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  1. I wish she would stop beating around the bush and being a ******* pus-sy and just say whatever it is she's alluding to. Bish you're not in a conservatorship, no one's silencing you. JUST SAY IT OR STFU.
  2. Yes please move her to any other section. As far as I'm concerned she has nothing to do with Britney Spears apart from being her sister. Her face puts me in a bad mood as it does when I see her name on her. She is the epitome of negative energy and should not be allowed in Britney's forum. People need to stop posting about her. Period. You owe yourself better.
  3. I'm sorry but Jordan posting this theory with zero proof is really not necessary, does not help Britney or make her look good in any way and is frankly rude and in poor taste. No one knows who she is talking about. Maybe she has a friend with that name. Stop assuming and let it go. Not news worthy.
  4. I'm dead . 😩😩 Shame on inside edition to give this guy a platform to open that s h it box
  5. He said he had to unfollow everyone due to "safety reasons" will follow soon. 🤔
  6. it would begin with a dark, minimal condensed, stripped down live cover of Janet's "What about". (Iykyk) Then it would lead into her countdown over the speaker "3,2,1 ACTION!" Which goes into "Overprotected mixed in with a verse or 2 of "Lonely" then going back to and ending with "Overprotected" She then sings "Piece of me" with a newly filmed backdrop similar to the original video but updated more current headlines about the conservatorship. She also does the original choreography she did in the bathroom scene of the video. Next she performs a new song. (Gotta give us something new) And ends with remixed "Toxic" and somewhere in the middle it transitions to the final bridge of BOMT "Oh baby baby I shouldn't have let you go...I must confess"... Then jumps back to "Dont you know that youre toxic"(because for the fans and GP, Will never not go crazy for either of those songs)
  7. I had no idea. I never would have said anything had I known. I apologise if I offended you or anyone.
  8. how old is the second clip ? Seems like one of those old things she was made to do. Random. But I'm all for her doing more of these talking candidly, speaking from the heart vids 💕💕
  9. This topic has crossed my mind and I don't think it's ignorant to think it. I in no way believe Britney would ever intentionally say anything hurtful to anyone on purpose. However she has been sheltered and lived in somewhat of a bubble these past 13 years, and I dont think there is any denying that. There were some comments she made in 07 like the "have u ever tried weight watchers, u fat ****?" Or the gay is really in right now comment to the pap. She personally has never said anything that has remotely offended me. But we unfortunately live in a "cancel culture" world where people look for anything to try and ruin people. I hate it and it needs to stop. I like to think Britney has matured and it may take some time for her to find her place in today's world again but I believe in her and know she will be just fine.
  10. perfectly said! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Those were the days! I don't go out clubbing as much anymore, but to this day, anytime I do whenever Im getting ready I always put on the blackout album. It always puts me in such a mood and reminds me of a very fun time in my life!
  11. I loved this period too. I understand that she was going through alot but for the first time she was rebelling and being her badass self. I'm a male, and in 2007 I was in my late teens, and rebelling in my own way. Her style and overall persona influenced me alot. I remember wearing fedoras, sunglasses at night, drinking redbull, even smoking Marlboro lights on occasion. I even dressed up as her that year for Halloween, pink wig (another iconic look) and all. It was a fun era, although dark at times.
  12. This brought a tear to my eye. I feel her happiness coming back for the first time in what seems like forever. Keep swimming baby, your life is just about to begin. 💕💕
  13. Is it the one where she is reclining in the chair on the jet ?
  14. those super HD cameras bring out the flaws in anyone! Ive had my photograph taken in super HD several times and I'm always like damn do I really look like that bad !? Every wrinkle, pore is magnified immensely! I've seen Britney in person up close a few times as late as 2016 and she is so much more beautiful in person.
  15. absolute s h i t article. Facts and dates are all wrong. Britney Spears has NEVER been close to overweight. This should have never been published. Also I've never seen Britney smoke "Kool" brand cigs. Stupid.
  16. why is she still blurring out the faces of her children ? Like what is that about ? Who do you think you are, Michael Jackson? I mean your comments are off and you still have hundreds of other unblurred pics of them on your page? How does that make sense?
  17. A doll. Simply a doll. I hope, and only if she fully wants to, after all this mess is over she will do another special like she use to. Where we can get candid glimpses into her life and she can let that humble, precious personality shine and remind us of the girl we all fell in love with.
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