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  1. dont they always do this crap in advance. rn no one made a move to end it just yet so why wouldnt they make appointments in advance like all the years prior tbh.
  2. looking forward to this. this will definitely boost the movement if the new info is damning similar to the initial voicemail.
  3. I feel like this is exactly what he’s going for and unless he for some reason decides to leave the cship himself, he won’t ever willingly request to terminate it because he’s done a fair share of illegal things himself. It’s such a massive red flag to me, this narrative that is slowly being pushed through social media posts and articles, that Britney will be 100% fine with everything staying the same as long as Jamie’s gone. Getting out of Jodi and Ingham’s grasps would be so much harder than it already is. And it always seemed rather aggressive to me, the way LFB was defending this, leaving Britney solely in Ingham and Jodi’s care. There was never room to even consider that it might not turn out great for her. They just defended it so vehemently that ever since then I had a weird feeling about them.
  4. doesnt really matter if she feels trapped or not. what a lame overused excuse alongside a more outrageous one. if she doesn't qualify for a cship then it needs to be dissolved, period. not saying right this instant or whatever, but eventually it needs to happen. and generally, letting someone stay in a cship even though they dont actually qualify for it, is insanely dangerous to that individual's mental health and independence. it means fear, it means avoidance. and them using her spending habits as an argument is just plain insanity and misoginy. what kind of exmaple does that set for conservatorships? are we gonna go request cships for people now and base it on one too many material objects they've bought, even though they're otherwise completely fine? team con really has a messed up view on what a cship is or should be. and while i'm not surprised TMZ has no issue promoting this idea to the world for money, i'm still mad and disgusted.
  5. No I agree. I’ve just seen a lot of over the top reactions. More so on Twitter admittedly. Which is why I said that I don’t get why this post is creating such a dramatic reaction. It doesn’t really change anything nor does it shake the goalposts. Britney has every right to criticize documentaries or anything else that’s about her made by third party people. I don’t agree with people criticizing HER because she “doesn’t get what it’s trying to achieve” or whatever. Just overall, some reactions are just way too dramatic.
  6. They should have been boycotted a long time ago for multiple of reasons. But rats like them are kept alive because people love the drama. It's honestly disgusting how it's 2021 and we as a society still allow vultures like that to exist for pure entertainment.
  7. it baffles me that all it takes are a few comments written in Britney's name by a social media manager hired by Jamie who also owns all of her social media accounts under the baby one more time trademark to make people believe they don't have to fight for Britney's human rights anymore. Some people are just that fickle it seems. Personally, I don't get the overblown shocked reaction to this post. Have your opinions on how this battle should proceed or end, but don't stop fighting just because TMZ and Cassie told you to. There's no room for doubt or guessing when it comes to human rights.
  8. This needs to stop. This lying, forcing away attention, controlling the narrative. I need people to remember that this movement isn’t for anything but getting Britney the justice and freedom she deserves. Anyone who constantly keeps causing drama and dividing the movement needs to be kicked out, simple as that. People defending them at this point are sheep, who are you here for? Big social media accounts that can’t for the life of them stay neutral, push certain narratives no matter what and support mentalities that could very well further endanger Britney OR actually Britney herself? Believe them or don’t believe, no one cares, no one should care. People need to stop acting like they’re these accounts’ fans. Our purpose is to stand behind Britney, gather information and push for her freedom. And not treating other accounts like royalty. They lied multiple times. The documents they leak and the pro “Kingham” and Lynne propaganda (and low key pro cship propaganda) they spew isn’t worth all of this drama. They left Twitter, hopefully they will delete their Instagram too. Let them stay gone.
  9. Eh. What was that about them not being able to confirm the documents were legit? They are literally public court documents…to me it seems there was no real balance, the thrown in threats were weird. At least they mentioned Lou Taylor I guess.
  10. I feel like either team con wanted him to be in there or he’s just once again trying to use her for money, maybe get some more favors out of team con too while he’s at it. Disgusting. Same for Billy B. Jordan is different because he owns this site and he’s not trying to pretend he knows it all like these two. I’m just done with weird people like them getting attention. Make documentaries about facts and the truth, not hearsay from people like Perez, this literally reminds me of old true crime docs, Britney is still here, why are they all making it seem like she’s not? Have some respect damn.
  11. As much as I’d love for Britney to ask for a new attorney I’m so pessimistic that I don’t believe Ingham would know about it and just let her do it. It’s his paycheck after all. I think maybe Britney will tell the Judge that she really doesn’t want Jamie and wants Jodie instead or something like that. Then again. If Britney were to ask for a new attorney this could also be Ingham’s only clean way out. But I highly doubt it.
  12. I’m just gonna put on my clown’s costume and say I hope Britney will request a new attorney just because I can’t stand Ingham’s old guts.
  13. Wonder how lfb is gonna spin this around. Anyway. Wake me up when it’s June.
  14. Someone make this old fart retire finally this man is about to give me a stroke
  15. Is it against the rules to say I hate Vivian with all my might because I hate Vivian with all my might
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