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  1. Ellen was obviously joking but Mariah, being such a scholar, saw an opportunity to educate the world on the dangers of peer pressure. LOL. Camp Mariah kids, take note. I find the whole thing to be overblown. They were both laughing. Ellen was being silly. They were both happy and in good spirits. Mariah was definitely a little uncomfortable because of what she was going through in her personal life but Ellen didn't mean any harm. She was just trying to force an answer out of her at an attempt in humor and to try to get the scoop. It's an old Hollywood thing. Interviewers all have their own styles. Some of the most famous reporters of all time will sometimes end up in the hot seat over their tactics. Call it a misstep if you must but I'd knock it up to a bad joke. (I found it to be funny) That was a different time too people need to remember. I still remember Mariah and Nick going to Ellen's birthday party around the same time and they all went on go-karts together. Lot’s of lovely gifts exchanged over the years. I wholeheartedly believe that Ellen has nothing but love for Mariah.
  2. I’ve realized it’s best not to have any expectations. Britney has enough money to spend the rest of her life vacationing and living like a queen. I’d be all for it, but she seems to be really happy doing what she wants to do with this show and obviously doing the songs she wants to do. And you know what... I’ll take it. I don’t expect her to ever be what she used to be. That’s unrealistic and not fair to hold her to that standard. That’s not who she is anymore and I’ve come to terms with it. Now I’m happy just being a super supportive cheerleader/stan. Britney has been a light for me in my life. It’s time I let go and just enjoy what she has to offer now days. Honestly, I’m really excited to see what 2019ney has in store for us. I have a feeling she still has some tricks up her sleeves and some big surprises in store for us. ??
  3. I would personally love to see a show that embraces Britney's lighter and more goofy side we all love. I'm so over the darker more ****** thing they're going for. I wanna hear her amazing laugh and hear her talk about her boys. I bet she would thrive under those kind of conditions. I think she's really uncomfortable in the *** object role she is in and she overcompensates with acting like a little girl to offset how sexulized she is. It's sad really. Maybe that's who she was for a time in her life and it worked for a while. But she needs to evolve as a person and an artist if she wants to keep people interested.
  4. A part of my soul died when she said that. Sometimes is one of my favorite Britney songs! Not loving the remix or the domination theme of the new show. I would way rather have a "stripped" theme. Less dancing. Fan interaction. Live vocals. Maybe some good stories she has from all the years she's been in the business. I find the whole *** crazed dominatrix thing a total drag. I mean, she acts like a 6 year old in her Instagram videos and they want us to subscribe to this silliness. Why can't we just have a show that reflects who she actually is and not the oversexed persona they push on us? And let her sing a couple covers. She obviously loves to do them.
  5. That's A No No for me. Mariah really loves her lambs and does more for us than any other artist does for their fan bases that I can think of. In return, the Lambily fiercely stands by her and promotes her works like crazy. I'm not doing anything to help Britney sell Glory. Britney doesn't do anything for her fans and doesn't care enough about sales or her reputation to do anything worthwhile these days. Mariah has been in the game much longer and is still driven unlike Britney. It's sad but it's true. I'll always love her but I can't throw support behind someone who doesn't care about their own cause. I'm amazed that people like you still care. You are a true fan. Britney is lucky to have people like you in her fan base. I wish she showed more appreciation.
  6. There are some amazing tracks on Glory but there's also some songs that really lower the album down for me. Like Clumsy, Coupure Électrique, Man On The Moon (cute but not great). Make Me... honestly gets better with age. Better, Change Your Mind, Hard To Forget You and Love Me Down deserve justice. Absolute bops!
  7. She doesn't want us common folk to touch her. The scared eyes people keep talking about are probably more of annoyed eyes. She's not the down to earth person she is portrayed to be. She can't even exchange a few words with the people who are keeping her rich. Word of mouth spreads. If she keeps this kind of behavior up people won't pay top dollar to meet her anymore. She already lost her album sales and chart relevancy. It only goes downhill from here.
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