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  1. How convienent. Suddenly after a charity declining her contributing towards the charity, she comes with this. This b.tch needs to shut the **** up.
  2. Funny media used to say Taylor Swift was always playing the victim. This person, right here, SHE is always playing the victim. She's the definition of the whole sentence.
  3. I am talking about the phone muted not Spotify being muted. You can perfectly put your phone on mute with Spotify's volume all the way up. That does work as Spotify can't know the phone is muted or not.
  4. You don't have to have your volume on in order to count a stream. Spotify and Youtube count streams even if it's muted. Did it with Mood Ring and it was my most streamed song of the year 2020. So yeah they definitely count even if it's muted.
  5. Is it weird to say I hope Britney never forgives her family? Not to be bitter but they honestly don't deserve Britney at all.
  6. I'd give ALL MY MONEY if people ACTUALLY would dress up as the devil as Lou Taylor for Halloween this year. I'd. Fxking. Die.
  7. I remember they had a BULLSH.T aka BS alert where they would debunk rumors going around. I always liked that
  8. These came to my mind immediately. Especially Ed Sheeran, since the album "÷" aka "Devide" he hasn't been able to catch a real strong hit like he did with "Perfect" and "Shape Of You". Sad though, I never cared for his work UNTIL "Bad Habits" and "Shivers" which I totally think are GEMS. Especially Shivers, it's so catchy! Miley Cyrus has never been this good in her entire career but I think many people don't care for her image. She changed from Hannah Montana to the hammer licking Bangerz girl to this hard rock chick. Allthough I must say she seems to fit the hard rock vibe very well, I think most people aren't here for it. Shame though, "Plastic Hearts" is a good album and her live performances of that era are AMAZING. She NAILED every single performance of "Midnight Sky" so flawlessly. Demi Lovato is just messed up at this point, she's constantly hurting her own career with her behavior... the sugargate thing, the alien thing, ...
  9. I'd say: GOOD. She needs healing, nobody could or should expect something from her at this point.
  10. She did hint about an interview in that isntagram post where she DRAGGED her family. I hope this is true, the world needs to know HER story from HER. Drag your family sis! SPARE NOT A SINGLE GUILTY SOUL!
  11. I love Make Me but I agree it wasn't the best leadsingle choice but choosing Me against The Music above Toxic as a leadsingle should be cinsidered a CRIME. I fully believe if Toxic would have been released first, it would have done even better on the charts. Me Against The Music as a single alone was a bad choice, not with masterpieces as Toxic, Breathe On Me and Touch of My hand. Not saying the song is bad but it isn't special n'either.
  12. I feel she isn't growing artistically. If anything, she's declining. Skyfall was her most experimental song so far and I think it's one of her best because it isn't the typical Adele song. This one, again is so Adele, predictable and safe. The lyrics are great and she sounds great too there's no doubt about that but how many songs in the same style does one need from 1 artist? I get she has her vibe but that doesn't mean she can explore more instruments besides the piano you know...
  13. This. Instead she thanked us as a whole. Clearly, Britney hates her own family and she has every right!
  14. Am i the only one that takes this as positive? He says the men in his family are perverted about Britney, doesn't he mean Jamie? Am i reading something wrong here??? I totally read this as if he's shaming the family
  15. Well she did say her last OD caused brain damage. Guess that wasn't a lie. However, she is still considered an idol to many and I think this is getting troubling. it would be best for her health to quit the celeb life imo instead of being a cashcow for her label as they obviously don't care about Demi. And yes I said SHE. I refuse to use they and them as it's confusing AF.
  16. Putting a phone number online without consent of that person can be illegal. Y'all expecting Sam to put Lynne's phone number on the web is a reach. If this wasn't illegal, the web would be FULL of celeb phone numbers but they aren't available.
  17. Especially since Wendy has been SLAMMING Britney for AGES before #FreeBritney became popular to support. Wendy is a part of the problem.
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