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  1. When ppl stop spelling her name as Britanny-or whatever-that is when she’ll take that spot
  2. I remember that ugly seashell choker he used to always wear lol. Amazing how much both of their styles changed so much in a matter of months. I used to really love that guy
  3. Wade makes no sense. That guy is a mess and a has been. Whatever connections he had are gone after he lost his case.
  4. this makes me so happy! Diddy commented saying that she was his spirit animal 😀
  5. She wasn’t addressing Sam in these voicemails, she was addressing judges. She’s talking about her constitutional rights because she is talking to..judges. From what he is saying, she called a bunch of them with the same transcript in hope for a response and got nothing.
  6. I was shocked, and kinda disappointed that zoey 101 was going to be donzo because of it. even more disappointed knowing that Britney didn’t know anything about it.
  7. I think it’s that she’d rather feel relaxed at the spa instead of feeling relaxed from getting in contact with w**d. I think.
  8. You’re reaching my friend. A routine does not equal a dance routine. A routine is a schedule of things. You can continue sprouting your opinion all over exhale but don’t force it down to other peoples necks. Continue critiquing her videos if you desire to do so, we’ll see who’s right and wrong and who has a good conscious after that.
  9. Amen! seriously haven’t found anyone besides the ppl in this forum talk negatively about this. The general public see’s this as strength not as an unstable person. I suggest everyone that has bad reading comprehension to read a book. Just like she said.
  10. I feel like a lot of you guys stopped paying attention to Britney after 2001 & have this idea of her being pure. Britney is a strong woman, we saw glimpses of this side of her every time she was dragged by the media. Her blog posts, how she reacted to paparazzi ******* being d-bags to her. It’s annoying that you guys want to silence her because she’s not what you envisioned. Let her curse! Let her be angry! Let her be mad at her family! She’s not your property.
  11. Capital letter are emphasizing what she’s suing. This is the post with the least emojis. There’s no benefit for team con here, especially after it was rumored that she’ll have more access to her stuff + the internet now.
  12. No. I think you should read the post again. Why would people in the entertainment industry be considered people whom she loves the most? Hmm?
  13. Someone from JL’s camp legit said something to US Weekly regarding the situation. If it was because of that she would be talking about KFed, who just recently had something to say. She is talking about the people she loves the most, the people closest to her. Her family.
  14. I don’t know why we care so much? Every one that wasn’t ever a Britney fan or listen to her kind of music knows about this. I’m at work and my 60 year old coworker knows. Everyone of those celebrities fans know about it already, there’s no exposure needed from them. They can stand in solidarity or not but the world already knows what’s going on.
  15. Stronger, Lucky, Overprotected, and the last 30 secs on I Can’t Get No Satisfaction “No matter what I do, no matter what I say, everywhere I go they say it’s not ok”
  16. It’s not Britney, I remember when this was debunked in old exhale too. I think they used to post here too, but who knows if the person that used to post was actually Britney or this person following along with it. I do believe that that the whole banana Alice started with Britney as well. Who knows, the girl is probably running that 911_secret account on Instagram and messing around with billy b. regarding the Mona Lisa thing, the cloning part had to do with record labels getting female artists and turning them into something like Britney, like the *****cat dolls, etc.
  17. They were still messing around after Cry Me A River. She said that he wanted to get back with her, but then she cut ties some time after his birthday.
  18. Her voice is still on Gaga’s even though it’s heavily filtered.
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