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  1. I’m the interview where she played Mona Lisa she said it was half way done. Not at all finished. And Britney records MAYBE 50 songs per album. Doug Elkins, the producer who leaked Red Hot Lipstick, said she turned in a finished fifth album to Jive, but when Blackout came out none of the songs from that album were on it. But if Original Doll was full of songs like RHL…I’m glad we got Blackout Fans liek to think Original Doll was going to be her magnum opus and this huge expose of the music industry and the fact is that it was just gonna be an ITZ 2.0 lbr
  2. No. I don’t think there is any shame in not speaking out in fear of losing your livelihood, career, reputation, etc. OBVIOUSLY he’s comfortable now because it’s no longer a threat to him. Its like everyone has to find something to complain about
  3. It’s really hard to say. I don’t know what to think. I was always a big believer that it was her writing most of the captions (but not having access) and Cassie or whoever editing them. But after the recent posts calling everyone out…I just don’t know It’s so clear to me that these new posts are pushing a narrative. Idk what that is yet tho lol Don’t forget that her Instagram has been used before to control the narrative (i.e. “all is well” post from 2019) Im truly not surprised by anything at this point but I find it really hard to believe that they would just let her start posting after she exposed all of them Ugh.
  4. This is not at all how I imagined the song from the lyrics lol But thank you so much for leaking!! Take The Bait has been in circulation for years and the fact it hasn’t leaked yet is a crime
  5. I was wondering if something like this would happen. Jamie Lynn saying Britney needs help…they are trying to create a narrative that Britney is unhinged. She DMd a fan. Why would Jamie Lynn DM a fan? Talk about family drama to A FAN? Don’t fall for this bull**** guys
  6. This is another tactic by team con to gaslight and reduce us into nothing more than a conspiracy theory again. Her last couple posts about her situation since the June 23 hearing have left me very confused. She has a say in her IG, but I don’t think she has anything to do with posting. They are trying to spin a narrative. Have a scapegoat: Whatever that is. I will not believe these posts are 100% Britney until she talks about it on video tbh
  7. I think Lynne is pro-conservatorship like the rest of her family is. However I think when she heard about the abuse in 2019, she stepped up. And I think these new efforts over the last two years have only been to remove Jamie. She is complicit and benefits, but I don’t think she is the evilest person here.
  8. I'm kind of offended with this tweet. Not so much because she specified "white twink," but more so her use of "twink." It's very troubling to me that Cardi's usage of "twink" could push it more into the mainstream. It's already heavily used by a lot of straight women on Tik Tok to mask their homophobia by substituting the F slur for it. I don't believe "twink" to be a slur whatsoever, but it's definitely becoming one. You have to remember: twink is really just a young and skinny gay man. It doesn't automatically mean misogynist, racist, etc. But "twink" over the past year has been given a negative connotation. Truly, if she had said "white gay" instead, I wouldn't be offended. Because she'd have a point. I'm a white gay myself (shocker!) and I see how the culture is/can be racist and misogynistic. Pride is an event designed for white gays. Gay men are given a lot of leeway when they're misogynistic. People are talking about it now, but it's given them an excuse to be homophobic at the same time.
  9. I would like her to finally be enjoying life almost a year into her freedom from the conservatorship (hopefully September will be the anniversary!). Joint custody of her kids, her father and everyone else charged and awaiting sentencing, engaged/married, expecting(?), etc. Now for the selfish hopes…I hope she gives us one last album, a farewell tour, and a tell-all book/interview after her 3-4 year break cause I think we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t want those things lol Im so excited for miss Britney Jean Spears’ future!!!!
  10. Im a little confused cause this is supposed to be from 2007 yet it has the iOS 2013 update interface???
  11. Not sure, this is a @Jordan Miller question But you could probably use the Wayback Machine to find what you’re looking for: https://web.archive.org/web/*/breatheheavy.com/exhale
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