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  1. 32 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

    Just updated the OP. It's not true guys ;]


    Are you confirming that her former management is still in place ? Is Crowdsurf still managing her socials ? 

    Please share more with your fellow exhalers, I bet you know a lot and we are dying to know what's going on behind the scenes :anxiety_pill_struggle_panic_ahh_bottle_Wendy_williams_shake_shaking:

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  2. 41 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

    Low-key MTE. I actually hope Britney just takes this time to record music (whether it ever gets released or not, just sing and write would be awesome), exercise, record her fashion videos, continue writing her IG captions, travel, hang with Sam and her kids, just stay away from the business for a while. 

    Since you were in touch with Cassie and Jeff not so long ago, do you know if they are still part of her management team at this point ? 

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  3. 26 minutes ago, canyouhandlemytruth said:

    All of y’all acting like this conservatorship could’ve just been removed if Cade did something earlier… “he should’ve called the police”??

    Even fans saw a glimpse of what was going on since the very beginning, and if they called the police, you know what would have happened? Jack.

    Stop blaming the few people Britney can trust in her close circle and trust her judgement 

    Except fans didn't earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from this abusive arrangement. I remember a time where some users on here didn't want others to question Larry Rudolph, Cassie Petrey, Robin Greenhill... History repeats itself.

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  4. 17 hours ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

    It's incredibly presumptuous to assume you know everything about the situation. The only time Britney was photographed out and about having fun was either with a boyfriend, her kids, Cade, and her friend Strawberry. We don't know if Britney wanted Cade to be quiet so she wouldn't lose a friend who actually kept in her touch with other celebrities while working behind the scenes to help her out.  

    Don't even come up with excuses, in my honest opinion. Britney was a victim of psychological and allegedly physical abuse, if he was truly her friend he would risk the friendship instead of benefitting from the situation. I wonder how you would react if an employee or a friend of yours was abused. You would keep it quiet for 10 years ? If you would, it tells me all I need to know about you and others feeding that narrative.

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  5. 36 minutes ago, pablitonizer said:

    Britney attended the book reading in NYC 2018 with Sam so she's fully aware of it https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-responded-well-to-reading-of-musical-featuring-her-songs/

    The musical does not have her name on it, it only says "Songs perfomed and recorded by Britney Spears" - The musical's name is "Once upon a one more time" 

    I'm not sure you're aware there other 2 musicals using Britney's music: "Moulin Rouge" which uses TOXIC and "&Juliet" which uses baby one more time, I'm not a girl, overprotected, Oops! - Are they cancelled? Not at all because they pay for royalties to use Britney's music 


    I hope this clarifies the confusion going around here 

    Britney headlined Piece of Me tour yet she didn't want to do it. She's as much behind this musical as she was behind Britney Jean.

  6. 7 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    but you talk as if everyone knew and understood perfectly what the conservatorship was, the extent of it, and the powers Jamie had or didn't have over Britney. For everything we've heard so far, the overall rule working with Britney was "don't ask, don't tell". People act as if their NDA's said "hey, we're gonna be constantly abusing Britney in front of you, and doing things that are not allowed by the conservatorship, but you can't say a thing, do you agree?" and everyone signed with a grin in their face and dollar signs in their eyes.

    Without Britney's testimony or actual evidence, there was nothing they could do. What did you want them to tell the police "oh, they tried to put us against each other during the Circus Tour" or "her assistant didn't allow her to buy sushi"? Like, really, what were they supposed to do with that? The minimum attempt of something like this, either telling the police or the media, not only wouldn't have worked at all, but would've made team con put these very few people away from Britney's life, and she would've been more isolated than she was.

    Heck, we did have testimonies like that guy that said she didn't have money to buy flowers, and what happened with that? Nothing.


    As I always say, for us is very easy to judge the situation from the outside, years later, now that we know everything that we do, and be like, "I would've done this and that" but you don't know. You have to put in their shoes and understand their context. You're hired to work with someone, without any explanation other than her father has all the control over her decisions because a court approved it. Who's gonna question it? And even if they do question it, you must be convinced there's nothing you can do to change that situation, if a judge had already given all the power to her father. You see she's surrounded by that kind of people like Robin. What do you do? Again, you're convinced there's nothing to be done, and if you go away you know she's gonna be left alone with those snakes. Wouldn't you want to stay by her side too and at least try to make her life less miserable, even if that means complying with her handlers' rules? Maybe a lot of them didn't even put 2 and 2 together, and they really ate up that narrative we've all been fed for years that there was an underlying, unknown, impossible to explain reason for Britney to be under the conservatorship.

    So unless we hear from Britney that this and that person knew what was going on AND knew they could do something, but didn't, I think it's unfair to judge people, and so far, the only one that Britney's complained about is her direct family and management. 

    Cade IS her management. 

  7. This should be featured @Jordan Millerthis is very serious hate and everyone need to know that the B-Army condone this, it could cause confusion since Maxi talks about Britney every single day, goes to rally etc.

    Also it's been revealed a few days ago that Britney was Friend with a trans woman when she was held against her will she is a LGBTQIA+ ally she would not support this hate 



  8. 1 minute ago, JP9101 said:

    No hun we are not controlling 

    It's just an opinion 

    I think is a bad move from Britney, not everyone is fan and gp perception could play an important role in this... It's more like a advice  from a friend :gimmemoar_britney_hat_more_gimme_giggle_haha_hehe_lol_2007_vmas_lmao:


    Her iCloud is mirrored with a direct access to her private pictures but some people dont even want to think about the possibility that Team Con is behind this. Havent you all watched Controlling BS or what ? :wtfdidusay_wth_what_huh_again_who_confused_looking_around:

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  9. 1 hour ago, Phonography423 said:

    This fan base doesn’t like ANYONE that she dates. People were saying Jason was in cahoots with team con as well. Some people still complain about Sam even tho this has been her most relationship in ages. People will act like they want her free to make her own decisions but will turn around and tell her who to date and act like her management team. 

    Jason was allegedly introduced to her through Bryan and the guy wanted to have full control over his wife's life and affairs. In the '10s. Why would anyone support him ?:slowdown_down_cardib_b_cardi_um_fast_confused_what_stare:

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