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  1. Or Britney is taking the ship HOME. BRITNEY'S beach home. And JL will be kicked tf out!
  2. The Grand Prix show too where's she's trembling and crying at end unable to believe it's all over
  3. I don't think we'll see it soon but it was obvious to me what Fe was saying without saying in Netflix doc when asked if Britney loves performing, is that Britney still loves performing but doing it on her terms and when she wants to, not being forced to perform.
  4. It was the main banner in UK this morning when I signed it. It only went live at 8AM here. I'm sure it'll get there as the day/evening goes on.
  5. I'm glad Jordan mentioned being held against her will in facility. Although they had Kaplan(?) implying that wasn't true. Disappointing that at the end of the documentary when they were playing Britney's court statement they didn't include her confirming it as true with her own mouth.
  6. It was tastefully done and portrayed Britney in a positive light throughout. Thankfully Lou had plenty of airtime. I just don't think with everything they knew and had access to a couple of minutes on SJB and the $600 mil moved to Stonebridge Panama would be too much to ask for... Don't know why these journalists aren't mentioning the obvious in that the basic maths of the figures team con are throwing out don't add up. At least Rosengart is on it. Controlling Britney was more explosive but this one still good and will be great for public pressure/GP support.
  7. I'm not sure it is him. There was an old thread about the voicemail voice giving another interview somewhere else a few years ago. I don't know how he would have got away with that working with black box/remained employed after. Not sure if anyone can link to old thread/vid? Would need to compare all three to be sure.
  8. She wasn't manic. These are people who have locked her up, drugged her, threatened her, isolated her for the last 13 years. She was probably scared af of what repercussions she might face. She was lucid and clearly of sound enough mind not to even need a conservatorship. I've been Free Britney from the start of the cship. My old account went with all the old threads but any time any one would ask on here why she doesn't perform like she used to there would be posts about her knee, her meds, and I'd always say cship. She told us herself in FTR and enough leaked out over the years. As things turned out it was worse than I even imagined. My main fear is her not getting her $600 mil back and Lewww M T getting away with her part in it all. I still don't know WHY the feds haven't raided TriStar offices yet.
  9. I don't understand. WTF. How does she have to beg Jody for names? Is she that isolated and cut off from the world by team con? She managed to meet with Adam way back then, now she seemingly can't even Google? And where is Sam? Can he not let her use his phone or help her with her search?
  10. There are the Stonebridge docs listing Lewwww and the docs registering Stonebridge Panama. There are a few Google drives floating about. There are also articles about JLS making the request to the court. I'm working atm but will try post links later. Also anyone reading that maybe can't answer those questions but are happy to submit a tip once we have something drafted... It would be cool if you could let me know in the thread.
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