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  1. He unfollowed her 4 days ago and this doesn’t mean anything, he’s followed and unfollowed her before.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BM-Kxi4AGIg/ you mean this picture that clearly isn't sam? that's not his face AT ALL yet all it took was one person to post it and for it to spread on twitter... this is the actual video of him getting his veeners. not that it matter anyway, are people not allowed to fix their teeth if they want to? I'll never understand why people in this movement waste their time trying to expose a boyfriend instead of going after the ones who put her in the conservatorship and continue to keep her in it. Jason was co-conservator and even he didn't get half as much **** as Sam for some reason. He wasn't in her life in 2008, he isn't in court fighting against her, he's probably the only person she can actually hang out with alone, what's the point of taking that away from her right now? We should focus on those who actually matter and can make a difference for her in court. The way this fandom is going I wouldn't be shocked to see people turning against Britney's kids if they don't do exactly what you guys want them to do the moment they turn 18.
  3. convert her to what? he's not even a muslim (most iranians who live abroad aren't religious) and persian new year has nothing to do with islam
  4. as an iranian it makes me so happy when she does these little acknowledgements of iranians and our culture yeah she butchered the language but that’s OK we now speak it the way godney speaks it
  5. Lol one of the guys working with him in Milan posted a pic and tagged free britney
  6. She's always so supportive of Britney and one of the only big artists to fully support #FreeBritney I love her
  7. It's definitely hers, she stopped using IG in 2019 and only posts on her facebook now. Probably gets harassed less on there
  8. Was this posted? just proves that lynne wanted Fe to do the documentary imo. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3810658445690070&id=100002378573328
  9. I understand that we can't trust most people around her but the way people talk about their relationship as if Britney is dumb and can't figure out if he's using her or is team con is very weird. IMO they're basically saying Jamie is right and Britney needs someone else to control everything for her. Without Jamie they would have had babies by now so do fans suddenly agree with Jamie? idgi honestly. They're not forcing her to be with him, she could dump him today if she wanted to.
  10. He posted a picture of his drivers license once and it said his birthday is March 4th. It's an Iranian thing to usually celebrate your birthday on the Eve. I'm Iranian but don't live in Iran and it's something that always confused me until I asked my mom about it.
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