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  1. Maybe because Britney doesn't want to put her story in a documentary at this point in her life when she's busy trying to free herself in court now that she actually has a lawyer who is doing his job? And do you think producers would actually listen to her if she said I don't approve of this please stop? lol it's a greedy industry
  2. all the 2007 footage? You think Britney wants to sit here and watch that? If these documentaries are made with love for britney then they should at least think of her trauma. She doesn't want to see that and doesn't want her kids seeing that so yes that's "bad after taste".
  3. Will Britney get hate too if she makes another post dragging the documentaries? He didn't even say anything bad, it's OK to question an industry that has exploited Britney her entire life and sadly the new way of that exploitation is with documentaries that she doesn't want made.
  4. He clearly means she's the only one who should tell this story when she's free to do so. Britney 100% has the same opinion too. Like y'all can be happy about these documentaries and still acknowledge the fact that Britney would feel she is being exploited, 3 documentaries this week alone is crazy. Can you imagine anything more annoying than people speaking for you? And all these people who didn't say anything for years only now talking in a documentary? It would piss me off even if they're trying to help.
  5. When asked about the last time she talked to Britney, 39, Culotta replied, “I haven’t worked with Brit since the Las Vegas residency ended [in December 2017].” https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-assistant-felicia-culotta-still-in-touch-with-lynne/
  6. People are not put in conservatorship for weird instagram posts. Vivian could have pulled that **** when they had Sam Ingham doing **** all to help her, they no longer have a court appointed lawyer and know their time is up. In the mean time Britney will free the britties and you and your friend will deal.
  7. Vivian: Judge Pennywise, have you seen this picture of Britney Spears posing topless on her instagram account? I know this is Britney Spears who has been half naked her entire career, who has done plenty of nudity in music videos under the conservatorship but I think this just proves she needs to be locked up for life and not have any freedom. Her daddy loves her.
  8. So if it can't affect the outcome in court who cares about public opinion? The same public that ripped britney apart in 2007 will never truly be on her side.
  9. If someone is pretending to be your famous client on social media and making statements on her conservatorship and life in a way that people think can affect the outcome in court then it's definitely a priority.
  10. Calling her blindly stupid should get you banned from here. Telling her what to do? I'm sorry did she ask for your advice? Posing a topless picture means she can't fight for her freedom? She can post whatever she wants because no amount of nudity means someone should be in a conservatorship with no human rights. A lot of Free Britney supporters are hypocrites because instead of her being controlled by jamie y'all want to control her instead. You and your friend sound like the same exact judgmental people who attacked britney in 2007. btw it's you're*
  11. lmao so according to you her instagram is killing the support she's getting and it's team con behind every post "trying to make her look insane" but that's not a priority for him?
  12. If he knows that then why isn't he making it public so EVERYONE knows? If they truly need public outrage and those posts are destroying everything then why isn't he making it known? Your theory makes no sense whatsoever.
  13. Who cares what the public opinion is? They love you one day and hate you the next. She finally has her own lawyer, he is the one who will help free her, not random accounts on instagram who are worried over instagram posts and seem to be entertained by this woman's fight for freedom. If her lawyer thought these posts would in any way hurt her he'd tell her to stop. If it wasn't her wanting those pictures posted and it was team con he'll say so in court. At this point most of you are concern trolling because I think some of you can't accept the fact that she's not who you imagine her to be.
  14. I don't care about these two but it's interesting how her "team" changes her diagnosis on a weekly basis. First it's dementia, then it's bipolar and now it's paranoid schizophrenic. Larry should be arrested. Jamie Lynn clearly doesn't give a **** about her sister and Lynne is the worst mom for not being worried despite apparently being alienated from her. Related:
  15. "He will tear them down. He's outraged and he's not scared of anyone." "He sees it exactly as it is trust me, his mind is blown." "Britney Spears will get her revenge on Los Angeles"
  16. we're talking about her lawyer letting the world know if they're pretending to be her but ok. hopefully you'll apologize once she's free and continues to post the way she does now.
  17. Her lawyer can literally go to court and say they're pretending to be Britney on her instagram. That would end all this speculation. They would not risk that. This comes down to most of you refusing to accept Britney for the goofy weirdo that she is.
  18. And you think they'd continue to post without Britney's involvement despite the fact that she has a great lawyer now? It's simply not possible. They can't do that without getting into trouble.
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