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  1. I always wonder what it’s like to live in a mansion like that. I’d probably be scared and flinch at every noise lol.
  2. Why is part of the fandom so hellbent on trashing all supporters now, stop with that superiority complex. Most of the fandom wasn’t saying **** before britneysgram either, quite the opposite.
  3. to be honest I haven't listened to her music in years. no particular reason, it just happened. would i be sad? sure. but after having worked against her will for us for years...I just hope whatever she ends up doing makes her happy. i'm 100% sure though we will never get heavy promo, big tours etc back. i just can't see it. I'm past the need of new music. just give me happy Britney with a big family. but I totally understand those who find it hard to think about, a world without new music.
  4. somehow I doubt anything regarding work is crossing her mind rn.
  5. It’s not shocking she’s scared…she’s been controlled for 13 years and basically never spent a second alone. I hope she can regain trust in herself. And when will we finally cancel the paparazzi business why do they still exist? Disgusting.
  6. This. A case like Britney shows that the court system simply does not know how to handle something this big and complicated because they have no rules for it. No one ever sat down and went “ok but hypothetically what do we do if a big superstar ends up in a cship but still continues to work etc?”. Not to excuse them, this is a major flaw. They were both clueless af and using that extreme and rare situation to bend any existing rules they did have. Broke the law and fell back on this being unusual as protection.
  7. one more thing that keeps pissing me off about them and everybody else who supports the cship. their favorite narrative is Britney would be dead and broke without Jamie. my honest and brutal question: yeah and? did she ask to be "saved"? no. it's her money, she has every right to do whatever she wants with it, even if she ends up living on the streets afterwards. you can't force-save someone who has the clear capacity to say no. yes, that includes people who are suicidal or otherwise close to ruining their life or whatever else you wanna call it. period. their life, their body, their money. I don't know what the laws are in the US, but morally, that's how it should be. where I live you cannot make anyone do anything if they have the capacity to say no. they force-"saved" her and now want our and her gratitude for it when we all know it wasn't even an act to save her, she didn't need to be saved nor did she want it, they did it out of greed. imagine using someone as a personal living bank and then demanding we understand them because Britney is spoiled and rich and eat the rich or whatever. she earned it. it's her money, her privileges. go get a job or find someone else to pay for your lifestyles. it's not Britney's fault you aren't her.
  8. it's illegal here. people still sometimes get surprised when they see my dog, because the breed was known for its clipped ears and tail back in the day. it's disgusting to do that, there's no valid reason.
  9. if this isn't the perfect example for how Britney's family views her. spoiled, rich. they're all beyond jealous and envious and it's disgusting. this just reeks of "she deserves it because she's rich and we aren't and she should be grateful she has us/her family." this guy isn't even her family, not really and yet he feels entiled to say this bs about her. this family is toxic, hateful, sick with jealousy and greed and it makes me sick. have fun scrambling to pay those bills, now that Britney won't do it for you anymore. edit: i hope this is fake but something tells me this wouldn't be too far off from what they think either way.
  10. The part about it all remaining in place as a shell/vehicle to allow Rosengart to do his job while at the same time all control over Britney is temporarily suspended is very interesting and important. Just in case this happens (I’d hope so, Rosengart needs to investigate all financial issues) and people start once again screaming how this isn’t enough.
  11. take a shot every time she tries to make herself the victim.
  12. The thing about lithium that worried me the most was the dosage. We know they liked to play with dosages however they saw fit. The thing with lithium though, if your lithium levels aren’t right, it can have really bad consequences. Lithium is a salt. You can poison somebody by giving them too much lithium and causing toxicity because of too high lithium levels in their blood. Lithium also often makes you thirsty. Did they allow her to drink enough water? after 13 years of abuse I just want Britney to heal and be happy. I don’t need her to go back to “normal” or whatever that means. Trauma, withdrawals etc all have an effect. Your brain takes a lot of time to “heal” from long term medication use. I was never on lithium but I have experience with similar stuff and it takes time. Until then just give her time to heal without analyzing her every movement imo.
  13. Go find a job and deactivate, nobody cares about your nasty persona beyond wanting front row seats to when you inevitably crash and burn.
  14. This feels like I’m looking at those types of photos you see in true crime shows. I wonder if Britney knew. And it’s downright chilling how…”happy” they all look.
  15. This family is cursed. Cursed with the spears men. Grandfather taught Jamie who taught Brian. And they all either treat(Ed) their women like trash or are(were) straight up monsters. But I feel uncomfortable speculating about Britney and ***ual assault. I wouldn’t want her to find it and read it, especially if it is true. If she wants to she will tell us the truth one day.
  16. Well if this ain’t the weirdest thing to come online to in a while
  17. With the whole set up in 2007 and my firm beliefe that they worked together, I do think it’s possible. But I don’t believe him or Britney’s family, not without actual proof. They’re all sick in the head.
  18. Some of y’all need to get your eyesight checked and stop freaking tf out on Sam, it’s embarrassing.
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