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  1. I don't think I can share it since it's using my local files. I'll maybe think about doing an online masterpost or smth In the meantime you could use Britney-Online, BritneySpearsRemixes and Youtube. That's where I got most of the tracks
  2. I spent all of last week building this list and adding the tracks to my iTunes with cover arts etc... Queen Britney keeping me busy during the pandemic
  3. @Lonely2001 @LikeShatteredGlass @AmyIsMyDrunkAlterEgo Here's the list of all the tracks I gathered so far (Tour versions not included): Abroad Alien Alien (Pre-Release Version) All That She Wants All That She Wants (Ace of Base 2009 Remix) Amnesia Amnesia (Unmastered) And Then We Kiss And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix) Anticipating Autumn Goodbye Baby Boy ...Baby One More Time ...Baby One More Time (Casette Demo) [Snippet] The Beat Goes On (Not Final Mix) Before The Goodbye Better Big Fat Bass (feat. will.i.am) Black Cat (Janet Jackson Cover - Live) Blur Body Ache Bombastic Love Bombastic Love (Extension Love Remix) [Snippet] Born To Make You Happy Born To Make You Happy (Bonus Remix) Boys Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) (feat. Pharrell Williams) Brave New Girl Break The Ice Break The Ice (Demo) Break The Ice (Remix feat. Fabolous) Breathe On Me Brightest Morning Star Britney Spears Calls Thrill Burning Up Can't Make You Love Me Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) Chaotic Chillin' With You (feat. Jamie Lynn) Chris Cox Megamix Cinderella Circus Clumsy Conscience Coupure Électrique Crazy (feat. Britney Spears) Criminal Criminal (Radio Mix) Dangerous Dear Diary Deep In My Heart Do Somethin' Do You Wanna Come Over? Don't Cry Don't Go Knockin' On My Door Don't Hang Up Don't Keep Me Waiting Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know Donni Hotwheel Megamix - failed to be a 3 B-side Dramatic Dramatic (feat. Heidi Montag) (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi) Early Mornin' Early Mornin' (Demo/Explicit Version) [Snippet] E-Mail My Heart Every Day Everybody Everybody (Demo) Everytime Exaholic [Snippet] Freakshow From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Gasoline Get Back Get Back (Demo) Get Naked (I Got A Plan) Get Naked (I Got A Plan) (Demo) Gimme More Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix feat. Lil' Kim) Gimme More (Unmastered) Girl In The Mirror Girls And Boys Guilty Hands - A Song For Orlando Hard To Forget Ya He About To Lose Me Heart Heaven On Earth Heaven On Earth (Demo) Hey Ma (feat. Pitbull & Romeo Santos) Hold It Against Me Hold It Against Me (Remix feat. Flo Rida) Hold On Tight Hooked On (feat. Pharrell Williams) Hot As Ice Hot As Ice (Demo) How I Roll Human Nature (Madonna feat. Britney Spears) (Live) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction I Feel So Free With You (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) (I Got That) Boom Boom (feat. Ying Yang Twins) (I Got That) Boom Boom (Feat. Ying Yang Twins) (Collipark Remix) (I Got That) Boom Boom (Feat. Ying Yang Twins) (Pre-Release Version) I Have Nothing (Cassette Demo) [LQ Snippet] I Love Rock 'n' Roll I Run Away (I Said) Get It I Wanna Go I Will Be There I Will Still Love You (Duet with Don Phillip) If I’m Dancing If U Seek Amy I'll Never Stop Loving You I'm A Slave 4 U I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman I'm Scared (Duffy Cover - Live) I'm So Curious Inside Out Instant Déjà Vu (Mix) Intimidated Invitation It Feels Nice It Should Be Easy (feat. will.i.am) It's Britney Spears Baby [Snippet] I've Been Loving You Too Long I've Got The Urge To Herbal I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) Just Let Me Go Just Like Me Just Luv Me Just Luv Me (Demo) [Snippet] Kill The Lights Kiss You All Over Lace And Leather Let Me Be Let Me Take You There (Cassette Demo) Liar Like a Virgin / Hollywood Medley (2003 MTV VMA Performance feat. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott) Little Me Lonely Look Who's Talking Now Love Me Down Lucky Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force) Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force) (Cassette Demo) Mad Love Make Me... Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V1) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V2) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V3) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V4) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V5) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V6.1) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V6.2) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V7.1) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V7.2) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V7.3) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V7.3) [Clean] Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V8.2) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) (Mix V8.2) [Clean] Make Me... (Mix 4) Make Me... (Mix 5) Make Me... (Mix V2) Make Me... (Mix V3) Make Me... (Mix V6.1) Make Me... (Mix V6.3) Make Me... (Mix V7.1) Make Me... (Mix V8.1) Man On The Moon Mannequin Mannequin (Unmastered) Matches (feat. Backstreet Boys) Matches (feat. Backstreet Boys) (Vinyl Version) Material Girl (Madonna Cover - Live) Me Against The Music (Demo) Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna) Me Against The Music (feat. Penelope Magnet) Me, Myself & I (G-Eazy feat. Britney Spears) (Live) Mmm Papi Mona Lisa Mona Lisa (Demo) Money, Love & Happiness Mood Ring My Baby My Love Was Always There (Live) My Only Wish (This Year) My Prerogative Mystic Man (Live) Nasty (Janet Jackson Cover - Live) Now And Then Now And Then (Pepsi New Millenium Unmastered) Now That I Found You One Kiss From You Ooh La La Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Ooh Baby (Demo) Oops!...I Did It Again Open Arms (Journey Cover - Live) Ouch Out From Under Outrageous Outta This World Outta This World (Demo) Over To You Now Overprotected Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix) Passenger Peep Show [Snippet] Perfect Lover Perfect Lover (Demo) Perfume Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) Phonography Piece Of Me Pleasure You (feat. Don Philip) Pretty Girls (feat. Iggy Azalea) Private Show Pull Out Quicksand Quicksand (Unmastered) Radar Radar (Demo) Rebellion [Snippet] Red Hot Lipstick (feat. Noterock) Right Now (Taste The Victory) Rock Boy Rock Me In Rockstar S&M (Remix feat. Britney Spears) Scary Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) (Demo) [Snippet] Scream & Shout (Hit-Boy Remix feat. Britney Spears, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne & Diddy) Scream & Shout (Motiff Trap Remix feat. Britney Spears & Pitbull) Seal It With A Kiss Secret [Snippet] Selfish Shadow Shattered Glass She'll Never Be Me She'll Never Be Me (2001 Radio Leak Version) Showdown Sippin' On Sippin' On (feat. AC) Slumber Party Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) SMS (Bangerz) (feat. Britney Spears) SMS (Bangerz) (feat. Britney Spears) (LQ Demo) Soda Pop Soda Pop (Soundtrack Version) Someday (I Will Understand) Something To Talk About (Bonnie Raitt Cover - Live) Sometimes Sometimes (Early Mix - Mall Tour '98 Showtape Version) Sometimes (Early Mix) State Of Grace Strangest Love Stronger Sweet Kisses [Snippet] Swimming In The Stars Take Off Telephone (Demo) Telephone (feat. Lady Gaga) (Demo) (Tell Me) Am I A Sinner? That's Where You Take Me The Answer The Beat Goes On The Hook Up The Joy Of Pepsi The Joy of Pepsi (Unmastered) The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson feat. Britney Spears) (Live) Thinkin' About You This Kiss Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) Til It's Gone Till The World Ends Till the World Ends (Remix feat. R. Kelly) Till The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix feat. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha) Till The World Ends (Twister Remix) Till The World Ends (Unmastered LQ) Tilt Ya Head Back (feat. Britney Spears) To Love, Let Go To Love, Let Go (Demo) Tom's Diner (feat. Britney Spears) Touch Of My Hand Toxic Toxic (Found Sound Remix feat. Bahamadia) Toy Soldier Trip To Your Heart Trouble Trouble (Intro) Trouble For Me Unbroken Unusual You Up N' Down Vogue (Madonna Cover - Live) Walk On By Walk This Way (Aerosmith feat. Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Mary J. Blige & Nelly) (Live) We Will Rock You (Pepsi "Gladiators" Soundtrack Remix with Beyoncé & P!nk) Weakness (Live) Welcome To Me What It's Like To Be Me What U See (Is What U Get) What You Need What's Going On - Artists Against AIDS Worldwide When I Found You When I Say So When Your Eyes Say It Where Are You Now Where Are You Now (Not Final Mix) Why Should I Be Sad Why Should I Be Sad (Demo) Womanizer Work ***** (You Drive Me) Crazy (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) You Got It All You Got It All (Cassette Demo) You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette Cover - Live) You Were My Home (Live) 3 911 What do you guys think?
  4. That's what I thought! With the stems/multitrack/sessions, it is sooo easy to create a fake mix and claim it's a demo...
  5. Thank you!! That’s really helpful. There are 2 different early mixes of Sometimes, right? If this one is from the mall tour CD, do you know where the other one is from?
  6. Hi guys, I am trying to build an 'ultimate britney songlist' and i can't figure out if these demos are real or fake/fanmade : ...Baby On More Time (Demo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8DuQ7y_ZXQ - real or made with stems? Chaotic (Demo) Do Somethin’ (Demo/Unmastered) (I Got That) Boom Boom (Pre-Release Version) Intimidated (Version #2) Luv The Hurt Away (Solo Demo) Mmm Papi (Demo) My Prerogative (Tapemasters Inc Rip) Ooh La La (Britney's Demo) Over To You Now (Alternate Version) Phonography (Demo) Scary (Demo) SMS (Bangerz) (Rough Demo) [Version 2] Sometimes (Early Mix) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9Pl5wI9qmc different from demo/alternative version) Sweet Kisses - wasn't it proven fake? Tom’s Diner (Demo) - is it a real demo or a main vocals mix? Touch of My Hand (Demo) - reversed intro version is fanmade, right? Toxic (Demo) [Version 1] - real or made with stems? Toxic (Demo) [Version 2] Trouble For Me (Demo) - I remember reading that this one was fake, but I'm unsure When I Found You (Demo) - same as above Work ***** (Demo) - real or made with stems? Could you please help me?
  7. The sticker at the bottom left says DYWCO is in fact after Clumsy (track 2 of Side B). They printed the wrong tracklist on the back cover... Not sure about tinashe tho
  8. Oh girl let me tell you.. UO vinyl are the definition of trash. It’s some of the worst quality vinyl you could buy. It’s so incredibly cheaply made and they’re so not worth the exorbitant price they offer. They’re just milking the gays for what they have. They release a so called exclusive version which is not even a gatefold, just a cheap vinyl in one sleeve with maybe a picture sleeve if you’re lucky. Every single UO vinyl I own has a now torn up sleeve even though I never ever open them and the worst part is that they release another version a few months after the so called exclusive release.
  9. No idea. Got that info from a old demo/unreleased list: "Gimme More" - Leaked August 2007, omits Britney saying "I just want more" once during the song Not sure if that was legit tho
  10. Anyone know where I can find the real Gimme More demo? I remember seeing somewhere that it’s the same as the final one but she omits to say « I just want more ».
  11. Well, could have been worse. Criminal cover art drama says hi
  12. It’s possible! But I think the concept was actually stolen from this fanmade cover art :
  13. True! But we always want more *insert GM pole dance gif* (One of my passion is to keep my Britney song list updated - I like to think I got all the leaked stuff... pls don’t judge me)
  14. I would say : 2019 - I feel so free with you (snippets 1 & 2) - i’ve Been loving you too long (cover) 2018 - let me take you there (demo) - you got it all (Demo) - luv the hurt away (Demo) - I have nothing (Cover snippet) - BOMT (Demo snippet) - red hot lipstick 2017 - hey ma - take off 2016 - instant Dejavu - Just Luv Me (Demo snippet) - Make Me... (Solo version) - Tilt Ya head back - SMS (bangerz) (demo) 2015 - Guilty (original version) - Conscience
  15. The Brinty Spreas Show The perfume part is still so true
  16. Secret (snippet), Hey Ma and And then we kiss (original) are missing!
  17. Here is a tread I made some time ago with all B’s tracks (official, official album remixes and unreleased) : maybe you could check out if you miss some stuff
  18. 3 was released during circus era (she was touring when it was out) BUT, it was recorded along with I Wanna Go, Criminal and Up N Down (if I remember well)! BILAN : - If you are more into released dates : CIRCUS - If you are more into recording sessions : FEMME FATALE (I would go for FF)
  19. "Nobody, should be alone if they don't have to PEE" But seriously, these stems are...
  20. Exactly! And they both seem OK for that collab, so... (plus, it would bring attention)
  21. ok! you have a point I live in France so I wasn't thinking about that! I still think it's time now to STOP features on the next few singles! My dream collaboration are more for non-single tracks or maybe production!
  22. ok... What's interesting is that we have a different point of view about music tho!
  23. Their tracks are always divided into two parts! With time, i really learn to appreciate all the variations JT's songs offer. It would be really great to hear britney's voice on the original song (first part) and then on powerfull classical instruments (thanks to the extention, second part). It can just be a non-single track ! I'm thinking about something like Amnesia from 20/20! Anyway, with a long track you can have the original and the radio edit. So we can be both satisfied
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