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  1. I want to try it out, it sounds like a good balance of flavors.
  2. It WAS Britney that shut her out. She didn’t want to talk to her parents when she was going through a tough time, she saw them for what they are. Bad parents.
  3. He just tweeted something else and said that he’s spilling the tea “soon.” I honestly hate that fans are just sending this guy tweets. This is just going to be another issue in regards to the case.
  4. Did they discontinue the sandwich she likes?
  5. I feel like it might be true but only so that it benefits him. Later on in interviews he’ll say that he spoke with her and that they’re on good terms or whatever. It’s all PR on his side. I wish he would speak out against Jamie, I would tip my hat to him if that were the case, I’m sure he noticed things were not right with him when they were younger, I mean even his mom knows the trouble the spears fam has gone through because of Jamie.
  6. Didn’t his mother pass away by suicide? I feel like in his mind he’s doing the “right thing” in order to prevent that from happening to his daughter but he’s doing a terrible job at it. So maybe he does have this syndrome
  7. Britney covered the song on her album though, but who knows? probably.
  8. I love that she loves self help books. I love them too *buying this right now*. But, I feel like she’s doing things on her own, and sometimes we need someone else to validate our feelings and what not. I hope once she’s out of this she can get proper therapy in order to let stuff out. I see that she’s using painting as a creative therapy so that’s good as well. It’s hard bottling everything up. I know whenever some one mentions something that triggers me, I end up being an emotional mess, still trying to find the right therapist myself. I’m hoping she finds the best. Therapy was all she needed back then, not this mess.
  9. Gaga, in the room. So starstruck, cherry, cherry, cherry, boom, boom. ..Hasn’t gotten close though
  10. I loved them together. During the breakup however I leaned more towards Britney’s side. After his antics I agreed that he was pu***fied. Just like how I cringe when Britney posts anything related to him I used to cringe every time he would mention her on SNL or something. He’s a douche and a cheater. No I don’t want them back together. I still have questions about that photo shoot they had that leaked in 2002, I still wonder what it was for or if they were just personal. Also, that song they were supposed to make in 2007 is the most cringiest thing ever, the fact that he was talking about her body driving him wild and timbaland talking about the past being behind. PFFT. I’m so thankful she didn’t record her verse for that ****.
  11. I was in dance classes when I was a child, and when I heard BOMT I fell in love and locked myself in my room dancing to it every time it would pop up on the radio. When I saw the video for the first time, I was in awe and begged my mother to get me her album and the BOMT doll (the one that when you pushed the belly button the song would start.) 22 years later I’m still here And older...
  12. I honestly don’t know, I feel like Megan, doja, saweetie, or cardi, would be cool. women have been dominating a lot recently. If it were a male rapper, then kid cudi ? Post Malone? Jay-Z would be cool with a low tempo kind of song. I personally don’t like da baby all his songs sound the same to me.
  13. Why is BritneyHiatus bringing this up again? Weren’t they the ones that had that “interview” with him too? The scum literally talked about this topic in it.
  14. Did we ever find out who “Banana Alice” is? Maybe they’re the ones messing with Billy’s head .
  15. this kind of vaccine is not new. They have been preparing this for years all that was needed was the protein. I work with 327 first responders no one that has gotten the vaccine has experience side effects outside of the 2 day window. The only person I know that had a bad reaction was my mother, she did not listen to me when I told her to go to the allergy doctor beforehand, she got an allergic reaction to it. I would trust the scientists that have been working hard, but then again it’s your body your choice. If you don’t feel like it’s safe, wait it out.
  16. Do you guys have any screenshots on his “convos?” I don’t follow him on IG and he’s private.
  17. I didn’t feel any symptoms on my first dose, you usually have symptoms on the second that last a day or a few hours. Mines lasted 8 hours when I was sleeping, just took some Tylenol and felt better and went back to work. Some ppl that have had covid already experience some symptoms on the first shot though. (sorry I’m on mobile and can’t tag the person mentioning it) The infertility thing is a myth that started on the internet. I do not have kids yet but will be planning on having one in 3 years or so, I guess I’ll let you guys know lol. My coworker was 7 months pregnant and unfortunately caught covid here at work, they had to do a c section on her and she’s currently in a coma. stay safe like our queen!
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