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  1. March 28, 2013 Only became active again because of Britney's current crisis I miss the old threads in General tbh. I wasn't one of the bigger personalities but I always found it entertaining to read through threads that were full of crazy and scandalous stuff. I remember Jawni, Bobby, CodySpearz and David (All of which I still see on Twitter). Some of the other members I also remember are PrettyGrl999, Martin, Floptinafan, Lyrical, LeInferno, Khalid, Lucas, NYOutcast, French Reloaded, Dripping for Britney, NorbitRNB, Lucyyyyyyyyy, Gabriel (the guy with the most posts I've seen here with 200k), Queen Flopga, Megan Fox (the most helpful person before here when it comes to gifs set) and the one user who always looks for an artist's "Ray of Light" album (I forgot his username. [EDIT It was Doomsday lol] I think he never gave Britney one lol I wonder what he thinks of Glory) How can I forget Outtathisworld, the most persistent troll in Exhale, with their short-lived accounts that get banned immediately once he's found out lol its almost like a game to figure out if a new troll account is them. Fun memories
  2. Like she didn't try to use Britney's money for her own benefit. Bottomline, they're all leeching off Britney's estate. They're all guilty. They should all be in jail
  3. Might be. It always felt very melancholic to me, not just romantic. I actually like your interpretation of it. I’m listening to it now and using your view of it, it makes it a more powerful statement. It would be interesting to know what Britney herself says about it. Her artistry really is under-appreciated and at the same time intriguing. She’s so enigmatic and I love her for it.
  4. Its the album that made me a fan so for me its a turning point
  5. This. I’m guessing she was baited by her team in creating the album by promising that the con will end for good after the era. And I remember she tried to bring up the con in a talk show too. After that, Glory came into a screeching halt if I remember correctly.
  6. I always thought that what Britney was trying to say with this song was how sheltered she was and how the public always tried to tell her how to “act properly”, but now I think its more than that. The people around her has always tried to control her and diminish her actions and opinions: This tells me that the efforts to control “Britney” (be it the brand or the person) has always been there, even before the con. The con just legalized her “team”’s control over her life. That’s why I think her happiest days were in 2004-2007, because she finally held the power to decide her life. She made mistakes during that time of course, but that doesn’t mean she needed a con to tell her how to live the rest of her life. An intervention would have been surely needed, but this con just took it too far. It’s termination is long overdue. I saw some people here are concerned about how Britney will live after the con, thinking that she’ll have a hard time adjusting since its been so long since she had control of her life. But we need to understand that that’s what Britney wants, she wants to learn how to live, even if she makes mistakes, she’ll learn from it and grow: God I just want this woman to be free asap and let her live her life on her own terms ps. Stream Overprotected on Spotify
  7. Maybe she should petition to free her sister first if she truly loves and support her instead of defending her guilty *** online
  8. It explains why I felt that Britney’s confidence on stage took a hit after the con took place. Knowing how critical her father was about her body, how her team made her feel isolated when she didn’t like a simple dance move, being medicated for God knows what reasons. That can take a toll on anyone.
  9. Its sickening. The probate court is just that unfavorable to the conservatee and by Farrow’s words, ripe for abuse, and also corruption. That’s why I think Britney’s case must be elevated at a higher authority like the Supreme Court because her constitutional rights has clearly been taken away. Its so frustrating tbh
  10. This is the kind of support that Britney needs. She needs more people with whom she had professional and personal ties to come upfront and validate her testimony. Especially now that Team Con appears to be planning to undermine Britney’s credibility in the upcoming hearing.
  11. Honestly I’m just amazed at how mentally strong she is. I can’t begin to imagine the restrictions and torment her family and team put her thru from her early days to the breakdown to the ongoing con and still come out and smile and entertain for her fans. That takes a lot of strength. I don’t really expect her to work that soon (or even ever again) once she goes free. I would want to her to seek peace first and if God-willing, swift justice to those who abused her. I just want her to be free and get justice so bad.
  12. Sony Music Philippines posted “Free Britney” on Twitter but I guess that only stands for that specific regional office. https://twitter.com/sonymusicph/status/1408394069483474944?s=20
  13. Hopefully the police hasn’t been corrupted or gaslit like everyone else by Team Con. I feel like they have brainwashed or paid off anyone that Britney can run to to get help, that why its been this long.
  14. I want to hear from people who worked with Britney during the years of the con. Those who had signed NDA’s and stuff. From big celebrities to BTS staff. Iggy Azalea had done it. And so did that judge in X-factor. They will bring added credibility to Britney’s testimony if they ever speak up.
  15. Isn’t Congress above the California Judiciary? So I don’t think Britney needs the approval of her conservators because Congress is on a national level while California Judiciary is limited on a state-level? I’m not familiar with US laws and geopolitics so I’m just guessing. I remember reading about how Team Con wanted to extend their conservatorship control to Hawaii by applying for something there (probably for recognition of their conservatorship) because the con is limited to California. Hopefully Britney shows up to Congress asap
  16. She can learn how to do it like, just like everyone else. The most important criteria for a person Britney can ask help from is that they won’t be interested in her money like the types of Sam Lufti and Lou Taylor. Off the top of my head, I think Paris Hilton will be very much willing to help her choose the proper people to do the business side of things. Love her or hate her, she is a decent businesswoman and knowing she supports the Free Britney movement puts my mind at ease.
  17. At the start, I’m pretty sure he was pre-approved by team con to meet Britney. But maybe seeing Britney’s actual situation made him sympathize with her (or love her I dunno lol) and offered to give his help. Knowing team con, he probably needed to walk a tightrope and show that he is not a threat so as to keep Britney company and give his own perspective to Britney. Keep in mind, the reason why this con lasted so long is because the people around Britney gaslighted her to the point of making Britney question her own sanity. Having Sam as an outsider and telling his own view of things probably helped Britney confirm that what she thinks is happening is real abuse. Maybe David and Charlie weren’t able to play nice with team con which is why they we’re booted out so fast. I’d like to believe Sam knew that this will be a long drawn game and had to strategize. I think Sam does want to free Britney, but his intentions can only be revealed after some time. But the most important part is he is aboard the Free Britney train and has been visibly supporting it.
  18. Why does she need to be evaluated anyway? She works and provides for herself and a hundred people working for her. The fear of her going bankrupt doesn’t justify the con. It’s her own money and she can decide where and how to use it. If she goes broke, its on her but she has every right to use it because she earned it. She’s self-aware enough of her mental health needs that she declared herself that she’s open to continuing therapy, which any normal person can get when they have underwent trauma. Let’s keep in mind, just because a person has some mental illness or trauma does not justify a con, it’s only reserved for people whose mental and physical functions has been completely impaired i.e people with dementia, etc.; She hasn’t shown violent tendencies like harming herself or threatening other people even if she’s been exploited and traumatized so much by the people around her (unlike her sister who brandished a knife to stop some resto brawl. But we don’t see anyone putting Jamie Lynn in a con lol); And lastly, the basis of the conservatorship is questionable to begin with. It didn’t undergo the proper process if the court documents shown on social media are to be believed (I’m not exactly sure how accurate those are as I’m not familiar how the US handles that kind of stuff but I’m inclined to believe these are public records). The claims of dementia and the apparent ignorance of the probate court to properly inform Britney of her rights should be basis enough to terminate it. I think this aspect of the case should be examined by a higher body i.e Supreme Court or Congress as the California Probate Court System should be suspected as corrupt and therefore ineffective in giving a fair assessment of the situation. Britney’s case is high-profile, and it’s probably just one of many. The whole system must be investigated and reformed to stop the abuses from happening.
  19. I’m glad she emphasized how horrible it is that the people “closest” to Britney were the ones responsible for breaking Britney’s psyche. For me that is the saddest part of the testimony. Just imagine what Britney feels with all the endless mockery she went (and still going) through by the very people that should be protecting her. I hope Britney would be able to recover from her trust issues once she gets out of the con.
  20. We can also add money-hungry, merciless, control freak, insecure and corrupt just to make it more accurate.
  21. I don’t think being bipolar entails a conservatorship. That’s why they indicated dementia as the medical reason for it (which apparently wasn’t even substantiated in court docs). Can’t believe trolls are still here in Exhale. I only got back because of Britney’s current situation and to see some posters making click-bait threads is weird. Is Outtathisworld still wreaking havoc here lol
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