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  1. Omg You are my hero I literally spent hours looking for this. Thank you so much
  2. I’ve been trying to no avail to find this interview so I’m hoping someone here can help me. I actually google searched the old awkward interview thread and it was shared on there but the link is now broken. Anyway I think it was FF era. She was interviewed by a male and it took place in Europe and she was obviously agitated most of the time more so towards the end and I remember him telling her to say “hello Estonia” and she did it but was so monotone and seemed so annoyed she was asked to say it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about ? this was my favorite interview and I would love to find it again
  3. Sorry I was just excited about it ... now if I can just get the flight attendant to recreate toxic
  4. Thanks for sharing this! I knew that he liked the post I hadn’t realized about the caption..... the fact that it had such a strong caption tied to it is even more important. That caption is everything. I hope he read it!
  5. I mean you don’t have to believe me but I didn’t have my phone video recording at the time? I was actually reading this fn thread waiting to go through security
  6. Omg guys I’m at the airport wearing a Britney shirt and someone just yelled #freebritney Im screaming! WE HAVE TO KEEP GOING this is getting bigger than we even realize despite the lack of good media coverage
  7. It’s driving me nuts that I’m seeing stuff like this all over twitter .. But I just checked his social media accounts and haven’t seen him like anything like this nor do I feel like he would. I also saw another one about some celeb saying “**** you” to Lou Taylor which was apparently made as some kind of joke? Posts like this with no receipts make us look very not credible as a fan base overall and will ruin the whole movement.
  8. A photographer who sold personal photos of her that she photographed and her kids to OK magazine during her in 2007. Britney sued her I think?
  9. I feel like Britney fans should put these up everywhere..... or just the #freebritney ones... near the court, around hollywood, Santa Monica etc I mean I doubt they would stay up but could you imagine Judge Brenda saw one walking into court or Brit saw one on her next froyo run i live too far to participate but I’ll be happy to amazon someone ink and printer paper if you promise you’ll do your part
  10. But then there was that video we got of her yelling at everyone during the shoot so I always assumed it was really her who scrapped it
  11. I haven’t heard that. he’s been consistently saying it wasn’t released bc Britney did not like the video
  12. I saw a few hours ago he was dragging her team for ruining the make me video because the direction he was given by them was ****/outrageous/controversial and Britney didn’t end up liking it and he said that was all bc of them poor brit just wanted to be in her cage on this post
  13. So if you go to @soheyheyhey Instagram he posted a video where he was dancing to break the ice -some people were commenting #freebritney on his post which he liked - not sure how significant this is but were desperate for some support at this point He last posted something Britney related to wish her a happy birthday - I feel like a stalker y’all -
  14. This is the image of her FF dancer liking a #freebritney comment i just can’t remember what account posted it - I’m so tired and need to sleep I’ll figure it out tomorrow lol https://imgur.com/a/EcUDXcl
  15. I can’t even remember what account it came from at this point but I shotted it so I will post
  16. i somehow missed this radar online article was it shared here? https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/04/britney-spears-attend-outpatient-treatment-mental-health-center/ Maybe this was the one where you guys caught on that Lynn wasn’t with her ? Anyway it says the “doctors signed off on Britney leaving the health facility”, how voluntary does that sound? Also Sam Lutfi just posted a pic of him and Britney on IG this is so messy and I keep seeing fans say things to him like “hope you guys can work together in the future” and i feel so uneasy. Of course he’s liking all these things posted also one of the femme fatale dancers liked a #freebritney IG post
  17. This was beautifully composed I just have one question. People keep alluding to the fact that multiple psychiatrists have assessed Britney and said she was ok but I haven’t seen that in hard evidence anywhere? Is this just speculation bc we are making it sound like it as fact? I’ve seen no proof but I keep looking
  18. Samuel Ingham was also involved in the case though I remember reading about it https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/sumner-redstone-probate-case-finally-closed-—-after-a-three-year-court-slog/ar-BBSEcAL read the last paragraph Samuel Ingham was appointed as Redstones guardian? https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2018/12/sumner-redstone-new-legal-guardian-britney-spears-lawyer-cbs-viacom-1202521201/amp/
  19. I found this review on a Facebook page for the Catherine Folk Organization. No idea what that is? But this is our guy.... Dr. James Spar, MD, UCLA: If someone finds herself/himself subjected to threats of being declared incapacitated, Spar is the number one spokesperson, expert witness to defend against guardianship. He is an outstanding Psychiatrist who evaluates "capacity" for elders and others being challenged! He will look for capacity as opposed to looking for in incapacity! https://www.estateofdenial.com/2011/04/10/psychiatrist-testifies-in-false-case-of-financial-elder-abuse-suit/ And another one: If anyone near UCLA finds a family member about to be subjected to court incapacity proceedings, Dr. Spar is the go-to expert to have on your side. He does not believe in removing constitutional rights at the drop of a hat the way many others do. And he is an expert that judges listen to. i just don’t get it
  20. I find it interesting that this Dr Spar was also involved in the Redstone case. Wasn’t that one of Samuel’s corrupt cases?? https://www.google.com/amp/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN0YP085 In this article his opposing counsel called him a “paid medical expert” it’s funny how he deems a 95 year old client who hired him who seems by all accounts to have a questionable mindset as capable meanwhile Britney is not. Very strange to me. besides that the only thing we really seem to have that stuck out to me that was weird was that he was involved in some kind of seminar with Judge Goetz and Samuel Ingham
  21. This is the number to leave a tip for the Blast news. We should all call and complain about this article- also if you go to their website they have a section in the upper right corner where you can anonymously send a tip - we should flood it with complaints about this guy https://theblast.com/
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