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  1. I need the exhalers opinion, what you think about Doja Cat as an artist? Bc i think she is a icon in the making and i wanna know if im reaching, ever since i discovered her, somethin made a click in my brain i think she is the one... She is the real deal.
  2. Thats folklore tho folk doesnt have bangers, Positions kinda does. There is potential in some songs, is right in the middle, I really liked the album
  3. We are also starving.... The pandemic and the government of a lot of countries are crashing the economy... Im argentina, we cant buy albums.. ****, we can't even afford spotify anymore.
  4. Karma will reach to all the people responsible of her c-ship. We, as HER fans, are here to support HER. This article only shows that we are getting somewhere in the right direction and people can't be blinded like before. I want britney to be happy and free, idc how corny this sounds.
  5. i agree, organic is what counts nowdays. Even dont start now, a song that for me is the song of the year, wasn't #1. However, if dua had a bigger fan base, she could have had that #1... Even Billie with Everything i wanted.
  6. We clearly have different perspectives. Bc she doesnt have the best voice and is not the best dancer, she works harder than others that actually have those things. Taylor is a talented songwriter, producer and a BUSINESS WOMAN. She keeps winning bc her heart and mind are in the same direction. Her team and label trust her bc they would be idiots if they don't. Is impossible to achieve all the things that she achieved if she wasnt talented and honest (in the good and the bad) at the age of 30. Skin colour means nothing after 14 years, there are a lot of white blond girls with a normal voice and normal dance routine, there is even a lot of more white blond girls with a better voice and better dance moves. At this point is obvious that what she has are 3 things: 1- she is creative 2- she is smart 3- she puts her heart and mind in the same direction = works harder. My opinion is objective.
  7. The best is Love Again, no doubt. The song is genius, could be a song that you hear in the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s The album is a joy, all the songs are great, different and GOOD. There is no bad songs here, that is why some rank low in companion but they are good anyways. Impressed! Loved it
  8. Britney Jean doesn't exist for me.. And i barely listen to Femme Fatale The one that i listen the most is Blackout... Is my favorite pop album with Confessions and Future ***/Love Sounds. Everytime i listen to Blackout, im amazed. My only problem with the album is that Toy Soldier should have been replaced with a ballad like Heaven On Earth
  9. Best song of Britney Jean Talking seriously... Work ***** gained some popularity over the years
  10. I dont think we should care about "thanks to who" a collab is working. I agree... If Brit will do a collab should be with someone she likes. Britney could have a top 20 for sure if she does a correct collab. But i understand why many people dont like the idea. If is a solo song, with who she should work? Remeber that a good name can help.
  11. Yes! Yes! That is what im talking about! I can see that working, we need a good song and we dont need a one hit act, we need somenone that she can relate to. Recycled ideas....
  12. I've been here in exhale from 2011/13 and then i leaved. I came back yesterday and things are exactly the same. We used to be one of the greatest fandoms but everything looks like living in the past now. Team Brit also live in the past, we saw miles away that the tinashe and G-Eazy collab were stupid (i thought back in the moment the Iggy one was a good idea but the song was so bad... the video...) Glory was so good... We only need it a push...
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