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  1. That’s still too nice. He didn’t do just nothing, he did worse, he helped get her trapped in the first place and declared her too unfit. Had he stayed this would have gone on forever. Probably because he was complicit from the beginning and didn’t want his secrets to come to light and because he got paid extremely well. He’s a chicken and was afraid the other side would expose him. Even now he’s unbelievably useless, it’s been two weeks and he still hasn’t managed to bring Rosengart the records.
  2. *** **** he’s really not playing, he did his research. It shouldn’t even be that surprising to me because every good lawyer would ideally be like this. Ingham really did make me lose faith. this man’s on a hunt and team con’s days in freedom are numbered.
  3. at least for the cship, judging from all the other cship abuse cases we've heard of so far it just seems like the system is so flawed that it's simply not enough if a conservatee tells the judge they were abused. instead of the conservator being removed when a conservatee wants someone else, it's the conservatee who was to prove beyond doubt that what they're saying is true. they're the ones being protected and yet they're being treated like criminals on a stand with every wish they voice. it's sick.
  4. The comments in this thread lol I understand not liking BTS (even though I'm a die hard fan) but why the lowkey racism, xenophobia and ableism, especially the latter coming from Britney stans during a time like this confuses me greatly honestly. Say you don't like them and go. The amount of downright nasty hatred they get for existing even though supposedly they will be "forgotten" soon and are "overrated" and everything they put out is "basic" and "low quality" and of course charts "don't matter anyway" in this day and age or whatever people like to say, not just here but elsewhere too, most often coming from Americans....if that's the case why does it rile you up so much? some people are talking about them like the boys personally came up to their doorstep and took a **** on it and it's just lol please calm down. their success is deserved, they worked for it, both them and their fandom together. antis say they don't care but spew hate and it all comes off as if BTS' success is actually hurting them. not everything I just said is applicable to this thread btw.
  5. the amount of times stans have to listen to someone ranting to them about paRasOciAl relationships I swear. as a kpop stan I should start charging a dollar every time someone tries to psycho analyze me. there's a really weird stigma attached to genuinely caring for an artist and it's always automatically assumed it's 100% unhealthy and i'm really tired of it. especially because it's also always implied the artist themselves couldn't care any less and while that's true for a lot of artists, it's not true at all for others. this just goes hand in hand with music stans (minus rock stans for some reason) in general getting treated like obsessed kids and I need it to stop honestly.
  6. I feel like some of you don’t realize how horrible the things Britney went through truly are and what that means for her once she’s free. It means she will need peace and space to heal. It’s possible she won’t ever come back and I wouldn’t blame her. Remember how she said she’s traumatized from being locked up and can’t stand small spaces now? And you think she will do the super bowl? I’ll go even further and say I truly don’t believe she’ll ever come back. At least not in the way as before.
  7. Boykott this. Documents show it wasn’t even called the “free Britney act” at first, but “the free act” instead. It would make things worse for so many people and it was only renamed in documents for clout and nothing more. For the first time I have to disagree with Lisa McCarley, as she supports this. But I feel like everyone who does ignores that once again the rampant corruption is being ignored and nothing is being done to make it better or to prevent the new bill from making it worse.
  8. I deal with mental health issues myself but I can’t say it has made anything worse for me. If you feel like it has for you, take a break. It’s ok. At the beginning I thought differently about this and I feel ashamed about it and I wanna apologize for it. Taking a break is ok because you gotta look out for yourself too. the only instance I can think of where this really dragged me down was during the last week. But more so because of what was said about her here than because of the situation in itself.
  9. Thanks for this. During this past week I felt like this place has become a bit too aggressive and mean, especially towards Britney. Seeing multiple threads from people discussing her mental health in negative ways all on the first page honestly hurt, not just as a fan. So having the insta discussion in one big thread at least makes it much more avoidable.
  10. It’s heartwarming how invested Courtney is. She was one of the first. i have so much faith in Rosengart it makes me emotional because so far everyone’s said the same: he will win this and he will win it big. And it makes me emotional because that’s the least Britney deserves after everything: true justice.
  11. Three anti psychotics…..I mean wbk but still. It’s clear at this point they were purposely sedating her to near unconsciousness, no matter what mental illness she might or might not have. I used to take anti psychotics, for sleep and anxiety, and I hated it. I was a walking zombie and kept gaining weight, had ticks. I’m not saying they’re always bad but they should only be used when necessary. Why I let a doctor test out anti psychotics on me even though I’m not psychotic, bipolar etc is beyond me. Britney’s suffered so much I hope they all rot in jail
  12. I laughed way harder at this than I should have, it's past midnight here lol I'm just gonna enjoy the shade and not think about this further
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