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  1. Nobody is disputing the fact that he was probably vetted by Team CON before he was able to see Britney tho And if Sam turns out to be a user, well, that sucks, but it’s ultimately up to Britney’s discretion and I think she should have the ability to make mistakes with men like the rest of us. But 100,000%: Sam is not Team CON.
  2. Ok, right? How exactly is he Team CON if he’s actively supporting FreeBritney? How are these Sam haters arriving to this conclusion? “He’s Team CON cause he came into Britney’s life during the conservatorship and there’s something sinister about that and he’s being used to keep her in the cship, and he supports FreeBritney to throw fans off the trail!” The mental gymnastics is frightening. These Sam haters have Britney’s best interest at heart but it’s truly obsessive and weird at this point. Let Britney choose her man lol
  3. Lol. You know exactly what I mean. Britney apparently hasn’t seen her father in a year and I’m sure it’s the same—probably longer—with Robin as well. They are engaged babe. Drafting a prenup and everything. Everything you point out in OP is REACHING to the stars to show an example of an ulterior motive from Sam.
  4. Have faith in Britney’s ability to choose her the people she surrounds herself with. If you can’t do that, are you really better *that much* better than the people who have used her “susceptibility to undue influence” as a reason to keep her in this for as long as they have? I don’t want to hear the tired “we were lied to all these years so we can be skeptical”—of course you can—but there is very little reason to when they are quite literally ENGAGED and termination of this godforsaken conservatorship is on the horizon. BRITNEY chose him. SHE kept him close after all these years. She is likely going to fire everyone on her team after this is all over, and SHE will stay with him.
  5. What mental gymnastics did you do to come up with such an awful take that blames her children for responsibilities they don’t and shouldn’t have AND hold them to the impossible standard of Britney at her peak (which btw is totally irrelevant)? Her children are NONE of our business.
  6. 19, stan for almost 10(? Or 9) years
  7. Apparently the leaked version we have was messed with (I think they put a slight autotune over the entire song?) I believe this was a snippet leaked by iLeaks who was selling the song at the time. As you can hear, it’s a lot clearer than the full version we have In conclusion: it exists, but hasn’t been circulated for 11 years
  8. I pray that one day you’ll find another insult and grow into the creativity that we all have in ourselves.
  9. You’re too far gone. No point in arguing with someone unable to cede that Britney has her moments like everyone else.
  10. You don’t know Britney either Of course she’s not intentionally harming her pets. But it doesn’t sound like she’s a good pet owner if she’s feeding dogs with special diets table scraps and not putting out water for them. I don’t believe being a forgetful or even BAD pet owner makes you a bad person. Or even having the impulsion to knock the phone out of someone’s hand when they’re accusing you of neglect in your own home. Britney is not a bad person. [removed]
  11. I don’t doubt that this is true. Britney Spears is not infallible, guys. However, it really disheartens me to KNOW that this will be used against her with the conservatorship and maybe even her custody. I think she got mad that she was left in the dark regarding HER dogs. I understand why she acted the way she did. ”Battery,” however, seems like a reach. Absolutely no need for charges.
  12. I am so excited to see her get justice.
  13. Those tapes are real! They were being sold by Britney’s first boyfriend. it’s how we have the song Let Me Take You There and the Full Force demo for You Got It All. Someone just retitled Whitney’s songs.
  14. I don’t think you can petition for a new judge? Judge Penny would have to recuse herself, but that’s on her own discretion. [spoiler]My knowledge of this is limited to Law and Order btw lol[/spoiler]
  15. This is Bridie Heaton. She used to make fake Britney demos a lot like ten years ago The lyrics to Abroad and Take The Bait leaked before the song itself leaked and she made demos to it Its fake
  16. Tea. I wish they kept her as a bonus remix cause both versions are perfect in their own way tbh
  17. I totally thought this was weird when it aired. That was when I was like eleven and didn’t know anything about the conservatorship and thought it was just something to do with her record label lol. Like…why is a 31 year-old treated like a child? But nobody else said anything so I just assumed it was something normal. Lol.
  18. I’m the interview where she played Mona Lisa she said it was half way done. Not at all finished. And Britney records MAYBE 50 songs per album. Doug Elkins, the producer who leaked Red Hot Lipstick, said she turned in a finished fifth album to Jive, but when Blackout came out none of the songs from that album were on it. But if Original Doll was full of songs like RHL…I’m glad we got Blackout Fans liek to think Original Doll was going to be her magnum opus and this huge expose of the music industry and the fact is that it was just gonna be an ITZ 2.0 lbr
  19. No. I don’t think there is any shame in not speaking out in fear of losing your livelihood, career, reputation, etc. OBVIOUSLY he’s comfortable now because it’s no longer a threat to him. Its like everyone has to find something to complain about
  20. This is not at all how I imagined the song from the lyrics lol But thank you so much for leaking!! Take The Bait has been in circulation for years and the fact it hasn’t leaked yet is a crime
  21. I was wondering if something like this would happen. Jamie Lynn saying Britney needs help…they are trying to create a narrative that Britney is unhinged. She DMd a fan. Why would Jamie Lynn DM a fan? Talk about family drama to A FAN? Don’t fall for this bull**** guys
  22. This is another tactic by team con to gaslight and reduce us into nothing more than a conspiracy theory again. Her last couple posts about her situation since the June 23 hearing have left me very confused. She has a say in her IG, but I don’t think she has anything to do with posting. They are trying to spin a narrative. Have a scapegoat: Whatever that is. I will not believe these posts are 100% Britney until she talks about it on video tbh
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