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  1. I don’t like how this thread turned into a competition. Meh. i hope the new fans are here to stay. Admittedly, I only became a real Stan around 2011. So I missed a lot. I’m so glad we managed to find back together now that Britney needs us (well she always has but we couldn’t have known). Off the top of my head, I can only think of MJ stans, swifties and army. Maybe Gaga stans? but I’m not really into the pop scene so I wouldn’t know. I’d like to think that most people would help their artist like this if they needed help. Most importantly, Britney needed us and we’re here.
  2. I hope Britney gets made aware of this. Although some people on Twitter have raised a good point - which is, corrupt judges will stay corrupt. And barely anything ever happens to them. Britney’s rights were violated already, it wouldn’t surprise me that even if Britney knew about this and tried to exercise that right, she would get denied again. But, don’t let me put a black cloud over this. I’m really glad this was passed.
  3. I disagree with too many of LFB’s opinions to call myself a supporter. I’ll wait it out. I just hope they have more free Britney ppl than just them in that documentary, because they’re not the face of the movement, no one is, and having just them there to represent the free Britney movement would be a massive mistake. Lisa MacCarley should be in it, or people like her, not LFB, Billy B or whoever else.
  4. I hope this passes. This would help out so many victims of cship abuse. The question I have in regards to Britney is whether anyone is actually gonna tell her that this is a thing now, if it passes.
  5. People questioning whether termination is not what Britney wants don’t seem to get the fact that while yes, Britney’s wishes should be respected, the only thing we’ve ever heard her say is that she wants out. And even if she doesn’t right now, which I doubt, it doesn’t actually matter in this situation. Conservatorships aren’t designed for people like her. There are other options much better designed to help her out. Her wishes do not change anything about the truth, which is that this cship was fraudulent from the start, still is, and that someone like her, legally, should not be in one, period. It’s unlawful.
  6. I wish the world only had lawyers like Lisa MacCarley. That’s the people the justice system all around the world needs. Not people like “kingham”. I hope she’s right, but either way, keep pushing.
  7. Once (yes) Britney is free it will be interesting to see what she has to say about this.
  8. Nah the way I missed this place and was downright pissed because where else am I supposed to discuss Britney?
  9. I feel like I’m in some kind of crackhead tv show, what’s next? “Britney tells TMZ she did in fact talk to TMZ” “Britney exclusive: TMZ spoke to the singer and reveals she loves her daddy very much” ? for the love of god, someone stop those morons, all of them, “kingham” included, this is pure madness. They’re making ME lose my sanity.
  10. At this point these articles just make me mad because I know they use her money to pay for them.
  11. It’s honestly unsettling that I can’t even remember the last time we heard from Britney and knew it was actually her. Ever since this started they built a solid wall between her and everybody else, especially us. And I think we all know why. They refuse to terminate the cship of her person because they know she would fight to terminate the estate cship too and that would get a lot of people, including Ingham, in trouble. By now I’m convinced as long as there’s no unrelated party willing to directly help Britney, this won’t end. Unless Ingham somehow grew a brain and developed a plan to get Britney out of this while also coming out of this unscathed himself, this will most likely end with Jamie gone full stop the end. Stop falling for their tricks. Stop listening to people telling you Britney might want to remain in an unjust cship that she technically isn’t even allowed to be in.
  12. I don’t know whether I should feel pity or embarrassment for the people believing this. If you wonder why they would try to trick us like that, look at how many pages this thread has and how many the one about them making her pay them millions every year has. There’s your answer.
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