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  1. She did the same to my personal account months ago. I never interacted with her at all & my account doesn’t really reference Britney, I would just see her posts & one day I had been removed from her followers.
  2. & yet I still got Tranter to speak in defense of Britney, which was my goal all along. Stay pressed.
  3. You implied it by quoting me & telling me so when I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place.
  4. Sweetie he didn’t speak out until after I called him out on being silent all this time.
  5. I wasn’t harassing anyone nor did I accuse him of anything. Everything I said in my Tweet is a matter of fact. Tranter WAS promoting Britney’s album just a little under a month before she was sent away. Lou Taylor indeed DOES work as an agent for his publishing label. He DOES claim to be an activist yet hadn’t spoken up ONCE to defend Britney. He even agreed with my point & it encouraged him to speak out, so…
  6. Don’t be delusional, the fans pushback & constant pressure is whats made Britney’s case get to the point that it has. To think otherwise is really undervaluing the fans. Think about it, in 13 years of the c-ship, it had never gotten to this point without the fans uniting to help her. Where was Lynne & her lawyer during these past 13 years? Ingham hadn’t even told Britney she could file to terminate her c-ship, get real! The only reason anyone has done anything in Britney’s favor is because they are scared of being cancelled or what the public will think of them now for being complicit.
  7. While I can’t speak for anyone else, i’ve personally been fighting for her human rights since everything broke out. I’ve gotten sent cease & desists. I’ve been harassed by anti #FreeBritney people. I’ve had attempts of people trying to hack my accounts. I’m doing my part to make amends over supporting her conservatorship. We all need to continue to work collectively to free her, thats the apology she needs. She doesn’t need a long drawn out statement from fans that she’ll never read. Or a #imsorrybritney hashtag that will trend for an hour, thats pointless. Its also important to note that at the end of the day we as fans didn’t turn a blind eye to her abuse, a lot of us just genuinely thought that the cship was something she needed. Either for legalities or to help with her mental health. We also supported her career with the pure intentions of supporting her craft. We’ve all been used & lied to for our dollar as well. The fanbase isn’t Britney’s enemy & we certainly have changed our tune since everything came to light.
  8. Y’all can call me complicit for meeting Britney in 2018, without even knowing the abuse she was under. Y’all can call me self righteous. I don’t really care. I don’t owe any of you anything, and certainly don’t owe Tranter anything. I care about Britney & Britney only. Its 2021 & its time to hold people accountable for their actions (or in this case lack of action). Well behaved people don’t make changes happen. #FreeBritney
  9. Girl….you are doing too much. I had my m&g in 2018 before I knew any of the things going on BTS. Tranter was literally producing an album for Britney not even a full month before she was sent away to a facility against her will. He obviously had to know & didn’t say or do anything. Not then & not now. People should be held accountable for their actions 100%. Especially when they go around claiming they are “activists” in their profile. If you don’t have the balls at this point to stand up for Britney after countless others have, you are complicit. I’m sorry. Especially someone working so close with Britney.
  10. I’m going to focus on Britney & only Britney. #FREEBRITNEY
  11. Was anyone able to save this video? I need the part JL calls Britney a drama queen.
  12. Neca is making a few Britney dolls soon https://lootcrate.com/products/britney-spears-limited-edition-fashion-doll-series
  13. Thats besides the point. Everyone that was up in arms about a potential collab with Kim P now will have to deal with Horselynn making money off Brit instead. I say we lost.
  14. I love Kim, saw her live. She’s so good. Her songs are really good, and shes a Britney STAN. She always say she learned English watching Britney interviews. So if anyone knows how to formulate a Britney song is her. Y’all are so annoying wanting Britney to chase after mainstream artist for collabs. Main stream does NOT equal quality. Lol Even in her prime Britney never collabed with big BIG artists aside from like Madonna. She worked with Moby, Ying Yang Twins, Pharrell, Don Phillips, its about the quality a song has over the artist she’s collabing with. Imagine she works with Gaga or Selena and the song is a mess, theres no guarantee, but you all seem to care more about charts than a good song.
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