRITNEY SPEARS!?!? He enables others to swindle his Country ***, and leech as well. This is some Baby Jane **** for real.... The Law & The Entertainment industry obviously Launders money together....especially from the Bumpkins they Groom with "Success & exposure", then drain them of everything they propelled them to be.
  4. That Picture Screams "Classic Britney". I'm so happy she still looks the same....with normal "changes", aging, etc.
  5. What chu know about that Crystals? I had to google the other Hot sauce. lol
  6. It's their version of "Country" Living....Not too far off from Monarchy Incest practices.
  7. Hell I'm over WB & BJ now, To me it's some Demonic Chant towards Britney, Who barely even sang the damn song. The song is Kinda unlike her anyways. It was something new and upbeat for The Residency, but obviously passion...and time was not put into the pieced together album. Just another forced money making tactic.
  8. Double talk....He means "Supported By Britney" They are so sick and Vain, Probably actively searched for scumbags to date, with the same name!
  9. They are All Groomed Propaganda Pawns, They don't have any real power...Power to Buy...Dress Up....Show Off... That's it.
  10. He's trying to appear humble....another user mentioned him possibly building his own Mansion!
  11. She prolly couldn't pass because the Damage they sought to do could have taken place. This is years in, switched drugs and all!
  12. I LOVE Lynne's Lawyer, his recap was VERY IMPORTANT, and He wanted to leave that Courthouse with DATES, Penny was nonchalant though, and very passive.
  13. Well they hung out...She know Paris is a Fake Bihhh, I just wouldn't discredit someone's story ALOUD. Perish is always talking about Britney, not the other way around.
  14. He knows too, He implied it with the Finance company recommendation comment, something about "If she goes without me" something along those lines.
  15. HA! It's out there! Penny sounded nonchalant about these IMPORTANT FUTURE dates! Rap is out! BIH!
  16. **** Her family, Fools to believe they could get over long on the most Popular Girl in the Modern World....Oh no
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