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  1. It's fun and all but I can't listen to it like I listen to everything else
  2. I love both songs, just over them, but the song I never really liked is Oops I Did It Again
  3. I am over Toxic too, people ALWAYS play that song when I say I am a Britney fan. That or BOMT. It got me tired of both, just like you. One day a friend of mine who's not really into the Queen told me she would play her fave of song of hers... My Prerogative ! I was relieved
  4. They framed Britney together, this is what me and some other members think. Some goes as far as thinking that Lynne Spears introduced Sam L. to Britney. Oddly enough, he was pictured with Miley and Adam Leber in 2014. Adam hanging out with his someone his protégé has a restraining order against. How f'ed up is that. Take a look at these threads: https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/789236-are-sam-lutfi-and-lou-taylor-connected/ https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/790840-was-sam-lutfi-hired-by-team-con/
  5. You are right. Jodi can save face as much as she wants we know she's rotten to the core.
  6. We always give him the benefit of the doubt He's been shady in the past and this is something there's no doubt about. I wonder how the fanbase would act if he wasn't physically attractive.
  7. All these cars... In 2008 he sold all of Britney's to "save" her estate. I guess he will have to do the same later this year to save his own
  8. The day after you exposed all of us, let's reward you with a fancy and lavish vacation in Hawaii
  9. Can't wait for James to go back being a chef next october... at his local Burger King
  10. I am expecting a new post after today's hearing.
  11. Also that Rubin guy can probably testify that Britney is totally capable of handling her own finances. Andrew Wallet did the opposite IIRC.
  12. I don't know much but I think if she wants to get rid of Jamie, she can't end it altogether she needs to get someone else on board.
  13. I don't know much about Kanye, I only care about Britney in the industry, but does he really deserves to be in a cship ? Cship are not meant for unstable people, it's meant for incapacitated elders or comatose patients.
  14. I think she is trying to scare us. The trailer needs to drop soon, I hate ******* waiting !
  15. Exactly, I listened to her testimony again this week end and I wish people would too. It's been only a month but the focus has shifted back to her Instagram (I know I took part into it too). Now that the excitement for these last IG posts is gone, let's go back to what we do best: put pressure on Team Con and inform the public on what's really going on. All I hope is that they won't try to put attention on other stuffs, they have been caught doing so in the past.
  16. Can't wait to go back into the standard and harmless fights like what is her best lead single ? And why it is Gimme More ?
  17. When she will be free, there will be no party pooper like me to ruin those moments Can't wait for the upcoming slayage, I know she will END LIVES
  18. This 100%. There were also pictures of her driving a few months before the testimony. As you said, we have to stay vigilant. We will have plenty of time to enjoy this kind of content when we have some confirmation from the court docs or when she will be really free. Until then... #FreeBritney
  19. It's good seeing her out and about with the perception of her having some autonomy but to my knowledge her situation is the same as it was before her testimony. It's hard for me to get excited after this haunting testimony, knowing that she's still under the same restrictions to this day.
  20. Her recent posts and paparazzi pictures have fooled some people into thinking that her situation has changed. It hasn't.
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