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  1. You know what’s funny is the black people getting warning points for “muddying the thread with facts” yet we can be called racists and clowns for stating facts but nothing happens to those people. Awesome site you’re running Jordan (that’s sarcasm btw because this site has been utter **** for the last three years). I honestly wouldn’t expect anything from you pathetic little people who lets be honest are the real racists. I gladly will delete my account and you pathetic little queens can stuff it here’s hoping one of your back alley Grindr hookups leads to a short life. In closing go **** yourselves 😘😘😘
  2. Sweetie you posted pictures because that’s how ******* basic you are. Deflecting from the topic at hand because you have nothing of substance to add to the discussion because you lack depth. You aren’t worth my spit you lowly insignificant little gnat.
  3. Didn’t even read, save your time arguing with someone who has the mental capacity of a five year old (which seems to be right up your alley). If I could block you I would.
  4. Don’t even waste your time they obviously aren’t the brightest constellation in the sky 😂😂😂
  5. Sweetie I didn’t ask what your background was but it’s funny how all these biracial and people of color come out the wood work during times like this on this forum but ok sis 😉. Secondly some things that he said in that interview were accurate it seems you all are nitpicking and only discussing the negative aspects because it suits your purposes, its truly disingenuous but it’s nice it’s shows what’s in your heart and your true character. Lastly, I don’t believe one person in this thread said because I’m of a darker skin tone that makes me more intelligent. What I DID say was that some if not most of you lacked a basic education because you all can’t distinguish racism from prejudices nor could you understand that systemic racism doesn’t grant people of color the opportunity as a whole to be racist in a manner that oppresses and affects their very existence. I’m seeing people choosing to be willfully ignorant and obtuse and not even trying to have an actual discussion because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Once more again if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen boo don’t turn on the stove.
  6. Sweetie it’s not my fault your parents couldn’t afford to get you an education. Take that up with them all I can do is educate you the right way!!!
  7. Girl world history bleeds into US history and was literally the foundation to it. Like don’t insult our intelligence because you will get your feelings hurt...I get your privilege may have led you to think you were smart but you’re messing with the wrong one sweetie, I would suggest you stay in your lane.
  8. Where was the lie though boo?! I’m just loving how you all can’t take the truth and are so bothered by facts and actual history. If by any means you want to discuss history I am all for it.
  9. Where does the poster mention that one race is better than the other?! It seems many of you lack the mental capacity to understand that being pro-Black and loving ones self isn’t the same as being a black supremacist. I mean the knots you all are tying yourselves in to paint black users on this forum as racist is laughable.
  10. I have two whole degrees. And I’m Black end of conversation. I’m not going to have a discussion about racism, race and history with someone who obviously isn’t trying to have a sincere discussion. You feel compelled to what try and educate or as you put it “enlighten” the very few black people on this forum about race and racism?! No no no sis. If you want to have an actual discussion, I will gladly impart upon you some facts and history to “enlighten” you since you need it. And I can guarantee you will never be able to out-debate me on these topics.
  11. I respect you for having the knowledge and understanding to even remotely discuss this issue. However the fact remains that proto racism wasn’t based on skin color. It was more ethnocentric in the idea that we just think we’re better than you because we’re all from Rome meaning everyone pale, olive, dark skinned if you’re from Rome you’re better then the Gauls who could also have the same physical attributes as the Romans, but they were considered inferior because of their own cultural systems. Modern racism is inherently based on skin color which then led to the systems put in place to oppress them. There’s a complete difference from holding prejudices (I believe that all Gauls are lazy and barbaric) and racism (I’m a white Roman who’s superior to all darker-skinned individuals and as such if you’re not white you must be enslaved because my skin color/race gives me power to subjugate to “lesser people”)
  12. 1.) you can’t be racist against white people as your ancestors literally created the concept and idea of racism because my ancestors skin color and religious beliefs like sis the oppressed can’t oppress the oppressors. 2.) what you people need to learn is the distinct difference from prejudices and racism. What he discussed in that video were prejudices against white people which is based off of their racial oppression and decimation of multiple races based off skin color. Thus allowing him to hold those views. He lacks the power and privilege to implement said prejudices against those people. What I’m not going to do is let you people trivialize the term racism while conflating prejudices because you lack a basic education. Not on my watch we can have this debate all day every day and you will surely lose because history and facts are on my side, since most of the people in this forum aren’t people of color and obviously don’t lack the empathy to understand these issues you all should stop making these threads, because it seems y’all get some sick satisfaction out screaming black people are racist not me!!!
  13. You already know us black people trying to impart even the smallest semblance of basic history and sociology 101 is going to be shut down here in exhale. It’s their grandparents who were racist not them and they deeply offended that any black person dare push back against their ignorance and challenge them to actually think about the struggles anyone who isn’t white have faced in this country. You know we can’t do that here 🤦🏽‍♀️
  14. This just proved you are a racist though lol. If you’re willing to trivialize the oppression of an entire race of people to the benefits of another then that speaks volumes of you and the fact that your white privilege has allowed you to be ignorant.
  15. Ok but did he lie about the people who lack melanin?! Because he didn’t. White people literally decimated an entire race of people while oppressing and enslaving another. And they did all of this because they were afraid of the people they deemed savages because of their far superior and developed cultures didn’t fit with their own ideals. People getting upset over this just to push this narrative that being pro-Black and rightfully calling out white people for their actions make you racist (when systemically the oppressed can’t oppress the oppressor). Now the other stuff about Jews I can’t really defend that but if people are made about him telling a history lesson they need to get out their feelings and actually work to bring about social change.
  16. You’re a moron. I can see you’re one of those all lives matter people, I have nothing further to discuss with you as you obviously lack the mental capacity to have a serious discussion. Go hope on Grindr and mind your business when it comes to matters involving Black people.
  17. You just said the correct term some as though every single race hasn’t been discriminated against. But last time I checked Latinos were not enslaved and kidnapped and brought to America against their will and subjected to 400 years of oppression. The fact that you don’t seem to get it as a person of color shows your true character. Let’s not act like Latinos aren’t bigoted against Blacks.
  18. Nope she deserves it. A person of color she should understand that saying those things to demean and belittle other minorities isn’t cool. I don’t know why people can’t get it through there damn heads it’s not 1820 it’s 2020 being a racist or saying or doing racist things isn’t cool. And I would feel this way if Normani or any other person of color had said those things about Latinos.
  19. They haven’t done the full hot 100 though, it could literally be number 100.
  20. She’s older by three months and she didn’t chart a solo 100 entry in the 1990’s. She did with destiny’s child, but that doesn’t count towards her chart history.
  21. All I want is her fourth decade hot 100 entry. The youngest artist to accomplish this. That’s all I care about. All the other legends did it in the 50’s. Britney would be 38...the youngest artist EVER to chart a hot 100 hit in four consecutive decades.
  22. Honestly I just want her to debut so she can have charted a hot 100 entry in four consecutive decades becoming one of only five acts to do so. She’d be the fourth female after Madonna, Janet and Whitney and the fifth overall with MJ having five consecutive decades. It would also make her the youngest act to ever achieve this so please guys lets put Britney amongst elite company!!!!!!
  23. And yet thirteen hours later it’s still no. 1... you mad?!
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