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  1. I get a throwback to 2015 with the "Blue or gold dress" situation: Is the VMA outfit green or yellow ? I should make a poll
  2. But the problem here is that so many people think she is getting her freedom back and gaining control over her own body. Some have even thorized that she has taken out her IUD because of the naked posts... Their narrative is changing, now they don't want us to believe she is crazy, they want us to believe she is free when she is not.
  3. Remember when TMZ broke a story last time ? That's how true it is
  4. They are pulling the same **** with her Instagram - allegedly -. It's all smoke and mirrors, they want us to believe this or that and still control the narrative in their favor. We have to be precautious with everything coming from "her" so-called team.
  5. 100% agree with you. In this time and age, there is no grey area, it's either black or white.
  6. PoM in 2017 and PoM tour in 2018, sadly she reminded me of someone who suffers of PTSD (all the ticks and stressed out mannerisms). At that point, her career felt like a cash grab, their only focus was the dollar signs, they did lucrative deals after lucrative deals, their was no passion, no budget, her handlers main concern was "how can we get more money from her" and Britney looked like she didn't have any say at all. She was going through the motions I refused to attend PoM tour for these reasons.
  7. You are literally attacking other members for no reason. You are clearly pressed af, so relax, take a deep breath, take a walk and refrain from coming for other people who did nothing wrong except disagreeing with you. I am out now
  8. @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN the whole IG debate shouldn't affect you this much, I took a step back and I suggest you to do the same. No one here is Britney's enemy. We all want her to express herself, and we all hope that she is behind her IG posts. The fights about her IG are getting old, let's move on
  9. If I said I couldn't care less about your hatred, would you hold it against me ?
  10. Mte, @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN, chill girl. Instead of coming for everyone who disagrees with you take a Xanax, get a massage or something.
  11. She is supposed to be unbiased and professionnal. Gays on twitter shouldn't affect her judgment.
  12. Do y'all remember that she ******* guest starred in a scripted TV series on HBO ? Who does that ? So unprofressional, she is a judge she shouldn't be pursuing any acting career.
  13. It's something we, WB fans, used to say a lot on exhale back in 2014/2015. Too lazy to look for receipts
  14. Just realised that WB sold 2M... worldwide
  15. How can you regret not attending POM tour when she said she was forced to do it ? You should be happy you didn't support your fave's enslavement tbh.
  16. Girl, book a flight, take a kayak, some international fans like me had to do +10.000 miles to attend POM and we didn't complain.
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