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  1. Listen gurl.... we REALLY DONT care why she was put in this jail to begin with. We Really dont. We just want her to be happy and free. There are waaaaay Better ways to Help her. So go call juno and cath up with her, instead of opening a Twitter, cause colon told you too.
  2. I think the guy sounds like an idiot. IF Britney was addicted to drugs, this is not something she should be ashamed of! It happens to a lot of people. No. 2 IF she has tried to commit suicide, it is not something she should be ashamed of either. Sometimes life can be so hard that everything inside us hurts too much. No. 3 IF it's one of the two things he thinks is not "flattering" to Brit, it's him who should be ashamed. I'm so tired of stupid tweets and half truths. If he has something to say that he thinks is important, say so! But those cryptic tweets you can keep to yourself. Tell the truth or shut up.
  3. Naaaa I dont Really like the video. One or two would be cute. But not anymore. They are just Weird now. 2 minuts of Walking back and forth, back and forth. To me it is desturbing. BUT I Will say that Brit you DO look hella cute. You are BEAUTIFUL and deserve all happiness in the World. And you deserve to be FREE!
  4. at first when he first started speaking out, I remember wondering a bit how much he loved getting praise. many of his pictures were / are reproductions of praise for him, from various magazines and online articles. Always thought it was a little strange. And now he can not stand a single question that is not praise and rainbows. He's probably a good guy .... I just feel like he's taken the driver's seat throughout this freebritney campaign. He has not really contributed anything really useful. That's just my personal opinion.
  5. Watch them all, colon, Juno, lynne and bryan get together on thanksgiving to celebrate. I can't get my mind around it.... juno having a jolly old time with colon, and probaly Lynne too. Thats why i dont trust them...IF Lynne is Really against what colon is doing, then dont sit around for thanksgiving and pretend Everything is Rainbows and ******* unicorns.
  6. it is the third dance video where the thumbnail is an illuminati sign. It can no longer be a coincidence. Either it is her handlers who put it as humbnail, or they tell her it should be thrown into the dance? or maybe it's Brit herself trying to say something? It's just a little weird ..... and can no longer be a coincidence !! in fact, it scares me. I think something extremely dark is going on on a level that most people can not even imagine. That being said, I just want to say that I think she's beautiful! Hope dancing at home can give her joy!
  7. Oh Thats actually not that good. When her looks had been discussed. Britney you are BEAUTIFUL! wonderful, kind, loving and just an Angel. I Feel bad!
  8. He didnt. He had not said anything we didnt already knew. I was on insta and Saw he had a live. It was all about we Should be nice to Jason! Or Else they would not keep speeking up.
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