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  1. IDK. That post was a lot. But remember back to a week ago when that post went up that tagged Britneys Gram and no one could make ANY sense of it other than that it must be Cassie trying to find a way to make us believe that Britney really has control of her social media? NOW, I don't know exactly what the narrative is here, but  according to all these comments on this thread and on the post I do believe they are doing a hell of a good job getting everyone to believe that now. I don't buy it

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  2. Quote

    In this intimate memoir, actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears tells her unfiltered story on her own terms about being a child'star, becoming a teen mom, the years she stepped away from the spotlight, the terrifying ATV accident that threatened her daughter's life, and discovering the most important elements of life: love and family. 

    Southern Roots will reveal the details behind Jamie Lynn’s highest and lowest moments. She shares never-before-heard stories that are at times funny, inspiring, messy, and uncomfortable. Like having her mom’s credit card declined at Limited Too when her sister was on the radio. How it feels to have inspired 16 and Pregnant with her own life story. Why her daughter’s ATV accident caused her to reevaluate and redirect her life. And why her family is just like any other family. 

    The world met Jamie Lynn as a child'star, when it was her job to perform, both on set and for the press. She spent years escaping into different characters—on All That!Zoey 101 and even in the role of Britney’s kid sister. Pretending to be other people was easy, but when she decided to start a music career in Nashville, she realized she could no longer hide behind the characters she played. Soon, the real Jamie Lynn started to take center stage – a raw, blemished, and imperfect woman, standing in her own power.  Just Jamie Lynn – wife, momma, sister, daughter, actress and musician doing the best she can to show up for herself and teaching her daughters to have the courage to love every part of themselves too.  

    Jamie Lynn, at her core, is down to Earth.  She wants to use her experiences in the “the family business” to help young women everywhere see the unique power and strength that comes from believing in themselves, taking risks, learning from their relationships, and embracing a not-always-so-perfect journey.

    What’s with the line she wants to use her experiences in. “The family business” omgggg this is what Bryan referred to Britney as 

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  3. This is too weird


    I don’t believe Britney tagged @britneysgram or has access to her social media account. They are trying to divide the movement or throw us off. We’ve already seen @freebritneylive and now @lawyersforbritney on Instagram is also saying that @britneysgram is team con. We know this isn’t true but they are trying to control the narrative and make us believe this.


    honestly I’m just baffled lol 

    today has been a lot to process


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  4. Wow this whole topic makes so much sense honestly. I have followed this forever and I remember reading Lynnes book right after it was released and what she wrote about Lutfi seemed so shocking but felt like something was missing and that parts were untrue. Like if he was really crushing up her meds he would do it right in front of her mother??? Who in their right mind would do that if they did not want to get caught. And I know when I saw those “leaked” text messages the other day between Lutfi and Lynne they just seemed so fake to me. Like something about them wasn’t right……. It would explain it if it was all a setup to begin with. It also makes sense that he has been involved with other celebrities around the time conservatorships have become an issue. And the fact that he met her mother first and then mysteriously “met” Britney at a club? And the whole piece where he met her assistant and said he was working for KFed…. I remember hearing that as well. There is definitely more to Sam Lutfi role in this than we know. I really hope this gets investigated further. Honestly  nothing would surprise me. Hollywood is a very dark place and you can pay anyone to do anything. This was GREAT work by the way! Very interesting and very good insight and I will be following this thread. 

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