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  1. I can’t even Focus on work or sleep a proper amount of time because I’m too worried about what I’m going to miss
  2. I was following her until recently and now all the sudden I was removed! Like how did she know?!
  3. IDK. That post was a lot. But remember back to a week ago when that post went up that tagged Britneys Gram and no one could make ANY sense of it other than that it must be Cassie trying to find a way to make us believe that Britney really has control of her social media? NOW, I don't know exactly what the narrative is here, but according to all these comments on this thread and on the post I do believe they are doing a hell of a good job getting everyone to believe that now. I don't buy it
  4. it's so weird because I was definitely following her on my Instagram page (not free Britney related and I've never said anything or interacted with her) and she has 31.9k followers and all the sudden I was removed and I can't see her posts on a side note..........she has inner peace??? how?
  5. I love to see it I remember going to get Sketchers after Britney did the campaign with them
  6. It’s amazing how many rally’s there are tomorrow! All over the world! Who is going to one? And where? I will be at NYC rally although I really wish I could be at the LA one
  7. What’s with the line she wants to use her experiences in. “The family business” omgggg this is what Bryan referred to Britney as
  8. It just hit me, I remember quite a few members here posted that they had given Brit gifts during meet&greets (t-shirts, jewelry, etc) and she had been seen out wearing them. I guess I was just always kind of surprised seeing her wear stuff given to her by fans - I mean it’s not something you see major celebrities doing. Now realizing all she was going through, and how everyone around her had her pretty much completely isolated and were mean to her, I’m just thinking about how those little things must have meant so much to her with all she was going through The Britney Army are literal angels. Especially now knowing her budget constraints damn sis was probably happier than we all realized to get some free stuff
  9. I think I figured out the punchline…. Guys I think Samuel Ingham is going to say he has had to lie for the past 13 years because of DEATH THREATS from Jamie and Lou
  10. We could probably ask Billy B he will tell us the truth
  11. This is too weird I don’t believe Britney tagged @britneysgram or has access to her social media account. They are trying to divide the movement or throw us off. We’ve already seen @freebritneylive and now @lawyersforbritney on Instagram is also saying that @britneysgram is team con. We know this isn’t true but they are trying to control the narrative and make us believe this. honestly I’m just baffled lol today has been a lot to process
  12. Wow this whole topic makes so much sense honestly. I have followed this forever and I remember reading Lynnes book right after it was released and what she wrote about Lutfi seemed so shocking but felt like something was missing and that parts were untrue. Like if he was really crushing up her meds he would do it right in front of her mother??? Who in their right mind would do that if they did not want to get caught. And I know when I saw those “leaked” text messages the other day between Lutfi and Lynne they just seemed so fake to me. Like something about them wasn’t right……. It would explain it if it was all a setup to begin with. It also makes sense that he has been involved with other celebrities around the time conservatorships have become an issue. And the fact that he met her mother first and then mysteriously “met” Britney at a club? And the whole piece where he met her assistant and said he was working for KFed…. I remember hearing that as well. There is definitely more to Sam Lutfi role in this than we know. I really hope this gets investigated further. Honestly nothing would surprise me. Hollywood is a very dark place and you can pay anyone to do anything. This was GREAT work by the way! Very interesting and very good insight and I will be following this thread.
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-list-army-set-24468412 I know the mirror is known to be unreliable but I pray there is some sort of truth to this
  14. Forgive me for being lost but where can we watch this ? Will it be on Instagram ?
  15. I feel like she’s trying to tell us her pap pics are setup and everything out there about her is fake news Britney is part of free Britney the conspiracy theory
  16. But we literally questioned every paparazzi pic surrounding her (as in being set up) and every recent news story (as in being paid) so what is she talking about
  17. Who would have thunk makes more sense than who would have think lol girl was using slang she didn’t make a mistake anyway i live for this post, also the snake
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