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  1. I'm starting to think this is how the older people probably reacted to Britney when she was 18 and literally everywhere...it is sad. She has done nothing to deserve this hate, much like Britney got which...we all saw what that did to her mental health. Human beings are literally the worst.
  2. Mine for albums is Britney, ITZ, Blackout For eras as a whole though it would be Baby, Britney, ITZ
  3. Britney is in my top 3 though, I don't understand why everyone thinks it was such a bad album. Slave, Overprotected+remix, Boys+remix, Not A Girl, Rock n Roll, Lonely, What It's Like, all make it one of her best albums for me. Plus it was her biggest era in regards to exposure. Between the 2001 VMAs (Honestly one of the top 3 most iconic and memorable moments of her career), PEPSI commercials, and the HBO special, DWAD tour (her best tour and dancing period)...it was her best era. Fight me.
  4. Good lord the constant facetuning on her waist is insane. Considering how sloppy it is, I feel like it is Britney herself doing it
  5. Are we just going to ignore the fact whoever posts her photos for her edits them very badly. You can see the warped floor around her sides and legs. Like c'mon.....
  6. The Britney album/era could've had 7 or 8 singles if we're being honest! Slave, Not A Girl, Overprotected, Boys, Rock n roll, Lonely, What It's Like, Cinderella
  7. I always thought the tour version of MATM was rather boring compared to the promo performances. She never even did the iconic back bend move during the tour. All the promo performances she did it exactly like the music video then on tour it was very watered down...always thought it was bad way to close the show! lol
  8. Tiktok is the biggest app right now among teens. What's weird is her profile says she has 7 videos but there are only 4 we can see. Must mean she has a few on "private" but why? Lou probably has some saved in the drafts so she can post them at a later time
  9. This whole thing is making me sick. Britney will forever be locked down and used as a cash cow. She'll never get to genuinely enjoy her life ever again. This will continue until the day she dies. And mark my words, she'll never release another song or album. Guaranteed. Bookmark me.
  10. It's not Taylor's fault that Demi involved herself in something that literally had nothing to do with her but....
  11. Her Slave body was the best ever...
  12. I didn't like Outrageous for the longest time. Still not one of my favorites but I can enjoy listening to it now. lol
  13. I feel like they were already broken up honestly during this but they were pressured into trying to work it out or just not appear broken up yet. There is an obvious disconnection that you can see and feel.
  14. I Love Rock N Roll during the DWAD tour is better than the album track. Also the rock remix of Oops. Most of her music is even better with the live instruments honestly.
  15. Miley's new song is coming out then, so I highlyyyyy doubt this lol
  16. It's probably in my top 10 all time favorite Britney songs.
  17. Ok but this just makes me very upset that they didn't open the 2003 VMAs with a performance like this. We still could've gotten our iconic kiss at the end toooo! Imagine how epic it would've been for them to recreate the video live back in the day. Would probably be the top VMA performance ever done.
  18. Honestly, mine too. This one and the 2001 Britney album cover bring me the most nostalgia. Something about the certain shade/tone of blue of this cover paired with the pink is just perfect to me. Plus, I don't know if anyone else every smells their new CDs when they open them, but the booklet of ITZ has a certain smell that has yet to go away after all these years. I know it's weird but I remember the smell of it as a kid for some reason. LOL
  19. It wasn't. It was apart of the album photoshoot. lol
  20. If she would've had the hair and makeup from VMAs for the BBMAs, they both would've been PERFECT looks!
  21. She didn't even actually drop him either wtf....she tripped and his head went back.
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