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  1. Are you confirming that her former management is still in place ? Is Crowdsurf still managing her socials ? Please share more with your fellow exhalers, I bet you know a lot and we are dying to know what's going on behind the scenes
  2. Since you were in touch with Cassie and Jeff not so long ago, do you know if they are still part of her management team at this point ?
  3. As long as she is not signed with Bobby Campbell, I will be relieved. He has ties with Lou Taylor. Even if "everyone knows everyone in Hollywood", I won't sleep well knowing her new manager has had dinners with Lou Taylor and Jamie.
  4. Except fans didn't earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from this abusive arrangement. I remember a time where some users on here didn't want others to question Larry Rudolph, Cassie Petrey, Robin Greenhill... History repeats itself.
  5. Don't even come up with excuses, in my honest opinion. Britney was a victim of psychological and allegedly physical abuse, if he was truly her friend he would risk the friendship instead of benefitting from the situation. I wonder how you would react if an employee or a friend of yours was abused. You would keep it quiet for 10 years ? If you would, it tells me all I need to know about you and others feeding that narrative.
  6. Still waiting for Zabel and Rosengart to move forward. So far it feels like not much has changed when it comes to her management, contracts, social media etc., so I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. Britney headlined Piece of Me tour yet she didn't want to do it. She's as much behind this musical as she was behind Britney Jean.
  8. Team Con is still milking their cash cow. Even if the cship is terminated on Nov. 12th they will still earn money because of previous deals, this is why we have to be cautious and not rejoice too early. Beware, Team Con is still hard at work.
  9. They are. Every person who endorsed or approved of the "she is doing amazing" narrative for years is complicit. If it wasn't for the #FreeBritney movement, Britney would still be in this forever.
  10. I am still on the fence about Cade.. He was complicit and witnessed abuse for +10 years and did nothing.
  11. This should be featured @Jordan Millerthis is very serious hate and everyone need to know that the B-Army condone this, it could cause confusion since Maxi talks about Britney every single day, goes to rally etc. Also it's been revealed a few days ago that Britney was Friend with a trans woman when she was held against her will she is a LGBTQIA+ ally she would not support this hate #ExhaleAgainstTransphobia
  12. For months this fanbase has trusted this LGBTQIA+ enemy but he is showing his true colors. Maxi posted this IG story and quickly deleted : #BArmyAgainstTransphobia
  13. Her iCloud is mirrored with a direct access to her private pictures but some people dont even want to think about the possibility that Team Con is behind this. Havent you all watched Controlling BS or what ?
  14. I beg the Army to keep on fighting for her. The war is far from over. #FreeBritney
  15. Isn't it a little soon for this ? I hope y'all don't expect B10 to drop on December 2nd
  16. Jason was allegedly introduced to her through Bryan and the guy wanted to have full control over his wife's life and affairs. In the '10s. Why would anyone support him ?
  17. In before some accounts come to her defense like it's their job to protect team con
  18. I love how some people were so eager to defend Cade on this board not so long ago. Sometimes it feels like we have been infiltrated
  19. This Instagram account didn't post any selfie for a while when they used to before they held her against her will. It's worth noting
  20. Because he was team con's new spokerperson when Britney was held against her will. Since then, a part of the fanbase can't trust him: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
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