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  1. I've seen people mentioning that she is slowly but surely taking control over her own life, due to 3 Instagram posts and a picture of her getting frappucino
  2. Nothing has changed legally. She still doesn't have any access to her cash, credit card, passeport. Jamie Spears is still in charge of her finances, Jodi Montgomery is still her conservator of the person: she said she would like to sue both of them a month ago. As far as we know, she is not getting her life back yet. It's way too soon to think that she is. #FreeBritney
  3. Exactly. Britney is smart, if he is her handler as suspected by many of us, she will get rid of him. If she choose to still have him by his side after all of this, we'll support her decision.
  4. Have y'all seen that she tagged @badassboz, Netflix's head of marketing ? Is Lou up to something ?
  5. Of course babes, I trust you both so I am forwarding the message. Tonight's the only night of the week I am busy so I won't be on exhale for once lmao, I will respond to y'all PMs late at night or tomorrow
  6. I am forwarding my message to y'all. Please don't judge me, this is just speculation.
  7. I have a theory on this but it ain't pretty.
  8. We all have to ignore those members tbh, ultimately the majority of us do not agree with this kind of concerning comments. You made an interesting remark about optimism, I've said in the other infamous thread that the reality might be too dark so people chose to believe in a more comforting view of the situation to protect themselves. But this is the real world and, it is a dark place. Britney's cship story is dark, her testimony alone proved that. I am not one who put rose-tinted glasses, and my personal story made me a pessimistic person to be honest, but I understand why some might chose to view this in a more positive light
  9. Once it's confirmed that she is fine with this post, we will all support it. We are not judging her. I am more than happy that she has regained control over her own precious body if that's the case. She has long deserved it Everybody's here for her doing what she wants to do, but unfortunately she is under a restrictive and strictly monitored conservatorship as we speak. Let's not ignore that...
  10. I hope she's behind this. This is basically public R¨PE if she isn't
  11. Zack Snyder's Justice League is the best superhero movie of all time. Period
  12. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse is the second most important hashtag after #FreeBritney
  13. Not "Britney" being a DC fan now, when she said that her and her sons have watched that new "Superwoman" movie when Wonder Woman hit theaters in 2017
  14. Whether that's her or not, whoever post on her IG is definitely having a lot of fun messing with us !
  15. Mte homegurl didn't even have any access to haidressers and stuff back when she filmed this so let's give her a break
  16. By the look of this post I thought I was in the tarot reading thread for a sec
  17. Is everybody backtracking and going back into thinking that she doesn't control her IG ? Does the fanbase will finally get along on this like we did two weeks ago ? Is Lou going to jail ? Discuss
  18. Wow you're the lyricist Britney should hire if she ever makes music again. Justin Tranter is over, all hail @LordofTheMoodRing
  19. This is absolutely true. Once she is really free, we have to let her date whoever she wants to date and we have to accept that she might not be doing any music ever again. It will be on her own terms, and we will stand behind her Let's not make the same mistakes again.
  20. These days are pretty rough for all of us, due to the current pandemic and the #FreeBritney movement. Both are consuming and depressing, and we all share different ideas on those, but it doesn't have to be all black or white. In this time and age, everyone's so agressive with people who shares different views than them. It's sad, but I think we don't want to ruin what makes the beauty of the #FreeBritney movement: a devoted group of fans doing their best to liberate their fave from opression and patriarchy.
  21. Guys I really wanted to remind everyone that, at the end of the day, we all love Britney and we all want her free. The fanbase is getting too divided lately and it hurts me to see how everything's going between us. Unity is what lead us to the #FreeBritney movement. It's fine to have different point of views, we can agree to disagree, but we should stop calling each other names, or accusing others to be "dumbs", "clowns" or to be "like Jamie". Keep it respectful, everybody makes mistakes and constructive criticism can help others to improve. Don't forget that we all have the same goal: freeing Britney ! B-ARMY ASSEMBLE
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