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  1. I’m pretty sure that they twisted the wording and will prob just play her IG video but it should be going on now?
  2. Did anyone watch the ET special?? I’m the passenger on a road trip right now so I have unlimited time to devote to this thread Rn but can’t watch tv. I’m sure I won’t be missing much but I feel left out
  3. But why would Lynne have kept in touch with Sam? After he drugged her and everything she alleged she saw him do to her daughter. Idk I feel like this email is the most questionable one so far, but if it is real could sort of explain a lot- like why Lynne seems to be supporting posts for #freebritney
  4. I don’t get how he would have had access to an email from Lynne to Jamie it just kind of doesn’t make sense idk guys
  5. I must be the odd man out here bc I loved Chris Crocker at this time I remember buying his leave Britney alone merch and showing his video to whoever would watch it. I felt the same way he did
  6. Lmaooo maybe a couple hundred pages ago but it’s impossible to keep up with this thread
  7. I’m honestly surprised we don’t have a fan crazy enough to get admitted to this facility yet to get the inside scoop maybe that will be in the near future
  8. I think fans should go to the next court hearing (May 10) Hopefully the motion is to support Brit getting out of the Cship and I think if the people from the protest went back it could raise a lot of awareness to what is going on I just hope our girl is freed soon
  9. Let’s find Dr Lillian Glass SIS we need your help on another note this thread is almost 700 pages
  10. all I have to say is WOW. Think about it for a second. we've been fed so many reasons why Britney is in the facility I cannot even keep up anymore but as a nurse who works with patients the #1 thing that they try to avoid with hospitalized patients is stressors. There is no way if Britney was in a facility dealing with mental health issues that her doctors and the people overseeing her there would allow her to find out about DEATH THREATS that were made to her family during this time. I call total BS on that statement.
  11. There is no way this isn’t a setup as Britney herself has stated that she hasn’t been able to use a main entrance to a hotel in years in her own documentary now all the sudden here she is. It’s all VERY suspect
  12. I go back and forth from thinking we almost have this all figured out (which would be completely scary) to we’re all completely out of our minds maybe there’s a little bit of truth to both. I really wish a celebrity would jump on our movement like Miley, Madonna or Ellen it would help raise so much awareness
  13. This I’m also a nurse and have never understood how this has gone on for so long. I agree with you 100% on this. It’s tragic how she will never get that time back.
  14. 100% this. As a nurse who work with mentally ill patients all the time why should this not be her choice just because she is a public figure? Absolutely disgraceful treatment of a human being
  15. For me it was the Circus tour. After all she had been through I honestly never expected to see her in concert again, and never imagined how soon it would happen. I went 3 times and had to stop myself from going more I was just so proud at the time
  16. That’s def Jamie. Brit plz cover your food it’s just sitting on the floor open like that she looks great though
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