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  1. I don’t remember ever reading the article about Sam talking about how only he, Britney and her psychologist knows what triggered her in to having BP..what the heck happened in 2002 besides her breakup with Justin? (This isn’t a question to y’all, obviously no one knows.) off topic, kinda, what happened to x17? I used to wake up before going to HS and checked their website every day to check up on her, they never wrote any negative comments about her like TMZ.
  2. This still makes no sense as to why this video would put her in a negative light with the court.
  3. I believe that it’s just because of passion. Like another person said, she probably would rather not do hard choreo if she’s not into it and everything that’s going on around her. I also think her choreographers suck. I did not know that Andre passed away 😞 all I knew was that he quit because they were asking him to take a drug test. He knew how to make her and her body look good.
  4. The person who tweeted sent a message to the ppl who did the doc, those ppl sent a message back which is what you’re looking at saying they can’t talk about anything that Leigh (the person who tweeted) asked because they’re in the process of doing Part 2. Hope that made sense!
  5. I’m pretty sure that Janet isn’t going to say anything, not sure why he’s expecting it. This topic is going to be brought up again next year when her doc comes out. So Justin will get more **** thrown in his face again
  6. Whoever wrote that caption about her learning how to love dancing again is probably telling the truth. It seems like she lost her passion for it bc of meds and everything going on, perhaps she’s trying to get that passion back some how during lockdown. Just kind of wish that she had contact with Brian and Andre, Andre was the best choreographer after Brian, shame they had to split ways bc of con’s rules.
  7. She has shown that she cares through court documents, what are you on about mate?
  8. Wth is this thread?? I do this when I get triggered, and obviously Britney was triggered during this whole interview. This is normal behavior
  9. Does anyone else think it’s a perfume or mascara? I just can’t think of anything else besides that and Netflix 🥴
  10. Sorry guys, I’m on mobile! Just got this alert from Vanity Fair, worth a read! If anyone can post the full article it would be greatly appreciated MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME The Shockingly Melancholy Britney Spears Documentary You’ve Never Heard Of Documentary filmmaker Judy Hoffman was given behind-the-scenes access to the biggest pop star in the world in 2002, and created an unconventional film about the loneliness of fame. Then the movie basically disappeared. Full article here Watch Stages:
  11. Yeah they briefly got back together or were just messing around and she decided to end it afterwards. I believe they stopped all communication after that.
  12. Jayden or Sean, I forgot whom, said they think Sam is cool.
  13. Didn’t her lawyer say that she doesn’t have the “mental capacity” to sign out of the conservatorship? And compared her to comatose patient? I don’t trust Ingram, I do sincerely hope that the pressure of the public and congress lights a fire on their ***.
  14. So, I was looking for a tattoo reference since I am getting my appendix removed soon (it already ruptured so I have to wait until the area calms down for surgery) and i knew that if my scar was close to an area ( I forgot what the area is called) I would get a small tattoo. I was using Britney as a reference since she has 2 tattoos there and I was thinking of her Allure magazine photo shoot, I had the magazine back in the day and I just loved the way she looked in her pictures. I was search for one specific picture and came to this POPsugar article: https://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/Allure-Too-Kind-Britney-536737 There’s nothing wrong or different from the BTS pics?? She was relaxed and sucked in whatever she barely had.
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