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  1. sorry for being negative but how can a person have so bad taste in fashion? seriously... the dancing is weird enough and the outfit makes it even worse. damn I just hate how she presents herself in social media.
  2. those videos getting more uncomfortable... I hate that people on instagram are ********* and asking if she's okay, but she's actually feeding them with her weird posts... and don't say that this is NOT weird. we all know that woman she used to be and now we have this version of her, how can fans really find that good? that's concerning. so many people talking about meds etc... I mean, a lot of people take antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and they don't change that drastic.. what kind of monster pills do they give her? I'm not an expert, but she doesn't seem like sedated to me.. just strange
  3. toned out of shape guys are the hottest. why the obsession with muscles and zero fat? this looks friggin hot
  4. LOL stoooop. so sorry. OMG I hate people who spoil I thought this is a wellknown fact ... even people who don't watch it know that. so sorry, of course it was my fault. just don't think about it, maybe you forget
  5. right??! omg it's so true... seriously , I'll never get over it. It just didn't happen, refuse to accept it.
  6. oh my gawd, who is this person? seriously, her face looks awful... that's not madonna. why people do have to **** up their faces ? her face used to be flawless... better have some lines than this mess. it's depressing
  7. come on, if he was the only man in the world, you would take him beggars can't be choosers
  8. sometimes I wear prada luna rossa sport. I heard it smells genital-y... this kind of intrigued me I also like Maison Margiela Replica Jazz club.. but it's more for the autumn evenings.
  9. best part of my workout is... tbh when I'm done and I drink my shake. lol
  10. isn't it kinda sick to have so much money? I'm not bitter though, just sayin like imagine having more money than all of the poors together.
  11. that was actually really funny ... omg. LOL what is she doing with her hands? the first move is literally a hndjob... the first seconds are pure comedy. she's been dancing like this for 3 years. nothing new, but kind of sad... I mean , she can have fun and stuff but play her the titanic song and she probably still doing her spins and hand shaking and what about presenting her tacky clothes? gurrrrl, those videos are cringy af... she needs the fab 5 in her life, definitely.
  12. I like adele, but she's so overrated... like really. I loved 21 though. she writes great songs and has a unique voice, but imo she's not a great live singer. of course she sings great, but she seems so bored on stage.. for me she's more a cd queen than a live vocalist.
  13. portrait


    come back please... don't take exhale too seriously
  14. yeah, same here.. it's actually so sad. I used to read a lot.
  15. portrait


    career? i need that weed too
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