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  1. It honestly and genuinely breaks my heart, how much flack Britney has gotten. I think people forget that she was literally so young since she was hounded, stalked and constantly watched. Of course it would eventually get to her and did it did. I show my friends the middle finger all the time and sometimes say things which would be deemed offensive, I would never be able to handle the kind of exposure she was made to go through. It's sad to think that she was under such immense scrutiny by the world, by the standards set by the media back then. Present day would be absolutely SAVAGE! The irony is they can't seem to give the girl a break! I bring this up, only because you mentioned internet flack. Ariana had the doughnut scandal, I mean she apologized, I'm glad people got over it. That was by far, much more extreme than I think anything Britney has ever said or done. If I believe they were able to make the world move on from that, maybe the right team can make certain incidents irrelevant. Although Ari does still live with the consequences, as there are trolls who occasionally bring it up! Sorry for the long comment. Long story short, Britney is SO BRAVE, I am so impressed by her character. Yes she's ignorant sometimes, but so are all of us. She just has to go through it in front of millions. And I agree, The Media and the world in general has become WAY TO SENSITIVE!
  2. Finished watching "13 Reasons Why"... I have no words... I dunno the amount of times I cried watching this series (esp at the last two episodes)... the amount of times I replayed the line "I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her" :crying1: BEAUTIFUL SERIES and the Book was great too... but the series had so much more emotion...

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    2. mylonliNESS

      The thing with the book is... Its GREAT! but... personally... the thing with the series is... its more direct (with stuff that happens)....

      and the book is more linear with its story (you only get Clay's perspective cause he's listening to the tapes alone in one night)...

      Brace yourself when u get to the episode with Clay's tape... :crying2: ESP the Ending! :crying1:

    3. Iced Tea

      that was dark.. I loved it

  3. and I'm a proud WELL USED 64 convertible mustang with A LOT OF mileage! Which has had more butts on its seats than a gas station toilet
  4. thanks for recommending social media... share the love... I always say...
  5. OMGGGGG DEAD @ the titanic joke could u help a sis out.. I know his name is Clayton Chitty .... but I can't find any "satisfying" photos Id be might grateful
  6. You must be psychic cause... ME and the daddy playing K-fed... me after the promo... Thirsty AF need those ***** like
  7.            RIP Mary Tyler Moore986915375-Mary_Tyler_Moore_1970.jpg

    The woman who pioneered women's roles in TV and how they dress. A true face of feminism, dignity and class!

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    2. mylonliNESS

      Its okay! :) most people these days wouldn't!

      She was big in the 60's till the 80's! :cutesybrit:

      She got her big break on "The d*ck Van Dyke Show" where she played his wife. So at the time women couldn't wear pants on television, but she decided too. The producers were so outraged they restricted the scenes where she wore pants to 1 per episode. But she would find a way to sneak in wearing pants in the rest of the episode too, that made a huge difference in the 60's.

      In the 70's she did "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." It was one of the first shows to have the female lead be a single-working woman!

      so in her own way she paved the way for women in television! :)

  8. It annoys me sometimes that I keep getting this weird restriction on Exhale... I can't reply to Status Updates or PM users... sometimes I can't even reply to threads or make one... :( probably won't be able to reply to this either

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    2. mylonliNESS

      Haha yeah I've noticed that's a trend on here :P But I guess u get a coffee cup thing when he does ;)

    3. Britneybbhmm

      No I did not! This bitch did not gave me a coffee cup and I don't need one either! He can use that cup for 2 _ _ _ _ and one cup. :staysalty:

    4. mylonliNESS

      Hahaha OMG :o


      you are hilarious bb :unbelievableney:

  9. Its okay! we understand now! It was just a miscommunication! and you are right Rihanna did experiment with it in 2009!
  10. The influence of dubstep on more commercial or popular genres can be identified as far back as 2007, with artists such as Britney Spears using dubstep sounds; critics observed a dubstep influence in the song "Freakshow", from the 2007 album Blackout, which Tom Ewing described as "built around the 'wobbler' effect that's a genre standby. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubstep
  11. :hugs: Thank You so much! I didn't wanna keep replying on the thread, so other people can post as well! But I just had to thank you for such a sweet and lovely post! :bigkiss: it honestly made my day :)


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