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  1. I didn't know that regular cards like those could be used for tarot reading
  2. The most logical answer: Team Con is fooling around and messing with us using this Instagram account. Nothing new
  3. This girl's been to hell and back and here she is standing on her own feet. Homegirl ain't going anywhere
  4. He spoke out once. He said that Cassie Petrey is a nice girl or some ****
  5. My thoughts exactly, both Bloomberg and Collider confirmed that a doc was in the works, and they are very serious sources. Also, as user @ROL reminded me, Netflix was blocked from filming Britney's testimony in june: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/britney-spears-netflix-documentary-bosses-24253865 There's court docs proving this somewhere, but I can't find those right now.
  6. If this thread doesn't turn into a Bad Gyal stan thread I will riot
  7. Drama shouldn't be front and center in the movement... But I am still interested in knowing what BJ means with Kevin, Leanne and Meg
  8. Omg, we are in for another fallout sistrens:
  9. I want you to delete that comment, you falsely accused me. This is defamation and I kindly ask you to issue a public apology or you will soon receive a cease and desist Coram Deo, - Roger
  10. The fanbase has always been a mess, it was a matter of time before we started turning on each other. I think we should be more accepting of other people POV, but we also shouldn't fall for team con's cheap tactics to add fuel to the fire (her IG, the so called "death threats", TMZ lies...). I want to believe we'll get through this
  11. A bit more info: - The guardianship/conservatorship episode of the Dirty Money series has been deleted from Netflix due to a guardian/conservator suing for defamation: https://eu.milforddailynews.com/story/news/courts/2020/09/27/defamation-lawsuit-against-netflix-linked-to-dirty-money-episode-guardians-inc-which-has-massachuset/42697355/ - I asked celebrity insider @deuxmoi on IG if they have any tea on the Netflix doc and unfortunately they don't know anything
  12. Aww thanks for the award, I have been following this very closely as I was hopeful it would open the GP's eyes on what was really happening with the c-ship. But the Queen didn't need any doc, she expressed her truth herself and they joined the movement naturally
  13. Dina Lapolt is part of Team Con, she is the one sitting next to Judas Lou on this picture: She was also pictured hanging out with the whole shark gang at The Zone but I can't find the picture at the moment. Here she is pictured with Larry and Jamie: She is one of TriStar's Lawyers. She has ties with many politicians and her wife used to be one of RCA's VP until a couple of years ago: https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/pride/8460746/lgbtq-music-industry-executive-experience-dina-lapolt-wendy-goodman
  14. I want to remain positive for once Her testimony probably changed their plans, but the movement is bigger than it ever was, so I think Netflix still wants to jump on the bandwagon. Wasn't it reported that they were filming some of the rallies ?
  15. In February, after the success of Framing Britney Spears, Bloomberg reported that Netflix greenlit a Britney Spears documentary, directed by True Crime expert Erin Lee Carr: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-14/netflix-is-working-on-its-own-documentary-about-britney-spears Erin directed an episode of the Dirty Money docu series, available on Netflix. Dirty Money also tackled conservatorship abuse in one of their other episode, Guardians INC. It's interesting to note that the guardianship/conservatorship episode has been taken down of Netflix due to a defamation lawsuit: https://eu.milforddailynews.com/story/news/courts/2020/09/27/defamation-lawsuit-against-netflix-linked-to-dirty-money-episode-guardians-inc-which-has-massachuset/42697355/ When asked about her next project, this is what Erin Lee Carr said mid-june: Right after Britney's testimony on June 23rd, she tweeted this: I think it's safe to assume the doc is coming at some point. What scares me is that Loucifer posted "I am God" in her Instagram story a couple of weeks ago and she tagged Netflix's head of marketing, Bozoma Saint-Jones (@badassboz) on the post: Marketing shouldn't have a say on the content, but It wasn't the first time Lou tagged them on IG, she posted a picture of them kissing each other earlier this year. In my opinion, she insists on letting us know she has ties with them.
  16. On a more serious note, the fanbase has trust issues. We've been fed lies for more than a decade so it's not as unhealthy as some say to doubt anything coming from "her" camp. Not everything is a conspiracy but no one can blame us for not believing that one time make up artist or doubting her new lawyer when her former has been a turd. What I think we should do is ignoring Prentice and Jamie Lynn. They are starving for attention. We should keep on digging and question everything and everyone though. Remember when some of the Army members were trusting Lawyers for Britney and praised Kingham ? Look how it backfired.
  17. Britney's Instagram account currently has 33,3M followers, and 333 x 2 = 666... Is it confirmation that Lou is behind that account ? Discuss
  18. Girl I am rofl I can't get over it, the tables have turned you are the conspiracy theorist here. I never got you suspended
  19. Lmao what ? I never reported you nor I contacted the mods about you, why do you say that was me ?
  20. The Weeknd will be her special guest to debut their upcoming single Lemon Tart
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