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  1. We jump on him because of Britney currently cituation and he seems to be pushing the work when she doesnt really want to work right now but then almost every comment on his live was work with britney - get back with britney - show us more britney. Make up your mind people. Dont hate on him when we are the ones asking him for it. His just telling us i got the beats for you guys. When its time we know what we need to do to get the ball rolling.
  2. "so we can remind people of why they fell in love with her in the first place"
  3. Somebody did mention that they already had access to it on apple music and that probably made a few of us confused. I guess we have to wait till midnight eastern standard time.
  4. Im in love with Morissette Amon. She has an incredible voice and seems to be such a sweet heart.
  5. Possibly her team noticing that the stander CD was being purchase. The deluxe is still the same
  6. I hope she takes a step back and learns from her past experience and uses that to her advantage in case she comes across the same scenario and uses that to turn things around.
  7. I hate the 'without her we wouldn't be able to have her". I get it we always have to appreciate the people that came before us because they laid out a path for us to walk in but who says that they wouldn't be as successful if they didn't have the standards or path previously set in place. Lets just applaud them and enjoy the music. Just be a Nicki fan or a Cardi B fan. Stop putting this ladies against one another and enjoy that you are able to live in the same time period that they are living in.
  8. I honestly think this is getting out of hand. Concert bundle, 99 cent cd's, make my music #1 videos I miss the days we would wait outside of the store and interact with other fans to buy cd's at midnight. Fun times.
  9. Yeah i don't know about this one. Sadly moving on to view the next video waiting.
  10. Lack of testing and from what you read and hear their is a lack of testing kits. I can see most people just ruling it out as a flue and not thinking to much of it and still going around their daily routines.
  11. Nice joke lol - Maybe a different award show. Maybe something more North or on the half of the world
  12. I'm going to buy it, listen to it, and promote it as much as I can because even if i am force to do a work I always put my sweet and strength into it and I like to think that she is the same. I choose to believe that even if she is force to do it she still puts her signature on it and that is enough for me to get behind it. Maybe us still showing up, purchasing her music, playing her music still puts a smirk on her face regardless whom is to benefit from it or not.
  13. We just keep assuming and assuming that things are going or happening a certain way that our minds just keep thinking of the worst case scenarios and making her life to be worthless. I would think by now we should had develop a little bit of patience and wait out till we hear direclty from her mouth was going on. The problem is that as soon as something is said we will always say its coming from the handlers or the cheap *******s that are ruining her career. Im at the point that I will just be waiting patiently for this to be over and we can finally hear from Britney without the strings attach and find out where she stand in her own world and what she sees in it for herself.
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