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  1. I love Selena but her new song really isn't that great. Lose you to love me is way better. Also the songs she released in 2017/2018 were waaay better.
  2. I dont understand the point of killing her hair like that. If youre gonna be brown for like a month only then stay blonde lol her poor hair. Didnt really like the brown anyway it was too dark imo i prefer when it's dark blonde or very very light brown.
  3. In what year do you live? Lol, of course it is possible, this summer i had like 5hours of footage on my phone and capacity was barely half full, 128gb memory card and some videos 1080 and others 4k
  4. Do yall even have a boyfriend/girlfriend in your life? It's totally normal to support the person you love even by doing things you dont necessarily like doing in the first place. She probably thought she could handle it so she did it, in the end turns out she wasnt feelin it, they left, end of story, theres nothing more here. He's looking at the camera yes but so what? Didnt Britney do it in her prime too? Fitness is his job and passion and the guy won an award for it so he's allowed to be proud and enjoy it, smh. I cant with yall. The fact he even left because Britney wanted to leave actually shows he cares for her. I dont think their relationship is gonna Last because imo theres too much age difference and at one point they're gonna feel it for sure. But if he was with her only for attention there's a long time he would have left her for someone less boring, more current and trendy and younger and easier without conversatorship and family drama and stuff like that.
  5. Maybe he's not her "full time" bodyguard anymore but only for stuff like events etc.. i mean she's not really active anymore so.. he's probably tired of just driving her to target and stuff like that lol
  6. Omggg no robot effect i prefer the original instrumental tho, i hope someone will manage to put these vocals on the original instrumental
  7. Well , it's no wonder she believes paps edit her pictures when she always edit hers to look way skinnier than she is. I already said it, but with all her post she made about this, she has serious issues with her body image tbh. It's like she's convinced her body looks like how she edits it and she can't accept the fact she gained little weight. I mean, this can become serious if she stays obsessed like that. That plus what she wrote on her post the other time "hopefully one day i can give my boyfriend's abs a run for their money" , i really hope Sam doesn't put pressure on her and isn't pushing her too much into this.
  8. Mmmm, i'm just hoping she's not so much into working out and all just because of Sam, that wouldn't be an healthy relationship if that's the case. It's one thing to want to look good for your man, it's another to put pressure on yourself and become sooo insecure and obsessed with your body like she is.
  9. Can you imagine these videos in real tho, i don't know who's filming it but how embarrassing it must be
  10. So "Skinny as a needle" is the new thing ? look at the comments i can't breathe lmaoo
  11. Maybe she was suprised looking at the paparazzi pictures. They don't look photoshopped to me, she gained some weight and that's a fact. Seems like she's in some kind of denial with her body shape or i don't know, to me she looks the same on the video than the pictures and she clearly isn't "skinny as a needle", but she looks good and better like that anyway. But sure if she's used to suck in her stomach and edit her waist on her instagram pics like she always does and convinced herself that's how her body really looks like, of course seeing the paps pictures may be hard for her to believe it's real.
  12. Lmao, i'm living for this video. Yeah keep embarrassing yourselves guys, you're doing a good job at it, clearly. 
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